Remember The Prisoners (Part 3)

In 2007, Gallup surveyed adult Americans on their opinions of the Bible. The survey discovered that 31% of Americans believed the Bible was the actual Word of God, to be taken literally; 47% believed it was the inspired Word of God, but not every fact was accurate or needed to be taken as truth; and 19% believed it was ancient fables, legends, and whatever.

Next, decide where you fit in the survey. Are you a part of the 31%? The 47%? Or the 19%?

Obviously, what you decide will determine whether you are a conservative or a more liberal Christian, right?

Now, picture yourself as a prisoner in a filthy prison cell in North Korea. No heat. No air conditioning. No TV. No computer. No Facebook or Twitter or blogs. Little food. Rats. Brutal torture. Sexual molestation. 16 hour work days. No hope of ever being released.

If you view yourself as being a part of the 47% or the 19%, how long do you think your faith would survive under these horrendous conditions?



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6 responses to “Remember The Prisoners (Part 3)

  1. Oh so powerful, Larry. I love how He directs you. Thank you for praying for the prisoners today.

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. Poetry is not my strength.

  3. I have nightmares about stuff like that, and I always hesitate to visit your blog when I know it’s going to be something awful. It’s good for me to face the facts.

    I’m in the 47% but also a coward. I’ll pray for the prisoners.

  4. Linda,

    Thanks, I think. My goal is to move everyone into the 31% category…that’s where miracles can happen.

  5. SR

    Hey Larry,
    I as well have been praying for these poor people. Like I said, for some reason it is not notifying me when you post. So I check by. This is horrible, but we must face, at times man can be very horrible to their felllow man. I pray most of all one day it will all just stop. Thanks for your good work on this. God Bless, SR

  6. SR,

    Thanks. God bless you.

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