Spiritual Warfare aka “The Football Game”

As a young Christian, my revelation of spiritual warfare was much like that of a football game. Satan and his monster crew versus us weak, pathetic Christians. But the sad thing about my revelation is that we Christians never played offense. We were always on defense, and the whole football game was played on our one-yard line.

So, Satan as the quarterback would march up behind his center, waiting for the snap to set the play in motion. I would turn around and look at my team mates. We were puny runts, barely able to wear pads. We were pathetic.

Satan would hand off to one of his four horseman in his backfield. The back would smash into the line; and somehow we would stop him. But after each play, we Christians were a little slower to get back on our feet. We were battered and bruised.

How much longer could we withstand the onslaughts of Satan’s team? They were so much bigger than us. We did not stand a chance of winning. O Lord, rapture us, please!

Then one day I had a new revelation about a time in the future. Then, the game would change. Then, the rules would change. Then, Jesus – the Lord God of Hosts – would be our quarterback. It would no longer matter how puny or unskilled we were because Jesus made each of us more than conquerors. We would walk the field as victors, not as wimps. Satan would always be on defense; and we Christians would always be on the offense.

That time that I saw in the future is now.


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3 responses to “Spiritual Warfare aka “The Football Game”

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  3. Wow. This is true. I googled ‘football and spiritual warfare’ because I too see life in this way, but more in the detailed circumstances of life. I personally feel on the defensive in life, like the “world view” dominates and I simply struggle to hold my flag. I want to study more of this.

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