Teaching Series

Teaching/Prophetic Series:

 1. I’m A Radical. What About You? (4 Parts. See here.)

2. Why San Francisco? Why California? Why Now? (10 Parts. See here.)

3. San Francisco: God Loves You, But…(6 Parts. See here.)

4. Get Ready! The Prophets Are Coming. (6 Parts. See here.)

5. America’s Hope: The Hopeless Inner Cities (2 Parts. See here.)

6. Will Roe Vs. Wade Ever Be Overturned (3 Parts. See here.)

7. Is Revival the Answer For America’s Problems? (3 Parts. See here.)

8. November 4, 2008: The Day America’s Death Warrant Was Signed (7 Parts. See here.)

9. I’m Enraged. Are You? (6 Parts. See here)

10. Islamic Christians Vs. Radical Christians: New Game. New Rules. (13 Parts. See here.)

11. Racism: Who’s in the Right? And Who’s in the Wrong? (18 Parts. See here.)

12. Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (15 Parts. See here.)

13. Memories Pizza, Indiana, Christianity, and How Not to Win Spiritual Battles (13 Parts. See here.)

14. Will God Judge America? (6 Parts. See here.)

15. John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (5 Parts. See here.)

16. Do We Still Cast Out Demons? (9 Parts. See here.)

17. If We Just Ignore Gays, They’ll Go Away, Right? (10 Parts. See here.)

18. I Don’t Do Sermons Well! (15 Parts. See here.)


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