A New Novel? Why Not? (Part 5)

Chapter 2

Nineteen years later

In the midst of my reverie, a slight rustle stirred behind me. Someone stood in front of my paper covered desk. I shrugged my shoulders, but did not turn around.

“Sorry, but I’m tied up right now. You’ll have to talk with my secretary, Connie. She should be at her desk just outside my office,” I said, pointing with my left hand to the door, not looking over my shoulder.

I resumed typing, even though no sounds of movement occurred behind me.

Three minutes passed with an awkward silence echoing off the walls of the office. I finally threw my hands up in disgust, pivoted around in my chair, and said, “Okay, what do you – ”

The rest of my sentence withered away into nothingness.

There, in front of the walnut desk, stood an enormous angel with black shiny hair. A loose white robe covered him from his elbows to knees, but it did little to hide his muscular build which reminded me of a celestial Andre the giant. But unlike Andre, a holy presence radiated from the heavenly visitor. Although the angel’s face appeared peaceful, a combat readiness radiated from him.

Still, the angel did not speak.

I felt flustered and wondered about the proper etiquette for greeting a heavenly emissary.

“What do you want?” I eventually spit out.

“I have a message for you from the Lord,” said the angel in a crisp staccato cadence without any discernible accent.

“What… what is it?”

The angel’s emerald eyes stared into mine.

“The Lord says that you need to resign from the American church beauty pageant. The pretentious church system you have so enthusiastically flaunted is only beautiful to men, and not to the Lord Jesus. He loves another church which is considered ugly to most men,” said the angel. Then he paused a beat before adding, “What response should I give to the Lord?”

If the ceiling had collapsed upon me, I would have ignored it. The angel’s words rendered me speechless with their authority and power. Like most Christians, I had followed the traditional path for believers with a preacher’s calling on their lives. I attended a respected Bible school, was ordained, started a church, and now was the senior pastor of it. I seemed successful, anointed, and was engaged to a godly woman. And now this?

“Pl-please wait a moment,” I whispered. “Would it be okay to ask some questions?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“Why would the Lord ask me to make such drastic changes now, in the midst of my most productive years?”

“Because there is still time to deprogram you and prepare you for the future.”

The angel’s blazing eyes forced me to look away. My hand automatically moved to my cap, adjusting its position. Why me? I thought. Why not someone else?

But even in the midst of my discomfort, I somehow remembered several Christian pioneers who suffered similar heart wrenching setbacks. The early church referred to those experiences as limps, much like the limp Jacob incurred after wrestling with God at Peniel.

“What does the Lord want me to do?” I asked without looking at the angel.

“Resign your pastor’s position from the church, move to Los Angeles, and become a car salesman.”

I gasped, but no words came out of my mouth.

The heavenly visitor paid no attention to my anguish and seemed totally detached from the whole scene.

“What answer shall I give the Lord?”

(The above is the second part of  Chapter 2 for a new novel I’m writing, The Day LA Died, © Larry Nevenhoven, 2012.)

(Continued in Part 6)



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8 responses to “A New Novel? Why Not? (Part 5)

  1. Yes, let’s all de-program.

  2. Naphtali,

    I agree, but it does take time.

  3. I’ve always thought it would be easier to become a Born Again Christian for someone who had no ‘religion’ in his/her background than one who is steeped in tradition. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be done; just more of a challenge. Not dissimilar to taking up golf at 40 or 50 never having played it before. You don’t have to ‘unlearn’ any bad habits.

  4. Bill Sheridan,

    I’ve always thought the same thing. For example, when Russia opened up, evangelists rushed in and whole regions gave up on atheism and became Christians.

  5. This is all whoaaaa and wwooowww. And I love where you stop us at and leave us wondering. Great novel , Mr. Larry! God bless you as you stayed tuned into Him.

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks for the whoaaaa and wwoowww.

  7. The Lord showed me a vision September 16, 2009 of 2 brides one was the church, very beautifully dressed and one who came from the streets very shabbily dressed. The ,”church” bride looked down upon and made fun of the bride who was from the streets because she did not possess the wealth to be able to adorn herself ,”properly” for the bridegroom . However, when the bridegroom passed by, he paid absolutely no attention to the, “church”, bride but instead welcomed the street bride to be his.

    The “church” bride gains her ability to adorn herself so lavishly from the wealth she accumulated from playing the whore with the world.

    The bride that comes from the streets does not pretend to be something she is not. She fully realizes who she is.

    There is no, “religion” or falsehood in here. While she may be a sinner and what some would consider a low life, she gladly accepts the invitation from the bridegroom

    I think that this might be the start of the revival that revival we’ve been waiting for. The church , like the pharisees before them missed it because of their perception of what it was supposed to look like

    Let me share a dream I had. In the dream, I saw a wooden coffin and inside the coffin, I saw a church with 2 very large pillars outside. also saw the lid of the coffin resting on the knuckles of 2 hands and the hands in turn were resting on the coffin like one would do just
    before nailing it shut. So, as you can imagine, there was very little light left in the coffin because of the lid of the coffin being almost on the coffin. Getting back to the church I saw inside the coffin, I saw thousands of people coming out of the church and jumping out of the coffin as fast as they could. However, there were 2 groups of people who refused to leave,
    in fact; they had their fists held in the air. These 2 groups were standing by the 2 very large pillars I had seen earlier in my dream. These pillars had names. The name of the first pillar was religion and the name of the second pillar was politics.

    The interpretation of the dream was given by Pastor Guy and is as follows:

    A coffin is what you bury the dead in. The coffin in your dream is
    religious tradition holding the church (the people in the church) in
    captivity from following Jesus. The two large pillars outside are the
    gods of the church. The hands belonging to the knuckles in which the
    lid of the coffin rested on were the hands of the Lord holding the lid
    from closing all the way till those who were going to leave this
    traditional church made it out.
    The hands which were resting on the coffin like they were about to
    shut it was the hands of the spirit of anti christ who was shutting
    out the light through lies and deception. This will be a time as the
    parrabel in Matt 25 of the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten
    The foolish virgins will be those remaining in the coffin and refusing
    to repent from their gods of religious politics and accept the life of
    Christ. Those coming out of the coffin are those who recognize the end
    is here and they came out from among them as God said to do in 2 Cor.
    6:14-18. The door is about to shut and be sealed.

    Some additional things the Lord showed me John 5:25 NIV84

    25 I tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live.

    Those who hear are the ones coming out of the casket.
    The people who standing by the pillars refusing to leave are the ones of whom Jesus says that they are trying to kill Him because there is no room in their hearts for His word. Which is why they did not leave the church in the coffin and why they will try to kill any move of God that would cause people to want to leave the coffin. They prefer the darkness of the coffin where their deeds go unexposed John 3:19-21 NKJV

    And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.

  8. Tony,

    Thanks for your awesome input.

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