John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 3)

John Paul Jackson began prophesying publicly about what he called the perfect storm in 2008. Earlier in 2012, Jackson updated his prophetic words. The following is a transcription (mistakes and all) of his main points from a video, which has since been removed. (But you can still see his main points herehere, and here.)

Remember: All prophetic words need to be prayed about and mistakes on any one part do not negate the truth on other parts. Plus, although you may disagree with some of a messenger’s doctrines, does not mean you should ignore his message.


There is so much that is about to take place in this nation, so many things. There are other assassination attempts that are coming. I..I am not a part of any of that. I just know what God has shown me.


There is anger going to be erupting. There is violence going to be in the streets. Rich houses and neighborhoods are going to be invaded. The Robin Hood mentality, “What’s yours is mine,” is going to spread and all you’re going to be seeing in [some] multimillion dollar neighborhoods is chimneys left standing and burnt chars of the houses. Violence is going to be so prevalent that police forces are not going to be able to take care of it. And even the military forces will only be able to take care of it in the urban areas and not the rural areas. Not even all the urban areas will be taken care of. It will be so wide spread.


Our military will be coming home, the Lord said. Finances are going to force you to shrink the size of the military. It will end up causing cracks to form in the military and end up allowing your country to be invaded if you do not turn your heart to Me.

So I’m starting to read about the shrinking of the military. I’m reading about the numbers, they’re cutting X numbers of, tens of thousands of military positions, I started to read what they’re doing and I’m going, “Oh, my goodness, it’s happening.”

Has there been military excess? Probably. I don’t doubt that, but I also know this is what the Lord said, this is going to be happening. “Your army is going to start shrinking. Your protection is going to start shrinking because you are going to think, the pride of your heart is going to say, ‘we don’t need it.'”


We’re going to see tornadoes coming because there are going to be changes in the jet streams, the climatological changes, they are going to have to invent a higher category of tornado. I think the highest it goes to right now is F5. I think it’s going to have to go to F6. Whatever category they don’t have, that’s what they’re going to have to have because they’ve never measured wind speeds in tornados this high before. That’s coming. Hurricanes that are over 500 miles wide are going to hit this nation.


Volcanoes are going to erupt in the Northwestern part of the United States. Cities will be dramatically impacted. There will be things that happen that are just unheard of.


The shape of the United States will change if we do not cry out to God. See here’s why. You say, “Why is all this happening?” It boils down to the Garden of Eden and that is this: whenever man fell away from God, he began to decay. Everything he touched began to decay. The Lord said it kind of like this, “And the earth will longer yield itself to you.”


Drought is going to continue to escalate in the lower half of the United States. So much so, just as it says in Revelations Chapter 6, “A loaf of bread…there may be bread but what it is going to cost you will be enormous. So much so they will have to put guards on trucks to keep trucks from being robbed for their food.


Earthquakes will not only strike coastal areas but even in the Midwestern United States.


There will be places where hail falls and it will be over a foot thick of hale. There will be softball sizes of hale and 24 inches of rain in 24 hours.

(Continued in Part 4…or you can see the full article here.)


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7 responses to “John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 3)

  1. Hi Larry, I watch and pray.

  2. Judy,

    Thanks. I do the same.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Larry, for sharing this so we can know and pray. God bless you!

  4. Debbie,

    Thanks. This is a great outline for our prayers.

  5. This serves as confirmation of many of the dreams I’ve had and been having.

  6. Tony,

    Thanks. Hopefully, all of us catch the same revelation.

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