John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 4)

John Paul Jackson began prophesying publicly about what he called the perfect storm in 2008. Earlier in 2012, Jackson updated his prophetic words. The following is a transcription (mistakes and all) of his main points from a video, which has since been removed. (But you can still see his main points herehere, and here.)

Remember: All prophetic words need to be prayed about and mistakes on any one part do not negate the truth on other parts. Plus, although you may disagree with some of a messenger’s doctrines, does not mean you should ignore his message.


There will be tornados with such force that automobiles will become airborne missiles.


The Lord told me there would be a pandemic that came, but the first one would prove to be little but feared. But the second one that comes would be serious. So there is a pandemic that is going to be coming.


There will be changes in our gravity, as their will be a shift happening in the magma of the earth. Changes will happen in the gravity field. Look for notifications of changes in the gravity field. And with that will come heating of the ocean floors and the oceans changing temperatures. That will end up killing lots of fish and everything else in the ocean.


China’s escalation is not by accident. It was planned and it is strategic and it has the design to be leading power in the world.


There is a commercial paper bubble that is about to burst in the commercial real estate markets.

He told me in 2007, there is going to be a move for people to grow their own foods. And boy has that happened. And if you are going to buy food, do not buy anything that has been genetically modified. It won’t reproduce itself. And there is coming a blight in genetically modified crops. They think they’re blight proof, but they are not. When this thing hits, it will spread like wildfire.

So you will see entire crops like wheat or corn or some grain product it will be seen and also tomatoes.


You need to pray for President Obama’s protection. There is a plan to take his life. He said, “Whether you agree or disagree is not the question, son. Pray for his protection. I’ve commanded you to pray for his protection. The Bible, My word commands you to pray for his protection. That all will be well with you.

The worst thing that could happen is for him to be taken out. Not talking about being reelected or not being reelected, but about being taken out. The worst thing that could happen is for him to be taken out.


He showed me, I don’t know what city, but I know it’s a coastal city, and the result was from a dirty bomb. And a dirty bomb blew up in a coastal city and it was uninhabitable for over 30 years. It was that level of radiation that was released.


He told me, “If you have the opportunity to buy rural land, take it, because it’s going to become very valuable as the people flee the cities.


This country is going to cut most of its foreign aid programs and as a result international dictators will multiply.


He said, “There’s going to come a growing anarchy among the gay and lesbian community. And there will be reports of mobs maiming and torturing heterosexual men.

Also watch for homosexual men being able to carry a baby through organ transplant. So transplanting of a uterus and the ability of a man, because of technology, to carry a baby.


Many large churches are going to end up filing for bankruptcy because they can’t make the building payment. The church has taken on the concept that numbers mean anointing. So, they compromise My word not to offend in order to keep the finances.

(Continued in Part 5…or you can see the full article here.)


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2 responses to “John Paul Jackson Updates Perfect Storm Prophecies (Part 4)

  1. I really appreciate reading this, Mr. Larry, since listening to things is hard for me to do with Aub. Thank you and God bless you!

  2. Debbie,

    Psst. It was your reply in my email that inspired me to do this series.

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