Why Should We Prepare And Plan Now?


Here’s a prophetic video for America, which none of us ever want to watch because once we do, we’re forced to make decisions.

Do we believe what Dean Odle says in the video?

If we don’t believe him, then there are no problems. We can continue on with our lives, believing Odle is another Harold Camping, deserving of having verbal rocks thrown at him.

Yet, if we do believe him, then what will we do? Just add the info to our mental archives, waiting for one of those rainy days which never seem to come. Or do we begin acting right now?

The choice is ours to make.

As for me, it’s a no-brainer. My books listed on the right sidebar− Jonah, Prophecy 101, Planning + Preparation = Survival, What’s In It For Me? − were especially written for the scenarios described by Dean Odle in the above video.

Like so many times in the past, my British friend, Mercedes, at Believe, alerted me to this video by posting it on her site. Thanks Mercedes and God bless you for your hearing heart. 


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7 responses to “Why Should We Prepare And Plan Now?

  1. anewcreation

    Thanks Larry. Don’t forget I am not British but Spanish (LOL), although I have been living in the UK now for 23 years and even my family back in Spain say when they talk about me “the English one”, but in my heart the Basque Country in Spain is still what I call my “Home-land”. God has a different idea and it is his will that I live in the UK, as it is his will that my heart is often burdened with the hardships the United States are facing as well as those which are yet to come, and it is also his will that my spirit be often grieved by so many Christian leaders in America and the UK being caught up and busy with “the wrong thing”. There is no hope for finding the light when the blind are leading the blind.

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  3. Thanks. I’d like to write this off, but I can’t. Price is a hideous thing, and we Americans are so full of it. On the other hand, it’s also easy to feel helpless, as though nothing can be done to change our reality. Prayer is definitely the starting point.

  4. anewcreation,

    Thanks. I did forget you are Basque. I even mentioned that fact to Carol just the other day for some reason. So, forgive me. Yet I’m so thankful for your heart. God bless you.

  5. Solveig,

    Thanks. God is jealous for His people and will do anything to call us back to Him. This man’s words is a part of His wooing us back to the shelter of the Most High and then abiding in the shadow of the Most High. He is the answer.

  6. I found it impossible to just dismiss this, Mr. Larry. Thank you for bringing us the harder things, so that we can be prepared and a part of what He wants to do. God bless you!

  7. Debbie,

    Thanks. Yeah, this is tough, but as Roger said on Facebook, “This is an example of God’s love and compassion to warn us ahead of time.”

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