The Apostles Are Coming! The Apostles Are Coming! (Part 2)

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For most of my dad’s life, he was a Christmas and Easter service attender. Anything more than that took a special program to drag him to a church’s pew.

In fact, I remember as a young boy, hearing a neighbor ask if he would see Dad in church on the following Sunday.

“Well, you just might see me,” Dad replied, “if the church’s windows are clean, and if you happen to look out when I drive by.”

So, with this in mind, you can understand the shock I felt in 1995 when the Holy Spirit spoke these words to my heart: “Your dad should have been the one who trained you and helped you into your calling, but he did not make it into his own calling.”

After hearing the words, I sat in my pickup truck without moving for minutes; I was stunned. To be honest, I did not know if Dad even knew the Lord. And as far as Dad having a calling on his life, that seemed impossible for me to believe.

So, I stored this experience on an empty shelf in my heart.

Two years later, Honey and I went back to my hometown to visit Dad while he was in a hospital. He had suffered a major relapse from a heart valve operation. Because of divine timing, Honey and I were able to spend some time alone with Dad. Honey prayed for him and I asked him questions about his personal salvation.

“Don’t worry about my salvation,” Dad answered, “that’s all taken care of.”

And the Holy Spirit impressed me that Dad was indeed saved. A point which I had not known before that day.

Then, for some reason, I left the hospital for a half hour or so. In that time period, Dad related his testimony to Honey.

It seems that Mom was very sick when I was a youngster. She was in a hospital and her doctor told Dad that it was iffy whether or not Mom would survive her sickness.

At that time, Dad was a twenty-eight year old farmer who loved his wife and had two children under six years of age. He was distraught and did not know what to do. So, while staying at my grandmother’s house, he bowed his knees in the middle of the night and cried out to the Lord.

The Lord saved him and Dad became a child of God. But even with this,  Mom’s life continued to hang in the balance over the next few days.

Finally, Dad threw himself on his knees once again in the middle of the night and cried out to the Lord for His help.

Then, Jesus walked through a wall into Dad’s bedroom and came to Dad and said, “Your wife will live and she will raise her children and see them grow up. But to help you over the next few days, I will come to you and comfort you each time the doctor tells you that your wife may not live. In this way, you will know she will survive.”

Jesus left the same way He entered the room: back through the wall.

Dad said that each time the doctor told him that Mom might not live, he felt peace in his heart. He knew Mom would live.

And Mom did survive the sickness. She is now eighty-six years old.

Five weeks ago, I went back to the Midwest to help my parents for what I thought would be a time of recuperation for Dad. But Dad’s condition worsened and I took him to an emergency room on a Sunday morning.

As I drove him to the hospital entrance, I had a quick vision. In it, I saw myself sitting in the truck fifteen years earlier after the Holy Spirit had spoken to my heart about Dad’s calling. But this time, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “I’m taking your dad home.”

Dad died on May 2, 2010. He was twenty-three days short of being eighty-nine years old.

Now, I’ve included my Dad’s testimony to underscore an important point: the Church desperately needs the ministry of the apostles.  Many callings need to be fathered and brought into fruition.

(Continued in Part 3)


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15 responses to “The Apostles Are Coming! The Apostles Are Coming! (Part 2)

  1. I do not know whether Dad had an open vision of Jesus or if the Lord actually walked into the bedroom. This is just how Dad explained it to Honey.

  2. Larry
    Great testimony, I am glad that you have no doubt where your father is, so many do. God is so great in how he works differently in peoples lives, according to their needs. God bless you and yours!

  3. blesseddad,

    Thanks. God certainly does work differently in each of our lives.

  4. So sad and yet so reassuring. I suspect this is the origin of your call to pray others into their calling. He wants all of us to follow Him, and I marvel at His workings–nothing is wasted.

  5. Solveig,

    Thanks for the insight. I had never thought about it in that way.

  6. “Now, I’ve included my Dad’s testimony to underscore an important point: the Church desperately needs the ministry of the apostles. Many callings need to be fathered and brought into fruition”

    Sadly, for the most part, Jesus would say to the church exactly what he said to the church of his own day.
    “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, you shut up heaven against men, for you neither go in yourselves neither permit them that are entering to go in.”

    I suspect your Dad had a more fundamental and direct experience of the heavenly realm than most church leadership has ever had. Putting what he had experienced against the ordained hierarchical system would only crush it into the ground. Maybe its just better to keep quiet and get on with life.

    Bearing in mind that most church enterprises seem to be about building earthly kingdoms, ( despite giving then heavenly names) I would be very guarded about pointing someone, who has had an experience of God, towards a church to build on his experience.

    Maybe its better to build nothing rather than to add wood, hay, or stubble

  7. Frank,

    As usual, well said.

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  9. Honestly, I must say the truth as I see it… this post has less to do about the church than it does about all God’s children. The apostles, yes are needed, but for more then the church… the church is a drop in the bucket.

    The Apostles are needed for ALL of mankind.

    I was in a class, where someone spoke, “What a huge responsibility it was for the Apostles back then to get this Word out.” I simply said, “What a great responsibility it is for US, in our time, to get this Word out!

    Church is only a part of our equation because that was how we were programmed. Take the program out of Church, and you have something entirely different.

    Does that make sense? Or am I way out there?
    I like your Dad.
    off to part 3…

  10. Cindy,

    I agree with you, but at the same time, the apostles are given to the church to equip the saints to do the work.

  11. ahhh… but not all the saints are in the established church and not all apostles are aware yet, of their gifts or directive.

    aren’t we all sinners and saints, if we’ve accepted Christ? maybe this is where you are going.

    I can’t get the window your Dad spoke about out of my mind. We may have to talk more on that. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my mouth off this hook! (there’s deeper meaning than fishing in that) 😉

  12. Cindy,

    The church is not a building; it is the corporate church without walls. And once a person is saved in the Bible, he is never referred to as a sinner again…though he may sin. He is always called a saint or a believer. (Terms like back sliding or back slider are only used in the Old Testament, never in the NT>

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