John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 1)

John Paul Jackson began prophesying publicly about what he called the perfect storm in 2008. Earlier in 2012, Jackson updated his prophetic words. The following is a transcription (mistakes and all) of his main points from a video, which has since been removed. (But you can still see his main points here, here, and here.)

Remember: All prophetic words need to be prayed about and mistakes on any one part do not negate the truth on other parts. Plus, although you may disagree with some of a messenger’s doctrines, that does not necessarily mean you should ignore his message.

John Paul Jackson’s main prophetic points:


So the Lord began to tell me about things in 2007 and began to show me things that were going to be happening. Things like Egypt and He said, “Watch what’s going to be happening in the Middle East and here’s a sign for you: Egypt.

President Mubarak is going to be removed from office and Egypt will turn into a terrorist state. Know when that happens, the rest of the Arab states that do not espouse religious extremism – Islamic religious extremism – they will be deposed under a false guise and a harsher regime will take each of their places, including Saudi Arabia. And it will begin. So watch Egypt.


He said, “Begin to watch the European Community because I’m going to trouble the waters in Europe and the Euro is going to start to fall. And it will weaken and it will crumble. And shortly after that, your dollar will follow.”

I said, “Oh my goodness, Lord.”

He said, “My people are going to cry out to Me.”

I said, “When?”

He said, “It will keep getting darker until they do. It will keep getting darker until they do.”


In March, I was on Daystar TV and the Lord had me prophesy about a coming assassination attempt on a congressman. Little did I know that in August of that year, that would happen with Gabby Giffords.

(He misspoke and used the wrong month here. Giffords’ assassination attempt happened in January, 2011.)


There will come times when the stadiums aren’t full because no one can afford to pay the prices to go to a New York Giants game or a Jets game or a Patriots game or a Cowboys game or a Rams game. Nobody can afford to pay the price


Even this year, tensions in Israel and Iran are going to escalate. The day is going to come when Israel will hit Iran. They already have hit…there were mystery explosions that happened.

And the Lord told me about this: Israel will one day send rockets into Iran, but before that day happens, there will be other explosions called mystery explosions. And those have happened.

But one day it is going to happen and when that takes place and those missiles hit Iran, there’s going to be a huge growth of anti-Semitism and everybody’s going to blame Israel on the price of gasoline. You are going to see incredible backlash that will happen and you are going to see OPEC countries forming an alliance saying, “We will not sell to anybody that supports Israel.

So, America, if you want gasoline, you’d better…you’d better stop your support of Israel. Israel will become a difficult thing and Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling. It is going to happen and it is going to happen, not years from now, sooner than that. And everything is going to begin to change.

(Continued in Part 2…but if you like, the whole article can be seen here.)


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6 responses to “John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 1)

  1. I listened to this entire video a few weeks ago. People should take him seriously.

  2. Naphtali,

    Thanks. Even though John Paul Jackson was a pastor at a church just before we attended it, I’ve never really followed his ministry.My friend is the one who put me onto this video.

  3. I was able to listen to this much the other day. Thank you for printing it out for us . .that helps! God bless you for letting more people know what is being prophesied. We need to know.

  4. Debbie,

    A few small bites are easier than one big mouthful.

  5. “It will keep getting darker until they do.”

    I hope today we do what we can to slow down the impending darkness. It will say a lot about us who we vote in today.

    There is the sense that we are on a rail and that what is going to happen is going to happen. There is the other sense of, can we by our actions slow it down? Conversely, by our actions, can we speed it up?

    I have a terrible habit of fighting lost causes. I’m a little slow about everything. Should have been fighting years ago. I’m hoping it is not to late to do a little good. Today will tell a lot about that.

  6. Mike,

    Thanks. I’m the type of guy, who if the score is 28 – 0 with 59 seconds to go, tries to figure out how we can divide up the time so we can win with a 2 point conversion at the buzzer.

    But this time, I’m jumping off the train and running ahead to the place where the bridge is out. I’ll be waiting there with bandages and supplies for the eventual wreck.

    Yet, if I’m wrong, I won’t be upset.

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