Q: How would you label your novels?

A: I label them prophetic novels. The four short novels – Jonah, Jeremiah, Pull the Plug, Deceived Dead And Delivered – were written as short novels with prophetic messages for specific audiences. Jonah’s prophetic message was aimed toward five West Coast cities: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle; Jeremiah’s message toward San Francisco; Pull the Plug toward the money practices of the Church; and Deceived Dead And Delivered toward college campuses.

Q: Why San Francisco?

A: Jonah was the first short novel I wrote. In its earliest stages, the story took place in another city, but as I rewrote it, San Francisco seemed to fit better with the themes I was writing about. I then continued the use of San Francisco in the other short novels.

Q: Will you always use San Francisco as the focus of your novels?

A: An upcoming novel takes place in Los Angeles.

Q: Do you hate gays?

A: Nowhere in my novels do I pick on individual gays, but I do point out that homosexuality is a sin which is in line with Old Testament and New Testament viewpoints. Unlike many Christians, I believe gays can be saved, love the Lord, and go to heaven when they die. Yet the problem I see for gay believers is they will lose many Kingdom of God benefits and may suffer being called “the least” throughout eternity.

Q: Where do you get your ideas about the second heaven, principalities, powers, and demons?

A: I study scripture and then I write. Are my portrayals and interpretations totally accurate? Probably in part, but we’ll have to wait until Jesus returns for the full revelation.

Q: Why did you self-publish your books?

A: I sent query letters to approximately forty agents and publishing companies and heard nothing. The facts stared me in the face: I am an unknown without a major platform who writes prophetic books that no publishing company wants to take a chance on. Thus, I now publish my own books.

Q: Who designed your book covers, wrote the advertising blurbs, and prepared the books for printing?

A: Self-publishing means the author wears quite a few hats and has to learn on the run what to do.  I am thankful for CorelDRAW which I have used to design each book cover.

Q: Who are your favorite novelists?

A: Writing has always been a struggle for me. So, when I felt I was supposed to write fiction, I decided to read mystery novels. I went to the local library, looked at the mystery section and checked out 8 to 10 books, beginning with authors whose names started with the letter A. I read the first ten to twenty pages of a novel and if the author failed to capture my attention, I started another book. In this fashion, I worked my way through the alphabet. My favorite novelists ended up being: James Lee Burke, Michael Connelly, Ed Gorman, Steve Hamilton, Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson, and William Tapply.

Here is a list of random things I wrote about myself on Facebook:

1. I’m bald which is totally unfair.

2. My resume does not include playing shortstop for the New York Yankees which is totally unfair because I could have not hit as well as Tom Tresh did not hit.

3. An African-American church of which I attended asked me not to clap my hands…something about not having any rhythm.

4. Did I mention I’m bald?

5. I like Grape-Nuts and think it’s okay to eat them more than once a day. Three times is a little bit much though.

6. I once delivered pizzas and was possibly the oldest pizza driver in California at the time…maybe in the whole USA (except Mississippi where everyone is at least 60 years old when they are born.)

7. My best Christmas present ever was a Roy Rogers chrome plated two-gun set with black holsters. I was quick on the draw and had an itchy trigger finger.

8. When I was in 4-H, I always wanted to have a Grand Champion steer…another unfulfilled desire and possibly a life scar even until this day.

9. I had parents who always patted me on the back and encouraged me.

10. I like music, especially Sarah Brightman and most classical music…and some country music, too.

11. I couldn’t hit the curve ball in baseball.

12. I have read hundreds and hundreds of books.

13. I have a great memory and can still remember what Carol wore the first time I saw her.

14. If my knees were in good shape, I might still be able to hit the long three-pt shot on the basketball court.

15. I write a lot.

16. I like humor. Carol enjoys it most of the time except when I laugh and there is a noose hanging over our necks. She’s not into gallows’ humor.

17. My favorite writer is Michael Connelly.

18. My favorite book by Connelly is the “Poet.”

19. My favorite all-time book is “Tramp for the Lord” by Corrie ten Boom. I’ve read it over and over again.

20. My favorite saying around the house (also Carol’s most unfavorite one) is: “As the farmer said about his prize bull, there she is.”

21. I like blue jeans, tee-shirts, and tennis shoes and think it should be against the law to ever wear a tie and suit.

22. Writing is lonely. Oh well!

23. I’ve always wanted a pony tail…another unfulfilled dream.

24. Carol is the greatest wife in the whole world, but not a very good basketball player. She can not shoot a jumper.

25. I love Jesus and love Christians, all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds…even those who think I’m a nut.

26. I fit in with most people…except nudists.

27. When I look in the mirror, I say, “Who is that guy?”

28. Although I am one of the easiest going guys in the whole world, I am also one of the most passionate Christians that most people will ever meet. Both fit well within me.

29. I wish our children were still young, sat on my lap, and gave me sloppy kisses.

30. I’m bald and not handling it very well.




4 responses to “FAQ

  1. Love this site, love your heart for the indigent and needy. For this reason, (although I don’t know if your’re into this sort of thing), I’ve selected you to receive six awards. You can collect them here: http://lessonsbyheart.wordpress.com/
    PS I have a ponytail – they’re highly overrated and will give you a headache. You’re blessed in this regard, and didn’t even know it! 😎

  2. Lessonsbyheart,

    Thanks for your encouragement and I appreciate being selected for awards. I don’t accept them, not because I’m against them, but because of time constraints right now. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Larry, I am struck by your easy humor. Smiling here.

  4. Lift the Cross of Jesus,

    Although I write a lot of serious stuff, my natural character is easy-going and laid-back with a good sense of humor. My dad was like that, too.

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