If An Eight-Year Old Weeps Over Abortion, What’s Our Problem?

The following was written by my son, Scott, on a comment to an article yesterday:

Disclaimer: I am larrywho’s son, Scott, who lives in Missouri. this is my first wordpress post so hopefully I don’t mess up the links.

I am pro-life but am not overtly vocal about it…but the Lord hit me with a ton of bricks yesterday. I was picking up my 3rd grade son yesterday from school while listening to talk radio. The show was making the pro-life argument and discussing some of the gruesome details of abortion. I debated whether I would change the station once my son got in the car…I decided not to change the station.

My son knew the basic definition of abortion because he asked me about it a couple of weeks ago…the result of a curious mind that heard the word ‘abortion’ at school. But beyond that discussion, I had not given him further details about abortion. Trying to shelter him from it, I guess.

When my son got in the car, they played an audio clip of a nurse describing her experience with an aborted infant that somehow survived the process…then was taken to a room to die. She described how she held and tried to comfort the infant in its final 45 minutes of life. My son heard the entire testimony. I said nothing during the clip. I decided to let him listen and react to what he heard.

I looked back at my son after the testimony of this nurse…the tears welling up until they poured forth from his eyes. A great father/son discussion followed.

Bottom line: Even a 3rd grader, who does not understand a lot things about this world, can see with absolute clarity how detestable and horrible abortion is.

Lord, thank you for hitting me with that ton of bricks…I needed it.

If you want to hear the clip, download the podcast titled, “October 16, 2006 – Hour 2″  here.

When I read this, I cried. Half of my tears came from the pride I felt about my grandson’s reaction to abortion. But sadly, the other half came because of the shame that I felt about my lack of tears over abortion.

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One response to “If An Eight-Year Old Weeps Over Abortion, What’s Our Problem?

  1. plushduck

    I read this and I wept also for my own cold-heartedness over this issue and asked God for forgiveness. That He may use me somehow to save babies.

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