So, What Is The Lord Saying Or Doing? (Monday: 11/24/2008)

It is my belief that we Christians depend too much on what an individual pastor or an individual prophet or another anointed person thinks that he (or she) is hearing from the Lord, rather than trying to hear for ourselves or listening to many different voices from all over the Body of Christ. Dependence on just an anointed few is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

So, each day, I invite you to write what you believe the Lord is telling you, showing you, or doing for you. Testimonies. Short teachings. Prophetic words. Scriptures. Prayers. Whatever you believe that the Body of Christ needs to know or will be blessed by hearing. Try to keep your words under


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5 responses to “So, What Is The Lord Saying Or Doing? (Monday: 11/24/2008)

  1. Larry Who

    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

  2. Jim

    God is always speaking. It’s up to us to listen. Too many prayers are spoken without any quiet time.

    I regret to say I’ve not listened a lot over the last few months, but one of my recent posts says it all to me. I’m ready to listen and since doing so I’ve felt peace over myself.

    I hear Him saying it’s time to get involved in another church. You see, most of what I’m saying is on a personal level, but that’s good. All of us need to listen to God about ourselves on a personal level to clean up our act before doing something for God. Elsewise our expressions of Him will be tainted.

    My wife and I were leadership in a church for almost thirty years and new leadership didn’t see the vision of the church the same as the founding pastor and we saw the entire leadership of the church dissolved by the new pastor. It was time for us to move on. We’ve been waiting on God. Then last week after I wrote my prayer/poem I felt we are to go to a certain church my wife had been approached about from the pastor there. He used to work in the same building as she. I feel drawn to this request through her relating this to me.

    In the whole of life, if everyone listens and does as they hear the congregation of the body make itself known to the world.

  3. mdr1972

    Hi Jim,

    What exactly are we listening for? I find God speaks more in the quiet while in His Word than in contemplative prayer. He also speaks to me in dreams and circumstances.

  4. All I hear anymore is righteousness, purity, holiness. Weep with me, cry with me. Bring your charges before my face.

    The state of the church has to change or He will have to destroy it to save His bride. The half taught truths perpetuated by the church are half lies. He’s going to have to turn them over to the desires of their hearts and let the men fall.

    Underneath it all, there is a rumbling… a remnant who are committed to losing everything for one glance of His true glory… and in that it will change them forever.

    I heard the words to this song all day today:

    You with the bible belt buckling the knees of the world
    And you rattletrap dogma in tow
    You with the tie and that smile green in your eyes
    Selling Jesus on your TV show

    Fanatics and whores
    And rumors of war
    Bring us collapse
    This breath, these bones can take no more.

    Pious and blind you are the thorn in and the spear in the side
    Of the body you would claim to believe
    We are revolt we are the fire in our father’s eyes
    Your Armageddon only set us free
    You won’t forget us
    And we won’t be satisfied
    Till we bring in down
    Down around that self serving smile

  5. Jim

    This issue isn’t so much the ways or means in which I hear. I’ve always been able to just simply stop what I’m doing and take introspect and call His name and he always answers. I simply have conversations first and foremost. Dreams, visions and words from other people are also something I take note of as well.

    Everyone has to hear for themselves. If we’re all in tune respectively, a collective of our thoughts will lead to one theme of thought. That’s obtaining the Mind of Christ.

    Presently I’m not in fellowship with a church body. And to be quite honest I’ve felt God say take a break until 09. There is a church body I’ve felt direction towards.

    One thing I’ve learned. Not every church body hears the same directions, yet in the collective of churches, they will be hearing what is needed to complete the whole body.

    Whether that made sense or not I don’t know. But suffice to say, each body part of a physical human body has different functions and likewise each church plays it’s own part in the body to work properly as a whole.

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