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Cats are Supposed to Live Forever, Aren’t They?


My wife phoned twelve and a half years ago, saying, “I want to get two little kitties today. Is this okay with you?”

“Really!” I replied, not thinking of a better answer and hoping she would instantly change her mind.

“Is it okay?” she asked.

Shrugs don’t reveal much over telephone lines. So I eventually said, “Sure, go ahead.”

By nature, I am a dog lover, not a cat person. This attitude arose from my years of growing up on a farm where I always had a dog as a buddy, accompanying me while I did chores and played various kid games. Cats were never a part of my life.

All of this changed when Carol and her sister Michelle picked out two female kitties each. They didn’t even bring the four kitties home right away because they had to first be spayed by a veterinarian.

Then, to add excitement to the story, Carol and her sister spent the following six weeks in Pasadena for a Thomasville Furniture close-out sale. I picked the kitties up from the vet’s office, drove them to our home, fed them, cleaned the litter box and played with them for six weeks.

Somehow, a transfer of ownership took place over this six week experience. Carol’s kitties became Larry’s kitties!

One kitty – named Dolly – became my buddy. If I was praying, she sat on my lap. If I was writing, she sat in a chair next to my desk or by my feet on the floor. Wherever I was, Dolly was there with me. We were inseparable for twelve and a half years.

Sadly, today, Carol and I took Dolly to a local veterinarian’s office where he injected a solution to euthanize her. She suffered from gastrointestinal lymphoma and nothing could be done for my little friend.

I know. I know. I know.

There are prisoners suffering in North Korean and Chinese prison cells. There are also thousands of youths who have been kidnapped and are now working as sex slaves. This list could go on and on and my heart aches for all of them.

But today, I cried my heart out for a little cat named Dolly.

Man, I loved her!

dolly eyes



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