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Prayers for America (4/10/2018)

What has caused the Palestinians to suddenly riot in the Gaza Strip?

And tensions could be much, much higher by May 15, as it will also be one day after the U.S. says it will have officially moved its embassy to Jerusalem — a Trump administration plan which has enraged Palestinians and effectively ended U.S. involvement in any peace process, though the State Department says the U.S. is “deeply saddened” by violence on Friday. (New York Magazine)

Although I pray for the violence to end and for Palestinian lives to be spared, I believe it is the will of God for America to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

So, we need to remember that nothing comes easy in the Middle East, especially for Israel.

My prayer today:

Lord, I pray that You encourage President Trump to hold the course on moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

What do you think and has the Lord spoken to you today?

Join with me on Thursdays to fast and pray for America.


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Inside Israel


The Shuk in Jerusalem

Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —

Greetings Dearest Brothers and Sisters in THE NAME of HIM Whose words alone are TRUE AND FAITHFUL.  May He be blessed and glorified and may you be edified and blessed by Him.

As I walked to work I found myself wondering how many more Springs will I see on this earth?  Morbid?  I don’t think so because all I could do at the thought was worship Him and open my eyes and ears wider to taste the incredible beauty that surrounds at this time of year.

I know that many of you are still battling freezing winds and shoveling huge mountains of snow, but here in Jerusalem our warm and way too dry winter has blossomed into balmy spring days.  The buds are bursting with promises of pomegranates, grapes, olives, cherries, citrus and just so many fruits and flowers too numerous to mention.  The birds see it and sing with such a rejoicing.  Our wild parrots fly overhead, piercing the sky with their songs. Wild canaries join a refrain with my own dear canary. It is like a heavenly chorus of “RESURRECTION.  NEW LIFE. ALL THINGS NEW.”  What can I say?  IT’S JUST BEAUTIFUL!

AND there is a cacophony of the song of peoples as well, here in Jerusalem.

The nations are gathering again and I am watching it from a unique vantage point.

From the nations, Christians are arriving from all over the world to celebrate the Resurrection of Messiah.  Also, from around the world Jews are gathering to celebrate the ancient promises of the Passover. Locals are scrubbing out the leaven and reassuring one another that He looks upon the heart, and that we do “the best we can” to scrub our homes, but the heart is the most important.  How true it is!

I see groups large groups arrriving from Asia, South America and Africa along with many more from Europe and North America and the Island continents of Australia and New Zealand. All of the languages mingle together.

I never thought much in the past about the flavors and customs of worship that the different nations bring with them. I remember being shocked when one year someone referred to the cultural Christianity of America.  I thought, “Oh no!  I just believe The Word as it is.  I am not influenced by the culture…no sir…not me!”


Was I ever wrong. And yet it did take years for me to see it in myself and then a certain helplessness, a crying out to God for Him to change me. I am just flesh and blood, “HELP ME!”

Well, now I RECOGNIZE the influence, but I know that it is only through spending more time in HIS kingdom than on this earth can I be free from its influence and I’m not there yet.  Are any of us?

So, as I walk the streets and see pilgrims from other lands and see how some wear particular identifying clothing. Some wear or carry huge wooden crosses, some carry eggs and I’ve even seen bunnies, some speak of this tradition or that. It is matched just as fully by the traditions that Jews bring with us from other countries, traditions, and even families.

It is like a huge orchestra here right now with so many different instruments playing in front of me. I wonder if this is the year and perhaps The Lord will put His lips to the Trumpet and bring forth a heavenly sound, instead of all of this busy confusion.

My attention was drawn to a VERY old lady, nearly bent in two.  She was wearing an old cotton house dress, the sort that is seen here on VERY old ladies and look more and more sensibly appealing to me these days.  She had a babushka on her head and a shawl around her shoulders and a large cane in her hand.  She was bending even lower than her hunched back normally held her.

As I draw near I saw that she was emptying a bag of food for the cats, who were running toward her.  We have two groups of cat people here, well perhaps three. One just really likes cats. But then there are the cat people. Every community likely has some of those.  They ALSO just really like cats but take it a BIT FURTHER than normal.  But we have a third group and this woman made me think back into our history, for these people were much younger when we arrived in the country and I remember seeing them back then.

As we approach our 70th re-birthday and 50th re-unification celebration, I remember hearing the stories of “THE CATS OF JERUSALEM.”  I was curious as to the great number of stray cats that were SO FAT and well cared for.  They seemed a protected lot and indeed they were and that with good reason.

You might recall that before Jerusalem was restored to Israel, it was under Jordanian control.  The Jordanians had filled the Jewish quarter, including the synagogues of the old city with rubbish and the carcasses of unclean animals. The filth was indescribable.  I know that Mark Twain wrote about it in his journeys to Jerusalem as did many others.

Along with the filth came disease of course and rats and other varmints!  The solution decided upon was: CATS.  Cats were imported and encouraged and treated as dear friends.  They basically became a protected species and EVERYONE considered it their sacred duty apparently, to feed them.  Yes, they DID overcome the scourge of the rats.

When we first came, I remember how they freely roamed restaurants, often climbing up on tables begging for food and I was surprised that no one shooed them away.  There is less of that now, but the cats of Jerusalem remain a reminder of a moment of history.

And history or “HIS story” really is the center of the preparation time that we have entered.  A week from this coming Friday, at sundown, the entire country will sit down to the first Seder (just before Resurrection Sunday), really the centerpiece of the Jewish religion.  Exodus 12:1-3 –

“Now the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,  ‘This month shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you.  Speak to all the congregation of Israel, saying: “On the tenth of this month every man shall take for himself a lamb, according to the house of his father, a lamb for a household.”‘

verses 6-11 continue:

“Now you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month. Then the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it at twilight.  And they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses where they eat it.  Then they shall eat the flesh on that night; roasted in fire, with unleavened bread and with bitter herbs they shall eat it. Do not eat it raw, nor boiled at all with water, but roasted in fire—its head with its legs and its entrails.  You shall let none of it remain until morning, and what remains of it until morning you shall burn with fire.  And thus you shall eat it: with a belt on your waist, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand. So you shall eat it in haste. It is the Lord’s Passover.”

We know that throughout the First Covenant and the Prophets, the keeping of the Passover is as central as the keeping of the Shabbat and of course the Last Supper is well documented through the Gospels as having been the Passover Seder. This lamb being THE LAMB, The Perfect Lamb without spot or blemish, the perfect Sacrifice once and for all, for you and for me, Who rent the veil and conquered death so freely for us.

It’s just all too big! Too beautiful!  Even more beautiful and more glorious than the Spring – the shadow of NEW LIFE.

It is as if it is stamped over our “kosher for Passover” food labels: THERE IS NO FEAR IN DEATH.  HE HAS CONQUERED THE GRAVE.

But as the people of the Book, most of us still sit under the curse of “Let their eyes be darkened, seeing not to see and hearing not to hear.”

I know that the moment that I saw,  it LITERALLY was as if scales fell off of my eyes and it was instantaneous.

SO, for the present, we are two celebrations of the greatest events of HIS story weaving together in a dance through Jerusalem.

But for us here year around  IT’S ALSO A LOT ABOUT CLEANING AND PREPARATION.  Scrub those cracks and wash those materials, checking each shelf for leaven.  Many clean all books thoroughly to make sure that there is not one crumb in it.  We are reminded that dust is NOT leaven least we break down with the “Passover syndrome.” Out with the old and in with the new as people replace items that they fear might not be clean enough, even tables, refrigerators and stoves. With the FOOD being replaced, the shuk and shops are JAMMED.  The stalls overflow with fresh stalks of huge garlic and fragrant strawberries.  Boxes of matzo and “kosher for Passover” sweets line the road.

And speaking of lining the road, the scrubbers are out in full force, thanks to the City of Jerusalem.  Street cleaning is non-stop.

So, we prepare for another cycle that reminds us “THE LORD IS FAITHFUL, THE LORD IS FAITHFUL…And in the midst I remember that IT IS ONLY ABOUT THE LORD.  NOT what He has done or what He will do, not about His promises or His gifts or His commands or His miracles. It is all about HIM ALONE and I turn to worship The King, just as you do.  Will I be here or in His kingdom at the next cycle?  HE knows, and that is all that matters.  It is about Him and not about us.

WHEW!  WHAT A RELIEF! We really are NOT the center of it all…and that is GRAND!

Least you think that I am ill…no I am not.  I do have some dear friends who are currently fighting for His will in their lives, but it just becomes so clear to me that WE HAVE A KINGDOM…and The King of that kingdom has told us that this world of shadows and pictures is just for now and the best is yet to come!  We shall all gather together in that day at His triumphant feast.  TOGETHER!

May Yeshua h’meshiach – Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the risen Son of The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, be blessed and glorified.


your sister J


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Inside Jerusalem


The Shuk in Jerusalem

Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —

BLESSINGS, dear brothers and sisters, In The precious Name of our Lord Yeshua h’meshiach, Jesus Christ.  May you be blessed and encouraged and may the Lord alone be glorified and may He be blessed.

I am sorry that I have been unable to write and remind some of you in a timely manner of the Purim festival that is JUST NOW ENDING. Purim, the celebration of the book of Esther (the book is called the Megillah) has evolved into a 3-day event here, so schools have been closed already since this past Tuesday.

Tuesday night at sundown began the one day “Esther fast.” (It seems to me that fewer and fewer people participate in the fast over the passing years.) And at sundown on Wednesday when the fast ends, the partying begins in un-walled cities.  The entire small book of Esther is read out loud by numerous readers and studied. Noise is made at every mention of Haman the Aggagite.  Costumes are donned to represent the fact that the day determined for the Jews to be annihilated was turned instead into a day of deliverance.

Things are not always what they appear to be.  There are parades and parties all over the country but not in Jerusalem until THURSDAY night wince walled cities are celebrated the SECOND day of Purim. Jerusalem corresponds to Shushan, the citadel.   Jerusalem, being far less secular than most other places in Israel, has a better representation of Queen Esthers and Mordechais.

When I was a child I loved dressing up as the beautiful Queen Esther who was given the anointing to intercede for the people of Israel.  These days, as I have shared before, Purim has taken on much of a “Halloween” air and it saddens me.  None the less, as I traveled home from work today, the streets were full of festive children bringing mishloach mannot or “sent portions,” baskets of goodies to family, neighbors and the poor.

There was singing and dancing and small tents set up to encourage people to study the book of Esther.  I heard a number of times” “And how many times did you hear the book of Esther this Purim?”  Maybe it’s funny, but perhaps my favorite part of the book of Esther is found in Chapter 2 verse 15:

Now when the turn came for Esther the daughter of Abihail the uncle of Mordecai, who had taken her as his daughter, to go in to the king, she requested nothing but what Hegai the king’s eunuch, the custodian of the women, advised. And Esther obtained favor in the sight of all who saw her.

She requested NOTHING but what she was advised…

That line always stops me and I think about the submissive, gentle character of this one who could be used in such an act of intercession. She did not try to figure it out, but submitted to the one who advised her.  How unlike her my nature is, but He can change it, right?

I ran into the shuk yesterday to get some nuts and sweets and fruits for my own mishloach mannot baskets to be given out. There they were – the very first telltale sign of approaching Passover. HUGE BOXES OF FRESH GARLICS.  The first garlic harvest has begun and the rich fragrance fills the air.

“Oh no! Time to start Pesach cleaning ALREADY!”

Now THAT was probably not the most godly response, but it really was my first thought.  I was pleasantly surprised however, when I went to pay for my tomatoes and kishueem (a light green Israeli zucchini).  The stall owner weighted my bags and told me,  “Seva vhetzi shekelim.“(7 and a half shekels).

I handed them back.  “I think you made a mistake.  You said 7 and a half.”

He smiled and said, “See how warm it is?  The price went way down today.”

Wow!  Lovely, although ominous.  Our winter HAS been economical, warm and very little rain.  The worldwide climate changes are everywhere . So for us it handed us a warm and another too-dry winter. Meanwhile, our daughter in London is enjoying the snow. I guess we all hang on for the ride.

Challenges. They come in all forms and our directions are to look up and take our instructions from The Lord. He allows challenges, but the choices are ours. Will it be HIS way?

My husband faced a challenge the other night that was specific to immigrants and my heart went out to him. He has suffered increasingly severe hearing damage and we are thankful that our Israeli plan covers hearing aids.

It was time for another hearing test. The woman giving the test this year was new to us, but I could tell right away that the level of her voice was not in the range that he hears well.  Yet worse than that, when I told her that he does not speak much Hebrew,  she was a bit alarmed and said that she would try to speak in English.  I watched my husband through the glass in his sound proof room with his earphones. As I heard the words being spoken I was pretty clueless as to what the English words were that she was trying to pronounce. My hearing is relatively good.

Oy! I realized that she wasn’t using any “r” sounds (the “r” is soft in Hebrew).  Oh well, He definitely qualifies for new  hearing aids so it won’t really hurt anything. It just highlighted again some of the more subtle frustrations of immigration.

Somehow, in my naiveté, I did not expect the immigrant challenges to be lifelong, but they are, and aging actually magnifies the differences.

Rachel Margalit came to my desk to ask me to make out her prescriptions. She and her actor husband are very secular and worldly, but thoughtful. I enjoy talking to them.  She likes to practice her English on me as they enjoy traveling.

When I answered a question she commented, ”English is such a rich language with so many possibilities.  Hebrew, on the other hand, is so limited!  I prefer English.” 

Now this was a discussion that I had had before and thought much about.  I have heard other secular Israelis make similar statements.  I said, “Oh Rachel.  I feel quite the opposite Yes, English has so many more words to describe things, but I feel as if English is a line drawing, two-dimensional. Whereas Hebrew is a sculpture, three- dimensional.  I had her attention.  “One word in Hebrew, opens a window on so much description. So rich. Each word is a world of its own evoking ancient history as well as future events, just from one word.  It is so incredibly rich – a sculpture.”

She looked as if a light went on and said excitedly, “That is because each word comes from a shorish (3-letter root) so you are right. Every word is rooted in so much meaning.”

She understood and that blessed me as I added, “Yes, and it is all ancient and is all rooted in the Bible, ancient. Our entire history weighs in on each word.”

In many ways the disdain for the Hebrew language and the embracing of the English go hand in hand with a rejection of God and His Word. HIS WORD IS the first dictionary of the Hebrew language, and even now, every word is rooted in the Bible, except some technical ones. So you see, even the LANGUAGE becomes a spiritual battle.

Speaking of spiritual battles: the media!

Perhaps you heard of the three-day closure (strike really) of the Church of The Holy Sepulcher? (A Church shared by Catholic, Russian and Greek Orthodox denominations.)

It is one of the numerous sights here that could possibly have held Jesus’ tomb. Protestants believe that the tomb was in what is now the Garden Tomb, but most of the world’s orthodox religions go with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It attracts MANY tourists.

Perhaps some of you have been there.  The Orthodox religions (the three above and several others) own a GREAT deal of property in Jerusalem and much of Israel.  A small amount is covered by churches and religious places of study, but much of it is used commercially as hotels, restaurants, shops and rental property. “Church (owned) property” has not been taxed here in the past 70 years.  Out of frustration over millions of shekels of unpaid water and electric bills and the recent sale by the Churches of some of this property, the Jerusalem mayor decided to tax Church owned NON-CHURCH INCOME EARNING PROPERTIES (ie: hotels, restaurants etc.)

The response astounded me. It drew a perfect picture of what is happening here on all levels.  The denominations decided to close the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in protest.  The Moslem key-keeper was called and he was told to use the ancient key and LOCK THE DOORS.

Tourists were horrified. Frankly I was horrified.  THEY locked the Church while the foreign media proclaimed loud and clear that Israel had barred entry to the Church.  The U.N. was appealed to. “YOU CAN NOT TAX CHURCHES. THIS IS RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. YOU ARE UPSETTING THE STATUS QUO.”

The media poured it on.

I watched some man on the street interviews with some sad looking tourists. “We saved for our entire lives to come here on pilgrimage and we have been told that the Church is closed!”

The news man asked, “Have you been told WHY it is closed?”

They nod.  “Oh yes!  Israel has started to tax the Churches!  In the whole world NO ONE TAXES CHURCHES.  How could they do that?”

Tourist after tourist repeated what they had been told. Mayor Barkat withdrew the legislation to tax the profit producing businesses on Church owned land [NOT taxing Churches].

The media campaign won.  Again.  It is incredibly frustrating.  And it was a sad witness to a nation needing Him who does not know the difference between one denomination or another, one Church or another.  The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is open again: business as usual.

I got on the bus the other morning and it looked different.  It is bus replacement time and once again we have another new design.

Everyone was commenting, looking around, shaking their heads, trying out different seats.  It’s kind of funny to watch, like kids getting into their parent’s new car, opening the ash tray, rolling the windows go up and down, bounceing on the seats.  Well, we have no ash trays and our windows don’t really open, BUT WE HAVE LITTLE BLUE LIGHTS BY EVERY SEAT WITH AN OUTLET TO CHARGE YOU SMART PHONE OR COMPUTER.

Do YOU have phone chargers on YOUR busses?  If I used a smart phone I would have taken a picture of it for you as it tickled my funny bone.  It has definitely become a common sight to see people running around with a cord looking for a place to plug in and charge.  It is often the first thing that patients do when they arrive at the office where I work. “Where can I plug in my phone?”

Now I can tell them to take the bus.

I am deeply thankful for the many of you who see this email and have a heart to pray for this nation and her people!  Most of you whom I hear from are those whom I have never met.  That is humbling.  You represent so many countries and backgrounds. Yet each one has been touched by the eternal merciful Hand of God and has responded by turning your life over to Him and now we walk side by side.

And we are walking side by side in probably the most dangerous days of this planet’s history, the days of deception.  And yet for every deception that we face, there are HIS PROMISES.

I have been asked numerous times about how to pray for Israel. I take that question with fear and trembling.  How can anyone answer ANYTHING concerning God lightly?  As I searched my heart in His and His in mine, something that I feel is from Him came to me:

ISRAEL IS A TRIAL TO THE CHURCH.  If we DON’T look PAST the physical evidence to the PROMISES AND PURPOSES OF GOD TOWARD ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE, we will stumble.  We cannot take those promises and purposes out of context, but there are just no short cuts. We must see Israel and the Jews THROUGH HIS perspective, through HIS EYES AND PURPOSES.

ISRAEL IS A TRIAL TO THE CHRISTIANS WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN NATIONS.  Yes, that sounds but what I mean is that The Lord Himself may have taught you how to pray for your own nation and shown you many things. BUT IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THAT IS TO ALSO APPLY TO ISRAEL.  When we embrace a truth for our own nation it can be very difficult, even blinding, to realize that it may NOT be what He is doing/saying about Israel.

ISRAEL IS A TRIAL TO THE WORLD.  Does anyone doubt that we are living in the day of judgment?  Judgment is narrow and is that thing that says the time is NOW and no longer later.  Throughout the prophets we see that the unsaved world – the nations – were also judged by HOW THEY TREATED ISRAEL WHEN GOD WAS USING THEM TO BRING ABOUT HIS JUDGMENT.  This is heavy and cuts to the heart.

Again and again God says, “I was using you to judge my people and you went beyond Me and hated them and showed no mercy.” One quick example that comes to mind is Ezekiel 35. Each nation is in the midst, to one degree or another, of lifting the heavy stone spoken of by Zechariah.

ISRAEL IS TIRED…IT HAS BEEN A WAR OF ATTRITION WITH TRIAL BY MEDIA. Many of you have spoken of the frustration in your own nations, concerning polarized factions – truth and lies and an upside down world. But I am not speaking of the media in our nation as much as the world media, the world governments and the U.N.

ISRAEL IS A PEOPLE WHO NEEDS TO KNOW HER GOD AND HIS PLANS FOR HER.  And since you KNOW that, I repeat, that I am SO THANKFUL for each of you and for your prayers, mighty and small!  He hears.



your sister J


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Inside Israel


The Shuk in Jerusalem


Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —

Greetings, brothers and sisters IN HIM Who is our Peace and leads us by His Peace, the peace that passes all understanding and that is able to guard our hearts and minds. He IS The Prince of Peace!  May He, Yeshua h’meshiach, Jesus Christ, be glorified and blessed, and may you be edified and encouraged.

As you know I was able to return to work quite quickly and His Hand was tremendously evident in the outward healing from the surgery, for which I thank Him wholeheartedly. My absence from work reminded me of the depth of relationships that I have been able to form with the many patients, relationships that I could have never even imagined before this job, which were SO TOTALLY out of the range of any of my natural abilities twenty years ago.

Elana Levi came in and literally ran around the desk to grab and give me a strong, loving hug.  What a surprise!  Elana is 85 and not a particularly warm person, but over the past twenty years I have gotten to walk with her and her husband Yerimiyahu (Jeremiah) through some very serious events in their lives.  I would have never known them aside from this job opening the door for me, neither of them speak a word of English.  

“Hooray!!  You are back!” she yelled throwing her arms up in the air as she ran toward me.  “I prayed for you.  We missed you!”

That was voiced over and over and the warmth of the sincerity of the affection flooded me.  Shelly Beno, also in her 80s, shoved a bag into my hands containing a lovely blooming cactus. “We missed you,” she smiled.  She and her husband are originally from Turkey, and they returned there as Israeli ambassadors for years.

Then there was Tsvia, who brought soup to my home, carrying plates of sweet Kurdish pastry that she had made. “Just something sweet for you.” What expressions of love!

God’s ways and thoughts are so SO NOT mine. His are SO much higher and wiser.  I try to ‘\fix and plan and work through my own limited perspective and opinions and interpretations and yet HE WORKS.

Who would have thought that this new immigrant, having almost no Hebrew, 90 pounds at the time, having never worked in a front office, or in the medical profession or with computers, being a hermit by nature, running from stressful situations. For many years not even owning a telephone because of its intrusive qualities, living in rural Alaska for the quiet of it all. That was me twenty years ago!

It’s just a miracle!  HIS doing, HIS way, it has NOT been easy but I can only stand amazed and pray, “Get glory for Yourself Lord.”

And so, Mali (whom many of you have prayed for) has left working alongside me and her cousin Kinneret has taken her place as the secretary for Dr. Meshulam.  WHAT A STORY KINNERET HAS!  Oh yes, I ask for prayer for her.  She is a delightful, qualified, kind, gentle young woman.

No one would guess that she has 5 children between the ages of 2 and 16 and that her mother has been permanently institutionalized in a mental hospital since Kinneret was two.  With joy she described to me how her loving father raised her alone, an only child, and how happy her childhood was, but when she was just 14,  her father had a work accident and broke his neck.  Surgery was necessary but it left him totally paralyzed and in a coma for six months.

When he awoke he was moved to rehabilitation for six months, but at 15, Kinneret, who was now living ALONE, attending school daily, doing her homework at the hospital, taking care of herself, was told that she had to find a home for her 49-year old Dad who would not recover.  She told me how she visited all of the facilities and thought, “How can my young strong Abba sit all day with these Alzheimer geriatric patients?  His mind is so sharp and young…”

But she found him a place where one of the doctors would sit with him, writing the things that he said in books because he was so brilliant and deep. Kinneret loved him and continued doing her homework with him daily.  He died suddenly when she was 16 and then she was alone, but not for long.  She told me that she married her husband at that time, when she was 16 and that he was a lot older.

It wasn’t until I was thinking about her amazing story that it occurred to me that he was likely her father’s friend. So I asked her and yes, that was the case.  I am just getting to know Kinneret, but I KNOW that God put her with me for His purposes.  Surely this young woman has had quite a time thus far.  Perhaps you will pray for her, Mali’s cousin, and The Lord will open a door for me to share with her. NOT IN MY OWN STRENGTH, BUT IN HIS  NOT WITH MY WORDS, BUT WITH HIS?

The people who ride the train and bus with me in the morning are still there.  The bus driver greeted me with a warm smile having not seen me for three weeks.  Most assume that I was on vacation and that is fine with me.  There are three interesting Russian men whom I see most mornings on the train. They form quite an old world trio, sort of stereotypes.  They are all in their 60s I would guess.

The one whom I call the conductor is the intellectual.  Right out of a Russian movie, this dude is cool!  He dresses the part in his levis and corduroy jacket with leather patches on the elbows and sandals, summer and winter.  He leads the conversation. He is the lecturer.  Of course, I don’t speak Russian, but the tone is always revolutionary and intense.  His students carry their lunch in a bag.  One dresses conservatively and wears a knitted kippa (a skull cap that is crocheted…each different kind of kippa identifies partially the path of Judaism chosen).  He listens skeptically to the professor’s discourse and doesn’t often say “dah” or seem to agree.

The second student is a blue collar worker.  He also doesn’t say much but his expressions are openly skeptical.  The Conductor’ is never discouraged. He seems to know that he is superior and that it will take much patience for these countrymen to get it.  The scene repeats itself daily, just another little window into the varying cultures that surround me.

As I left work on Friday, a car stopped and called me over.  Another ex-Russian was inside but one that I love so dearly.  Avital Sharansky, the wife of Natan Sharansky.  (used to be ‘Anatoli’ when he was a refusnik imprisoned in the Siberian gulag for so many years and I used to pray for him and his wife by name as I picked berries on the tundra of Alaska…what a privilege to now be considered their friends!)  Avital is a woman of incredible courage, dignity and amazing compassion.  (Avital Sharansky  you can see her and read a bit about her by pressing on the link – and Natan Sharansky by pressing on this link)

Currently Natan has been leading The Jewish Agency and has held many important government seats.  He is a brilliant, kind, sensitive man. They are our patients.  And so I got another hug.

Alas, I wish that all of our encounters were so straight forward and loving.  Moshe Ma’iri seems like SUCH a lovely man with an Iranian and Yemenite background.  He visits his relatives in the cemetery daily.  There are just so many of them there and, well, they are all buried together, and his cousins come too. So they meet there every morning to honor their parents and have a coffee with each other.  Why not?  It’s good company.

I LIKE Moshe, but he isn’t honest.  Compounding the problem, he’s my husband’s landlord for the barber shop that has been my husband’s livelihood and place of social interaction for some 18 years.  We did not rent the shop from Moshe, but from his Mother, Malcha (now one of the cemetery residents).  Malcha and I became close friends and when she had a stroke she did let me pray for her in Yeshua’s name.

We were still in aliyah crisis when I saw the “for rent” sign on the shop that was to be my husband’s workplace.  We called and Malcha who did not speak any English, so she put her son Moshe on the phone. He came along to interpret  when we met a few minutes later.  I’ll never forget that meeting: The Lord was there!

Although I wasn’t SPEAKING much Hebrew yet, I DID understand what they were saying between one another.  We kept our side in English because my husband didn’t speak any Hebrew.  Moshe quoted us a price that was too high for us, but before we could say anything, his mother, looking deeply at my husband said in Hebrew, “Lower!  They can not pay that,” to us she just kept smiling.  He lowered it and she said, “Lower!” again.

I remember Moshe saying, “Ema! We can get much more for the shop!”’

She glared at him. “Moshe, this is a ben adam (a ‘real person…a good person).  We give it to them for lower.”

He sighed and we rented the shop.

Corruption charges are rocking the government at the highest levels.  YES there are political motives and filthy lies abounding, but there is also corruption, bribes, all of the degradation that tempts those with power and money.  I do not know THE TRUTH about all of the allegations.  I have my opinions.  We will NOT go there.  WE WILL PRAY AND PRAYING WE WILL ASK FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE AND TRUTH, NOT as man sees but as God sees.

As I daily read the prophets I shiver to see that these are no ancient books but current events.  That is NOT to say there are no just and God fearing in our midst or in our leadership.  It is to say that we are flesh and blood and need God’s mercy and the revelation of Who He Is!

In a quick nutshell: what is happening here?  There are HOT spots all around us.  The fighting in Syria is heated by serious presence of Iran, Russia and the USA.  Iran has been building weapons factories for Hisbollah right on our border. Things with Iran ARE HEATING UP!

Turkey is always brooding.  Egypt is currently all out in fighting against ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula, where they have gotten a huge stronghold. From there, they have been wrecking havoc upon Egyptians, particularly the Christians.  There have been several deadly tragic terrorist attacks here in our midst, leaving more tears and orphaned children and more cross border attacks from Gaza. More rhetoric…more hate…more more.  (and yes, we grieve with the tragic events in your countries as well, shaking so many of you.)

NONETHELESS, HERE I can report: children, even small children, still walk the streets alone in safety and 16 or 18 year olds will celebrate their birthdays with all of the passengers on the bus (with Jewish and Arab alike) by handing out candies or pretzels that we can all bless them.

 Below I do have LOCAL news links and a brief description.  I ‘bookmark’ these sites and usually check them daily.  I hope that these are helpful for you:

ISRAEL HAYOM  more right leaning…many excellent bright writers.

YNET NEWS  more left leaning (often quite anti govt.) but some up to date articles and insights.

JERUSALEM POST   written with an Anglo perspective

TIMES OF ISRAEL   well written, again, more left leaning

ARUTZ 7  right leaning, religious

INTERCESSORS FOR ISRAEL  this is our IFI site and the news insights are accurate

ISRAEL PRAYER CENTER   this is my Pastor’s site.  It is not often updated, but worth the read.

Again, I want to thank you for your prayers.  Like with many I hear from, there has been a struggle going on.  We have an enemy.  Currently I am dealing with a new level of deep fatigue that is nearly debilitating, although I set my will against it.  HE IS OUR STRENGTH, our wrestling is not against flesh and blood.  AND HE IS OUR PEACE.

We are again on our way to Purim and so soon after arrives Passover  I send you my love.  May we be found abiding in Him, lead forth by His Peace.


your sister J


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Inside Israel


The Shuk in Jerusalem

Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —

Greetings in Yeshua h’meshiach, Jesus The Lord, Who saved and redeemed us with His Own Precious Blood for His purposes and His glory.  May He be blessed and glorified, and may you, my sisters and brothers in Him be blessed and edified.

FIRST, I WANT TO GIVE HIM THE GLORY AND THANKSGIVING. And also thanks to you for your prayers, for experiencing the BEST healing that I ever have throughout a long history of surgeries and surprises.  THIS surprise was the best:  NO COMPLICATIONS AND A MIRACULOUSLY RAPID HEALING!

Although the surgeons did not use the word miraculous, that is exactly what it was.  I was told initially that it would be 6 weeks at home (to the panic of my boss), but with all of your prayers, that has changed.

My appointment with the surgeon was on the 30th.  She looked and was WELL pleased.  She said, “Great!  Looks wonderful.  You can go back to work TODAY if you like.”

I yelled in horror, “Has v’ha leelah!!” (literally “GOD FORBID!”) The look of horror on my face caused her to burst out laughing.  “PLEASE can I have another week?”

I didn’t need to beg much as she quickly replied, “No problem,” with a big smile and wrote out a sick note for me.  Yes, we need sick notes for work here. The note covered me until this rapidly approaching Wednesday when I must (to the great joy of my boss) return to work again.

I am exceedingly grateful for the touch from The Lord upon my body.  And I apologize for what may SEEM like ungratefulness for the speed with which I am able to return to work.  I constantly battle my flesh, which The Lord in His graciousness convicted me of YEARS ago through Proverbs 18:1

 “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment.”  

Yes, I had the heart of an avowed hermit and The Lord convicted me of this a long time ago, putting a heavenly magnifying glass up to it for me and letting me see roots of self-will, fears, pride, arrogance, contentiousness, self self self!  And so, yes, these couple of weeks at home, albeit accompanied by pain, had enabled me to read, rest, knit, listen. Oh my, I enjoyed it.

Thank You Lord for not letting me enjoy it TOO much and now I prepare to re-enter the arena of service before me.

And here in Israel, as always, and actually in the entire world now, a time of uncertainty and many are fearful.

While I have been at rest,  the Lord has laid two areas of prayer on my heart that I never would have come up with myself. One has to do with our internal struggle concerning a particular group of some 40,000 Africans seeking “refugee” status here, specifically from Sudan and Eritrea.  The second I will mention first, concerning Holocaust survivors.

Several years ago, Holocaust memorial days were adopted around the world.  The observance here was established at the beginning of our modern nation and is observed 23-24 April this year.  The date floats between April and May because of the differences in the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars.

One morning as I was spending time with The Lord, I felt Him whisper to my heart, “Pray that they be able to let go.” 

 I was shocked as this scene unfolded as if it were in front of my understanding.  These people are called SURVIVORS and THAT has become their identity, character, and nature.  They have fought with everything that they have to remain alive and to carry the torch of LIFE through the fires of death.  Now, so many of them are in their late 90s, very ill, suffering AND THEY ARE UNABLE TO LET GO.

I am almost afraid to write these words.  My mind immediately goes to Kala Zeltzer. Oh what a precious lady!  I have written about her many times.  She has a room in the Holocaust Memorial (Yad VShem) here, that contains the few items she smuggled with herself through the camps. A room where she sits and tells others, classrooms of children and soldiers, and tourists and anyone who will listen, her story of struggle to survive and to believe and to live.  This talented, sweet, gentle, positive woman who said to me once, “If there was no God, how could I have survived such horrors?  He was with me through it all.”

She came out through the flames to build a life and family here in Israel and now at 96 she cannot let go, although she is suffering physically and emotionally.  She is one of the few that I have gotten to share with about Him.  I wish that I could say that she embraced Him.  She listened attentively and then we talked about “God with us.”

I also think of Ya’akov and Ruth Lorkh – atheists, actually ‘haters’ of God – who say, “If there was a God, where was HE when we were in those places?”

What different attitudes and responses.  I don’t pretend to know what makes one bitter and one sweet. I dare not be so arrogant but to plead for my own heart and the hearts of others to choose “sweet”in the face of great horrors that we don’t understand.  They also are in their late 90s in pain and torment as is Geveret Simchovich, who tells me each time she sees me, “Why am I alive?  I don’t want to be alive anymore!”

And yet they can NOT “let go” because they have MAJORED in survival.

IF this was a revelation from The Spirit of God, then I pray that you will confirm it in your own hearts. And if not, reject it, but I have begun to pray that they will be able to “let go.” AND that even now, HE will reach them and guide them home to HIMSELF.

The second prayer is more complicated perhaps, and perhaps even more controversial. Those seeking refugee status.

Maybe you are well aware of the awful wars in Sudan and Eritrea. AND of the many Christians, some VERY strong believers, and some are here.  They walked across the desert to get here. But also there are Sudanese and many other Africans seeking work, but some are “terror plants.”

We are specifically speaking of those who are from Sudan and Eritrea who are seeking asylum.  It is a fairly small number  out of the entire group.  The two ‘arguments’ are: ‘This is the one tiny Jewish’ nation on earth and we must maintain her Jewish identity.  The other side being the command in the Tenach (Old Testament) to LOVE THE STRANGER IN YOUR MIDST AND NOT MISTREAT THEM FOR YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT YOU WERE A STRANGER IN EGYPT … THEREFORE LOVE THE STRANGER.

It is a STRONG often repeated COMMANDMENT and there has been a huge rift in our nation over this. Strangely, it is the religious party that is initiating forced deportations.


There are HUGE refugee questions around the entire world right now and HUGE problems and multi layered questions. I do NOT NOT NOT want to get into all of those.  I am speaking specifically about ISRAEL and ONLY the 40,000 possible refugees from Sudan and Eritrea who have escaped the wars there.


My reading that day took me to 2 Samuel 21.  This is the story of David seeking The Lord as to WHY there had been 3 years of drought in Israel BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT THE LORD REPRIMANDS US IN MANY WAYS, INCLUDING THROUGH THE WEATHER.  The Lord told him that it was because of the treatment by Saul of the Gibeonites.  I’m sure that you recall in Joshua 9 how an unwise treaty was made with the Gibeonites BECAUSE Joshua NEGLECTED to consult The Lord at this step of his battle for the land.  They went by sight and not by The Spirit and made a covenant, an alliance with the Gibeonites whom The Lord said to destroy, for they were a NEAR TRIBE, although they disguised themselves to look as if they were from a distance.

2 Sam 21:2 states:

“…the children of Israel had sworn protection to them, but Saul had sought to kill them in his zeal for the children of Israel and Judah.”  

Now, this is NOT the same situation.  We have entered into no covenant with these people.  BUT!  The Lord brought this up to me. ASIDE from politics…ASIDE from liberal/conservative (forgive me but I hate politics!). ASIDE from all else. I could not deny that I believe The Lord was telling me that Israel was ABOUT TO MAKE A VITAL ERROR AND THAT I MUST PRAY THAT WE NOT ADD THIS SIN TO OUR ALREADY MANY sins.

I remind you that NEITHER of these subjects (the asylum seekers nor the survivors) were at all on my mind that morning. So I do believe that these were both burdens from The Lord’s heart and I am sharing them with you if perhaps He should put an agreement in your heart and also move you to pray.


AND, we have an enemy and I am not talking about Hamas or Hizbollah or Iran or Syria or Russia or Turkey but a far more enduring enemy who hates whatever God loves, and who hates whoever God sets His heart on, (which, yes, includes you and me and His body…and Israel). I’m only writing to you who KNOW that we are in a never ending battle for HIS GLORY ALONE.

May YOU be used of Him for the very same.  Our poor world is so filled with darkness and lies and sin.  But HE is The God of Truth and Mercy, Judgment, Light, Love and the extended Hand.

I do send you LOVE,

Your sis J


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Inside Israel


The Shuk in Jerusalem

Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —

To Him Who establishes our times, borders, boundaries, paths, lessons…and everything else…to Him be the glory and honor and praise and blessing!  And may you be blessed and encouraged!


I came home from hospital on Sunday but have not felt up to sitting at computer until today. Yet it was so important for me to thank you for your prayers and to let you know that HE has been answering.  This is the FIRST surgery that I have had with no surprises, no complications, and no bleeds afterward. Even my blood test results are better than they have been in a very long time.

I see that the rest is doing me good.  Only some stomach problems that I had hoped would be resolved with the surgery are still lingering, even increasing.  I was initially told that I needed to rest at home) for 6 weeks, but the surgeon wrote TWO weeks (one of which is over).  My appointment at the surgery clinic is on the 30th, so I will have a firmer decision by then.

      Meanwhile, I am sad to be missing the Intercessor’s for Israel (IFI) Prayer Conference, the one conference that I am involved with yearly.  The part that I so enjoy being part of is the morning meetings when we break into small groups for some real prayer.  The more informative meetings are available for free online if you care to watch, they are well worth it.  They are easy to maneuver and to listen to and I recommend it:  INTERCESSORS FOR ISRAEL

    It is a cloudy, threatening day in Jerusalem, but the rest of the country is getting flooded with a bit of an overload of the much-needed moisture – the same storm system I suspect, that many of you in Europe are being trounced with.  Authorities say that even this abundance will not be enough to change the impact of our ongoing drought, and that the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) our main water source, will still hit a 100 year low.

Our Granddaughters have been quite ill (not influenza, but scarlet fever , stomach virus’ and other child hood ailments). So my daughter has not been able to come by, but one of our nearly 80 year old patients (from the Doctor’s office where I work) came by yesterday with a pot of the most delicious Kurdish soup, meat pies and cake.  It took her a full hour to get here, but oh I do love this lady.

Tsvia Cohen is from a (Jewish) Kurdish background and for many years ran the most amazing restaurant in the neighborhood of Talpiot.  One year I invited her to our Succa, never thinking that she would actually come and she DID.  She doesn’t speak a word of English but we have really hit it off over the years.  She has told me about fighting in the wars and for Jerusalem and then her work as a volunteer with the police force.  What a woman! She does NOT mince words.

I don’t remember if I told you that my dear workmate, Mali. She left for a different job, more compatible to being the mother of two tiny boys.  She subscribed me to a website called ‘Did you grow up in Jerusalem?’  I thought ‘Why did she do that?  I didn’t grow up here and it is (obviously) all in Hebrew, but as I watched it grow, the spirit of those who grew up here gripped me. I DID see that I was old enough to remember many of the things some of those 25 and under were recording.  The site also contains some incredibly poignant, remarkable, historical insights.

One this morning brought me to tears and I want to share it with you, because RIGHT NOW this is the 70th year of the modern state of Israel AND the 50th year since The Lord returned Jerusalem to the sons of Jacob.

Yes, the words are all in Hebrew BUT YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. (I promise!) It begins with a Jewish wedding.  I have mentioned before that when the cup is broken at the wedding, Jerusalem is remembered with the vow from

Psalm 137:5 and 6 “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, Let my right hand forget its skill!  If I do not remember you, Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth— If I do not exalt Jerusalem Above my chief joy.”  The film begins this way…and the rest of the 6 and a half minute video  (please watch) is this Psalm 137 sung…along with film that will impact you.  DO YOU WANT TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY FOR ISRAEL?  BEGIN HERE…. HERE IT IS:  PSALM 137  One of the people pictured may well be Tsvia…or any of the others that I rub shoulders with day by day…what an honor! 

 And it was that way, once again, in the hospital. I was reminded, from beginning to end, that there is NOTHING resembling an American hospital here. To begin with, being hospitalized is a family affair.

I remember in America time limits, age limits and limits on the number of visitors.  Here?  NO WAY! There are NOW even couches provided for family members to sleep on in many rooms.

When we first came, family members brought foam mattresses or sleeping bags to sleep on the floor, or put chairs together, even shoved the patient over to lie on the bed with them.  Family members are expected to be with the patient in pre-op while the patient is waiting to be wheeled into surgery. To the right of my little cubby was a woman about my age, very distraught, being comforted by a loving husband in a kippa, who constantly laid hands on her head praying for her and kissing her forehead, reading Psalms to her, but alas she was not comforted.  To my left was an Arab family, also doting over the woman on the bed as she too waited.

The large room was abuzz with 17 surgical teams assembling around their respective coach, each one pointing out their patient in the assigned waiting area.  I was fascinated watching these teams, much like sports teams gathered around their coach receiving last minute instructions.  And then, at a given moment, we all got wheeled away, into the cold sterile sealed operating room, still abuzz with activity. There must have been 20 people in my surgery room and I saw them as well oiled gears, all knowing their place and working in a beautifully orchestrated unity.

And then I woke up in the recovery room to the voice of my husband asking me, “How do you feel?  How do you feel?”

How did I FEEL?  There was NO way that I was going to utter a word with this ten ton truck rolling over my stomach!  Was he KIDDING?  The doctor came by and asked me my pain level. At this point, I think I was yelling a bit. When I said, “Eser plus’ (10+),” he called the anesthesiologist and told him to put me under again.  Did I mention that I am allergic to most pain medications?

Let’s fast forward.

Having a hospital where entire families (some VERY large) come to visit all day and all night makes for interesting observations.  Since my surgery took place on Thursday and NOTHING happens between Friday sunset until Saturday sunset, it is a time to watch not only families, but cultures in action.

Shabbat came in at 4:26pm on Friday so candles were set up for lighting just outside of the family room. The “family room” is a large room with a tv, microwave, frig, sink, hot and cold water and tons of disposable cups, spoons, packets of tea, coffee, sugar etc.  Large families gather chairs around low tables and feast on homemade or store bought treats. Nowadays it is Arabs on one side and Jews on the other.

I saw a Moslem on a prayer rug bowing down next to a Jew wrapping tfillin (prayers).  On this Friday there was an old Rabbi in the room to the right of the family room.  Last time that I was there for Shabbat, the Arabs blew out (I kid you not!) the Shabbat candles shortly after they were kindled.  This time, the Rabbi’s many disciples gathered in his room, stood watch over the candles as the Arabs scowled.  It is really something to see: this battle that goes on!

By Saturday night I was tired and went to bed early.  I was lovingly roused 3 times by kind phone calls from dear ones wishing me well.  I fell asleep again and this time, “What is THAT?” I nearly fell out of bed.

A LOUD concert seemed to be coming from my four walls.  “Don’t they know this is a HOSPITAL?” I wanted to yell.

Wearily I left my bed again to investigate.  In the room to the LEFT of the family room was a young man from a small village in Samaria waiting for an operation the next morning.  Many Jewish worship groups from these areas come into the hospitals to bless the people, singing Psalms. It is quite beautiful.  This group of about 7, gathered around his bed, had various instruments and was singing Psalm 121 when I got there.  Someone pulled up a chair for me.  How wonderful to lift my hands and worship as we sang.  “Yeshua, come!’ quietly I implored Him.  The quiet peace settled around us:


A song of Ascents  “I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help?  My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber.  Behold, He who keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your shade at your right hand.  The sun shall not strike you by day, Nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in From this time forth, and even forevermore”.

Well,it is time to wrap this letter up.  Thank you again for your prayers.  Thank you for ongoing prayer for the yet unresolved stomach problem and thanksgiving for what looks to be a successful surgery.  May The Lord Who directs us through the issues of our lives, direct us into completing our purposes in Him and through the shakings coming to this world.

God bless you, lovingly,

your sister J



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Inside Israel


The Shuk in Jerusalem

Once again, it’s time to hear from our sister in Jerusalem about what she is witnessing there as a believer in Yeshua. Put your prayer shawls on and pray for Israel and Sister J. Now here she is —


With great thanksgiving I write this note to you.  May The Lord be blessed and glorified.  May you be blessed and encouraged.

Some of you might recognize the first line of the old hymn above.  It has always moved me with its particularly profound and yet simple words. To me they pierce the heart in these last days: NOUGHT BE ALL ELSE TO ME SAVE THAT THOU ART. Or, in more modern English: don’t be anything else to me except Who YOU ARE.

Oh that IS the cry of my heart on this, oh blessed of days, my 43rd birthday in HIM!  Forty-three years ago today, on the 15th of January 1975, HE pierced my darkness with HIS LIGHT.  HE swallowed up my death in HIS LIFE.  HE vanquished my lies with HIS TRUTH.  THE ONE WHOM I didn’t know of, hadn’t heard of, didn’t believe in, killed me and made me alive IN HIM, transferring me into HIS kingdom.  HE cleansed me from all of that filth of sin in HIS precious BLOOD.  I DIED and in HIM I LIVE. What a TRIP it has been!

And I look around me and I see people making HIM into all sorts of things that I don’t recognize. Things that pertain to this world and this flesh and I sing BE THOU MY VISION O LORD OF MY HEART.  NOUGHT BE ALL ELSE TO ME SAVE THAT THOU ART.  Let me know WHO YOU ARE.  AND LET ME LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE.  Not MY will – YOURS!  I think back to how many times in these 43 years I have actually heard brothers and sisters say, “Well if God is going to allow that…I am not so sure that I want to serve Him.”

Mark 4:36 says  And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship…”

Sometimes OUR understanding of blessing is something totally different than His. Will we still walk?

So today, as I was walking to work in the rain, I was overwhelmed, literally overwhelmed, by the sheer GOODNESS of such a GREAT GOD.  I thought back to the horrors of my life before Him: the bondages that He loosed me from and/or gave me the weapons, teaching my hands to war and the command to RESIST, STEADFAST IN THE FAITH.  I thought back to the walk and I worshipped Him.  What else could I possibly do?


Today was my last day of work before going to the hospital.  I have had to train my replacement.  DID I TELL YOU THAT SHULAMIT DID NOT TAKE THE JOB?  I think that I did not.  I wrote to you about this superwoman, perfect for the job, but she said that her husband vetoed it saying that is was against halacha (the religious law) for her to bring our boss water. She could not serve another man besides her husband.  Mali, Kinneret, and Shiran, three other secretaries, all religious, were in shock.

Not allowed to bring a cup of water to our boss?’ Mali shook her head. Ridiculous!  That is not halacha. That is jealousy and control. Yes, it is ALL subject to discussion.  I wondered in how many ways I too was guilty of making Him into something that He is not…nought be all else to me save that Thou art.

So a young, 25 year old man is taking my place while I’m gone and his name is Daniel. Another one to pray for.  He is a lost soul, searching among bottles of alcohol and the magic mushrooms of Peru for answers.  He was a medic in the IDF and then spent a year trekking all over South America.  He found experiences but no answers.  He found hangovers but no Truth.

I had to call him to wake him up to get to work and now he sat beside me learning to serve these people, and we had fun together. This young lost soul and I – His Grandma’s age.  My boss came out and hugged me.  His “Hurry back well” made me smile.  How MUCH I battled to learn this job at the beginning and how much he would have loved to fire me. BUT GOD!  WHO IS RICH IN MERCY, HAD OTHER PLANS.

He still has other plans!

Our Prime Minister is currently in India being warmly received.  The country watches with interest.  The IDF destroyed another terror tunnel yesterday between Gaza and the borders of both Israel AND Egypt, he third tunnel of late. And the country watches.  Today inspectors at the port intercepted another HUGE shipment of weapons and military gear and uniforms – destination was to be Gaza Strip. And the country watches.  Last night Mahmud Abbas of the PLO made a scathing speech to the Palestinian parliament, really putting it out there and saying honestly what we all knew, that he totally rejects any legitimacy of the existence of Israel.  Everyone listened.

We see through a glass darkly still.  We think we know more than we do.  His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts way above ours and we’ve been purchased by Him at such a high price. We can only bow down and worship.

I have to tell you what happened.  Oh glory to God!

I received a generous surprise gift.  Very thankful. I sought for His direction as to how to share it and I felt strongly as if He said, “WAIT.  I have gone before you and you will see the need.” So I put it aside, but NOT FOR LONG.

Last Sunday (a regular work day here…Saturday being our Sabbath, Shabbat) I did a month’s worth of shopping AND a month’s worth of cooking.  Like the rich fool in chapter 12 of Luke I looked in my refrigerator and freezer, and satisfied I said to myself something like, “I will store all my crops and my goods.  And I will say to my soul, ‘Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease;'”

Out of context?  Yes!  But you get the idea.  I felt pretty good about MY work.

Tuesday I came home and went to make lunch for my husband, BUT, when I opened the refrigerator I was hit by a blast of HEAT and a STENCH.  My refrigerator had DIED.  My husband checked the motor and sure enough – dead.  The frozen food was all that was left, but to save that we would have to go and buy another refrigerator NOW. And to get delivery the same day would take a miracle.

I prayed.  I thought to the gift that had gone before us and went and got it as we called our son in law.  He was in Tel Aviv but said that he would return immediately to help us.  If we, an older couple without great Hebrew and understanding of the system went to buy a frig, we would have ended up paying double and we knew that.

Yitzhak came home at about 4p.m. and we began our search.  He took us to a place where we bargained and I found what I wanted BUT ALAS IF I WANTED IT TODAY – THERE WAS ONLY A DIFFERENT ONE  AVAILABLE.  THE MIRACLE WAS THNAT I HAD PERFECT PEACE.

We were tired and it was late.  The gift, the provision that went ahead was enough to cover the entire cost.  By 10 p.m., we had a new refrigerator. The frozen food had mostly been saved and I HAD THIS PEACE.

Do you remember the PEACE, that PERFECT SILENT PEACE that you had in your heart when He first came in and took possession of you?  Where had all of that NOISE gone?  That has GOT to be one of the most amazing things.  HIS HAND upon our hearts and the holy stillness that comes to that trembling heart.

Oh what a gift!  I can only shout GLORY!

And it is with that peace that I head to the hospital on Wed.  Yes, I do not have fear, but His peace.  Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for bearing with me and encouraging me and for the joy of being part of one another in Him.  MAY HE BE OUR VISION, JUST AS HE IS and may we be held safe in Him, as He is, until that perfect day.


your sister J


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