Prayers for American Christians’ Eyes to be Opened (9/5/2017)


“Larry…I hate fasting, but, ya’ know, I love what comes from the investment.” (Lou Engle)

Are you a candidate for greater intimacy with God through prayer and fasting? Do you have a lost one God needs to awaken? Is there a broken relationship needing reconciliation? Are you in need of a miracle, healing, deliverance or freedom from debts?

Rediscover the value of fasting to experience long-prayed-for breakthroughs and blessings in your life! Consult a doctor if you have health problems. Use wisdom if it is a water, juice, veggie, favorite food, one-, two-, three-day or extended fast. Expect some spiritual and physical resistance. Those are mild hunger pangs. You won’t die!

Get started and stay motivated by regularly reviewing these potential benefits of fasting:

1. Renews spiritual vision
2. Brings a holy brokenness
3. Purifies our heart
4. Humbles our soul
5. Releases spiritual guidance
6. Subdues our flesh
7. Heightens spiritual awareness
8. Deepens communion with God
9. Clears our minds to hear God
10. Brings supernatural refreshing
11. Adds power to prayer
12. Brings deliverance
13. Brings greater fruitfulness
14. Facilitates breakthroughs
15. Cleanses the physical body

(Excerpts from Larry Tomczak’s article, 15 Benefits of Fastingat

My prayer today:

Lord, open American believers’ eyes to the critical urgency for prayer AND fasting for our nation, leaders, loved ones, friends, neighbors, and others at this hour in our nation’s history.

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you today?

Join with me on Tuesdays to fast and pray for American believers’ eyes to be opened.


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2 responses to “Prayers for American Christians’ Eyes to be Opened (9/5/2017)

  1. Thank,you, Mr. Larry! Just what I needed. I listened to a sermon on fasting this Sunday, so coupled with this, I am all set to begin this fasting journey. God bless you!

  2. Debbie,

    Okay, we’re both ready. God bless you.

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