So, What Is The Lord Saying Or Doing? (12/5/2008)

It is my belief that we Christians depend too much on what an individual pastor or an individual prophet or another anointed person thinks that he (or she) is hearing from the Lord, rather than trying to hear for ourselves or listening to many different voices from all over the Body of Christ. Dependence on just an anointed few is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

So, each day, I invite you to write what you believe the Lord is telling you, showing you, or doing for you. Testimonies. Short teachings. Prophetic words. Scriptures. Prayers. Whatever you believe that the Body of Christ needs to know or will be blessed by hearing. Try to keep your words under 250 words. And if you need to, attach a link to your site for longer messages.


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3 responses to “So, What Is The Lord Saying Or Doing? (12/5/2008)

  1. Resounding in my Spirit today is that we are on the verge of big change…in the church, in our communities, in our nation. This change will direct people back to God.

  2. Larry Who

    And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and He raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him. (Daniel 2:21-22)

    Lately, I have been pondering changes which I need to make for this new season of God. And to be honest, I like things to stay the same. Same routines. Same schedules. Same. Same. That’s me in nutshell.

    Then, guess what? WordPress changes its blogging format. I was just getting acquainted with the 2.5. Now, we have a 2.7. New game. New rules.

    Oh my! God probably did this to me, just to ruffle my feathers. Thanks God.

  3. pochp

    I agree. And i believe that the Lord’s message is: be open to the Spirit, not to negativism which is poison to both body and soul.

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