Swimming Upstream: “Is Obama God’s Tool For Building A Praying Church?”

prayer 5

Something happened after September 11, 2001, something very different from what is happening now. Do you know what it was?

Out of fear for themselves, their family and their country, people flocked into churches to pray.

How long did this unusual phenomenon last? Until the fear passed. Then, it was back to normal ho-hum Christianity.

Eight years later, America is now led by a President who stated during his campaign over and over again, “I am a Christian who prays everyday to Jesus.” Not only that, President Obama often made visits to churches where he stood in a pulpit, quoted Bible verses and sounded like a Baptist preacher.

But now, after six months in office, President Obama seems to be opposing Christian virtues with his anti-Israel/pro-Palestine initiatives, his income redistribution, his Obamacare,  his greater emphasis on abortion and many other programs.

The church patronized is the church paralyzed, therefore, the church in peril. The church persecuted is therefore the church prayerful, and therefore powerful. (G. Campbell Morgan)

What do you think? Is President Obama a tool of God to get us Christians back on our knees praying? If so,  how long will it take before we get the message?

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7 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “Is Obama God’s Tool For Building A Praying Church?”

  1. Yes, I believe God is using the present administration to wake us up. I don’t know how long it will take. That’s frightening.

  2. seriouswhimsey,

    I agree.

    Now, the problem is if President Obama is the wake-up call, why are we being awakened? What follows him or what comes while he is in office?

  3. why wouldn’t we need to be awakened?

    If Obama is that for some people, GREAT! bring it on! It’s about time! 🙂

  4. Good question, Larry. I never thought of Obama being the reason we now are on our knees so much but I believe that it could well be. As the laws of God are being obliterated by this administration, we are crying out to God to save us from certain destruction. I have never prayed so hard before!

  5. Marianne,

    Thanks for your comment.

    President Obama is the cool refreshing water the cute little frog sits in, not noticing it’s a frying pan and the burner is turned on, and that the water will kill the cute frog.

  6. America is in great danger.

    As a Brit I am acutely aware of the destruction that social welfare doctrine does to a people.

    Obama is doing fast what has taken 50 years to achieve in the UK. The UK is fast asleep, suckling on the breast of state aid.
    The worst part about it is that the church has the same attitude, that the leaders should look after them, take care of them whilst they also snooze.

    An emasculated church and an emasculated nation go together.

    I was going to make the comment about the frog in the pan until I saw Larry had beaten me to it.

    Larry, I hope Obama turns the heat real high real quick so that the Saints that voted him in get a really scorched butt and leap out quickly.

    American’s have the advantage that they can clearly remember what it was like pre Obama. In the UK nobody remembers pre Welfare State. They have no concept of personal responsibility any more, why should they, the state ( or the Pastor) will look after them.

    I actually ought to lay the blame for the UK’s demise on the USA. After WW2 the Labour Party came to power on a promise of the creation of the Welfare State. Unfortunately Britain was almost bankrupt, so they sent a delegation over to the USA with a begging bowl and came away with a massive loan which has taken about 50 years to pay off.

    If only you had kept your wallet a little tighter the UK might be a little healthier today!

  7. Frank,

    Thanks for your insight from a Brit’s point of view.

    I personally don’t believe America has much of a chance of stopping our downward spiral. So, rather than expending energy trying to put the brakes on, hoping America might change back, I’m preparing myself and others for life after America’s complete break-down.

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