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“Everyone Pushes Their Version of Morality” by Joseph Farah




The following appeared in Joseph Farah’s Between the Lines Commentary on WND (March 27, 2013).

I got an interesting letter from someone going by the name of Jack O’Scratch recently.

“I know you won’t reply because that is the way you people deal with criticism, but why can’t you just let people live their lives?” he asked rhetorically. “Why must you continue to PUSH your morality on the rest of the world? Do you honestly think your god is so intolerant that he will punish YOU because other people don’t follow YOUR god? Thanks again for reinforcing my belief that I did the right thing by renouncing your evil, pathetic religion.”

I’m going to surprise Jack by replying.

Jack begins by saying he doesn’t like the way “you people,” meaning me, I presume, deal with criticism.

That, of course, acknowledges that my views are often under criticism.

The way I respond, when I think I’m right, is to defend my views – something I would expect everyone to do.

He asserts that I am not letting people live their lives.

Let the record show I have never taken the life of anyone. Neither have I forcefully obstructed people from living their lives the way they want – unless they were threatening the lives of others. I believe in treating people the way I would like to be treated as Jesus said in Matthew 7:12 “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

I have been in error at times in my life. I’m thankful to those who offered me correction. And I try to offer correction to those who are straying from the teachings of their Creator. That strikes me as the loving thing to do.

I don’t want to see people lost. I don’t want to see people miss out on the rewards of obedience to God. I don’t want to see people separated from the love of God for all eternity because of bad decisions they made.

That’s the spirit in which I approach what the Bible defines as “sin.”

I’m not pushing my morality on anyone. My morality is weak. But I do try to promote the morality of the One who defined right from wrong for us.

And make no mistake about it: Everyone involved and engaged in debating social issues is pushing some form of morality.

Every law passed in the history of the world, whether by king’s edict or through the votes of elected officials, is the reflection of someone’s morality – be it a highway speed limit, a seatbelt law, a law involving restrictions on firearms or the very definition of when life begins. Tax laws are reflections of morality. Deficit spending decisions are reflections of morality. There’s just no such thing as a law or regulation that is not a reflection of someone’s morality.

Take another look at Jack’s criticism with that in mind.

Who is pushing his morality?

He rejects God.

Atheists have their own morality, too – and they are among the most vociferous advocates of their view of right and wrong.

Do I push morality? Yes, I plead guilty as charged. But I don’t enforce it. I don’t coerce anyone to follow my view of morality.

Interestingly, I find the very people who attack me for advocating a certain moral worldview attempt to do just that – force their morality on everyone else.

They do it through legislation. They do it through court edicts. They do it through bullying. They do it through heavy-handed pressure tactics. They do it through violence. They do it through intimidation and coercion and name-calling.

So what I’m asking Jack to do today – along with all those who think like Jack – is to take a look in the mirror. He might also want to re-examine that Golden Rule found in Matthew 7:12: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

You might also want to contemplate Leviticus 19:18: “[T]hou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

What’s the best way to love your neighbor? Is it not to share the truth? Is it not to save them from death? Is it not to provide them with the key to everlasting life?


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Taco Tuesday Special! Free e-Book on Amazon.

Whats In It F Me1

If you have a Kindle,  Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, or any computer with Kindle apps on it, my e-book, What’s In It For Me? is free on March 26 and March 27 through Amazon.

Amazon Book Description:

Every decision we make in life, we ask ourselves: “What’s in it for me?”

Admittedly, we Christians hate conceding this question sprints across our cranial synapses before we make spiritual decisions, but it always does. For more mature believers, the answers arrive in nanoseconds. Younger Christians may struggle and wrestle within themselves for a longer period of time before making their decisions.

But the result is always the same: the what’s-in it-for me-question is answered before decisions are made.

For example, who would ever give his life to the Lord? Or who would travel as a missionary to a distant land? Or who would willingly become a martyr? No one would do these things unless the Lord offered us something better in return for our decisions.

Okay, what about giving hard earned money to poor Asians? What’s in it for me?

Two thirds of the world’s population lives in Asia, with China and India accounting for approximately 60% of the total population. Less than 5% of Asians know the Lord and many have never even heard of Jesus. Thousands of Christians are imprisoned for their faith in China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Laos. Other believers are harassed and murdered. Millions now face starvation with no hope in sight and gendercide is being carried out against females in China and India.

So what’s in it for me?

What’s In It For Me? reveals how helping the least, the Asians,  may be the perfect insurance policies for our futures here on earth, especially those of us who live on the West Coast.

I believe this may be one of the most important books any believer will ever read.

Print Length:  56 pages    File Size:  193 KB    Regular Price: $  .99

Free March 26 and March 27, 2013. So, check it out here and while you’re there check out my nine other e-books here.


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No Longer A Slumdog

In 1995, a friend told me about K.P. Yohannan and his ministry, Gospel For Asia. She gave me a book which I quickly forgot about until New Years Day, 1996. On that particular holiday, I had nowhere to go and no TV to watch football bowl games. So, I hunkered down and read the book.

In one part, Yohannan wrote how overwhelmed he felt by the size of India and his meager resources. He cried out to the Lord and eventually the Lord spoke the following to his heart:

“I am not in any trouble that I need someone to beg for Me. I made no promises I will not keep to you. It is not the largeness of the work that matters, but only doing what I command. All I ask of you is that you be a servant. For all who join with you in the work, it will be a privilege – a light burden for them.”

Although I don’t remember the book’s name, I wrote the above response in my Bible. Then, I did nothing.

Fast forward until last year when I received a free copy of No Longer A Slumdog. The title caught my attention and I began reading it. Over the following two hours, I wept and asked forgiveness again and again as the book revealed my selfishness and hardness of heart.

There were stories about Muttu, Asha, Lata, Vichy, Tusli, and other names of poor children I can’t begin to pronounce. I read about a mother who sold her baby for ten pounds of rice. I learned about India’s caste system and how the lowest rung, the Dalits, comprise 20% of India’s population, or 250 million people, and are considered subhuman, worthy of being treated like a dog.

Every word in the book acted like a rock thrown against my plastic Western Christianity, creating cracks in it. Yet, it was this specific sentence on Page 31 which penetrated my heart:

“In India alone, there are 11 million children like Asha who have been abandoned, and 90% of them are girls.”

Afterward, all I could think about were the 9.9 million abandoned little girls. If I closed my eyes, I saw children, but their faces resembled my daughter when she was four years old.

This time, I could not ignore my heart.

My wife and I are now sponsors of children in Gospel For Asias’ Bridge of Hope program. Also, I am a volunteer advocate for Bridge of Hope and a Gospel For Asia Blogger.

In the Foreword to No Longer A Slumdog, Francis Chan wrote:

“I am very thankful for the book you are about to read. It has stirred my heart once again. Living in the West with all its affluence, it is easy to forget about others…”

I recommend this book to everyone and who knows? It may change your life, too.

No Longer A Slumdog can be reviewed and purchased on Amazon for $14.95. Or it can be purchased for a suggested $5 donation from Gospel For Asia.

166 pages.     Authored by K. P. Yohannan, 2011.     Published by gfa books.


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Today’s Taco Tuesday! My New e-Book is Free on Amazon.

Forget About Yesterday Cover018

If you have a Kindle,  Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, or any computer with Kindle apps on it, my e-book, Forget About Yesterday. It’s Gone, is free on March 19 and March 20 through Amazon.

Amazon Book Description:

Would I like America to return to the simplicity of the 1950’s? Yes. Or the 1960’s? Yes. Or the 1970’s? Yes. Or the 1980’s? Yes. Or the 1990’s? Yes. Or even the year 2000? Yes.

But let’s be honest, America is never returning to those time periods again. That’s water under the bridge, long since dumped into the seas of time.

Do I get upset when I hear politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths, as if they really care about us? Or do I get upset when I see what’s happening to our economy? Or what’s happening to our cities and states? Or what’s happening to Christianity?

Actually, not so much anymore.

I’ve long since resigned myself that America is on a track, heading full bore for a deep gorge where the bridge is out. It seems to matter little whether the engineer is Obama, Romney, Perry, Cain, Palin, or whoever because the train does not look to be slowing down until it reaches the rocks at the bottom of the gorge.

Forget About Yesterday. It’s Gone is a wake-up slap for the Church. We believers can either shake ourselves out of our slumber or wait until the wheels quit spinning. The choice is ours to make now.

Print Length:  32 pages    File Size:  174 KB    Regular Price: $  .99

Free March 19 and March 20, 2013. So, check it out here and while you’re there check out my nine other e-books here.


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Where’s Mom and Dad?

Although only five years old, I remember that particular September day.

It was the weekend of the Ogle County Fair which meant jumping in our 1951 Ford with my family and driving to the fairgrounds. Upon arrival, my sister went with her cousin to check out the fair. I stayed with mom and dad.

My parents first treated me to a hot dog and Nehi Cream Soda. Afterward, we walked around looking at farm exhibits.

Dad was interested in a tractor at one tent and talked to a lively salesman. Mom listened to the haggling and laughed at the two men. I stood there for a few moments, but the sounds of the fair tugged on my ears.

“Step right up and win yourself a teddy bear.”

“Get your ticket now for the tilt-a-whirl.”

“Hurry, hurry! Right this way!”

Without a word, I turned and followed the sounds. The crowd swept me along in its current to the carnival games and rides. Everything seemed so alive until a revelation dawned upon me: where’s Mom and Dad?

I backtracked to the tractor exhibit, but they were gone. I searched here, there, and everywhere. No parents. Finally, I stopped by a tree and cried. The thoughts of never seeing my parents again and wondering what would happen to me bombarded my mind.

Then, I heard a voice.

“Sonny, I’m here,” said Dad, leaning over to give me a hug.

My life began again at that moment.

This experience occurred years ago and lasted twenty or so minutes, but do you know in India there are 11 million abandoned children whose experiences never end? Little ones left to fend for themselves by poor parents who can no longer afford to care for them. 90% of these abandoned children are little girls.

Three million of these children end up living on the streets. A million or so of the little girls will end up in the sex trade with a life expectancy of 15 years of age.

What can we do?

Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope offers us an opportunity to sponsor children, with 100% of our financial offerings going directly to help the children.

Like my dad on that day long ago, we can be a loving voice to these children which says, “I’m here.”


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It’s Taco Tuesday! So, my e-Book, “Planning + Preparation = Survival” is Free on Amazon.

Planning = Prep1

If you have a Kindle,  Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, or any computer with Kindle apps on it, my e-book, Planning + Preparation = Survival, is free on March 12 and March 13 through Amazon.

Amazon Book Description:

What is the #1 statement spoken by individuals during large catastrophes?

“I didn’t think this would ever happen to me.”

Why do they say this?

They thought catastrophes always happened to someone else, never to them. And if it did happen, they believed the government would arrive on the scene and rescue them before their cups of coffee turned cold.

If this is your present thinking, then allow me to say one word to smash your ideas to smithereens: Katrina. Yes, Hurricane Katrina, the watershed event when all of us should have learned to never again place our faith in governments to rescue us or our families from catastrophes.

Planning + Preparation = Survival is a no-nonsense book written to show Christians how to pray, plan, and prepare ourselves, our families, and our communities for possible natural and terrorist catastrophes in the near future.
This book should be a required reading for all believers, especially those on the West Coast.

Print Length:  56 pages    File Size:  196 KB    Regular Price: $  .99

Free March 12 and March 13, 2013. So, check it out here and while you’re there check out my nine other e-books here.


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My e-Book is Free Today and Tomorrow on Amazon. Get Your Copy Now!

Marriage is a Mystery 3017

If you have a Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, or any computer with Kindle apps on it, my e-book, Marriage is a Mystery, is free on March 5 and March 6 through Amazon.

Amazon Book Description:

Carol and I met on a Friday night and were engaged 36 hours later. Four weeks after our fist meeting, we were married. A match made in heaven? Most certainly. Yet, the details were worked out here on earth in God’s furnace of affliction with the heat turned up on high.

One time, Carol looked at me and asked, “Did the Lord speak to you while you were washing clothes?”

“No,” I said, “but the devil did.”


“Yes! And to be honest, not everything he says about you is an untruth.”

Who likes to dig in dumpsters for aluminum cans so you can eat? Who likes to sleep in cars because of no rent money? Who likes to be evicted and almost foreclosed on? Who likes to continually be a dollar short and a day late? Not us, but these are things we went through and yet, our marriage survived and grew stronger.

Marriage is a Mystery reveals the lessons I learned about marriage and a deeper revelation of Jesus and His bride.

Print Length:  43 pages    File Size:  177 KB    Regular Price: $  .99

Free March 5 and March 6, 2013. So, check it out here and while you’re there check out my eight other e-books here.


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Jump Off the Crisis-Conflict Merry-Go-Round Now

Lucy 12

“What in the world, Wimsey, are you doing in this morgue?”

Opening lines from books, such as the above one from the novel, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy Sayer, are written to grab our attentions and hook us into reading more.

You see, crisis and conflict sell books. It is the difference between a page-turner and a yawner. The crisis-conflicts add tasty “us versus them” flavors which force us to choose sides and hold on until the end.

Yet, not only do crisis-conflicts work well in the fictional world of publishing, but both are now mainstays in the supposed real world of the news media and politics. It matters not if it is a news report on CNN, ABC, Fox News, or whatever network or if it is a clash between Republicans and Democrats, because  the subjects are always cranked up into crisis-conflicts.

Sequester. Fiscal Cliff. Obamacare. Pro-Life. Pro-Choice. Assault Rifles. Tea Party. Gay Marriage. Proposition 8. Or whatever. All are crisis-conflict driven, forcing listeners to take sides because opposing views will result in calamities.

Crisis-conflicts settled today will be forgotten tomorrow. New ones will take their places as crisis-conflict hoppers are always filled to the brim, waiting to dispatch steady supplies to the media and politicians.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Turn off TV news and TV commentary shows. Turn off talk radio. Don’t listen anymore. If you need news updates, read news articles on line or even a newspaper.

Jump off the crisis-conflict merry-go-round now.

You see, if you really want God-inspired discernment then you are going to have to rid yourselves of the world system’s voices which always produce fear and discord in its listeners.


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