Moving Again?

dolly moving

In 17 years of marriage, Honey and I have moved at least 33 times, with stops in 9 different states and 18 different cities. The latest move was from a home on the north side of Temecula to one in central Temecula, a four mile hop, skip, and a jump for us.

A well-meaning pastor once took me aside and gave one of those lectures no one ever likes to hear.

“Larry, you need stability in your life and marriage,” he said, shaking his head at our wanderings. “No one will ever take your ministry seriously if you don’t settle down. You need to find yourself a city and a good church to park yourself so others will take you more seriously. Please, seek the Lord on this advice.”

If you think about it, his words make sense, right? Shouldn’t a prophetic person build a reputation with a pastor and a body of believers so he won’t look like a wandering gadfly to everyone?


It all comes down to this one single point: obeying the voice of God.

You see, if Honey and I have obeyed the voice of God to the best of our abilities with our moves, then who cares what the pastor and others think. In God’s eyes, our reputations were excess baggage in comparison to the open-door policy at His throne of grace where we can come at anytime for grace and mercy to help us in times of need.

Walking by faith carries with it the possibility we will not always hit the bullseye on the target when we set out on our journeys. Yes, I know we can fast and pray and wait and seek, but eventually we have to get off our knees and walk it out. And from experience, I can tell you there is plenty of wiggle room in the will of God which will end up costing us time and money. All of this will frustrate and drive us to the end of ourselves until we trust Him for everything.

Looking back on the 33 moves, would I do it all over again?

Yes, in a heartbeat! His grace is sufficient and that’s good enough for me.



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12 responses to “Moving Again?

  1. Amen Larry. Better to obey and keep access flowing!

  2. What if the Apostle Paul had taken that advice! See you on Tuesday, Larry.

  3. Ben,

    Thanks. As a friend often said, “Obedience brings the blessings.”

  4. Derrick,

    Great point about the Apostle Paul. I’m looking forward to Tuesday,

  5. I was just reading about faith this morning, but forgot to bring the book with me. One thing was , ” trials are the food of our faith.” (George Mueller) So God bless you, Mr. Larry, as you move to the best of your ability to obey Him!

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks. It’s great to hear your encouraging words once again.

  7. “No one will ever take your ministry seriously if you don’t settle down.”

    Imagine what the Spirit could do if the church took ministries as seriously as they did at the start. It appears to me ‘settling down’ is the problem, not the solution!

    I do admire you and your wife’s faith and obedience, Larry … It helps me understand my own “strange” calling. Others don’t understand it and I’ve never asked them too. Bless your work.

  8. I sometimes miss Cali…the warmth, the beach…(shakes head), sorry, San Diego native, caught reminiscing. 🙂

    As for myself, when I left San Diego, the journey took me all over the country. While necessary at the time (I had some lessons to learn), it was also distressing. My gifts are along the line of teaching, and you can’t teach very effectively in a series of temporary relationships. Wherever I found myself, as soon as a few people got to know me, I was up and gone again. Following the Spirit is sometimes like playing Marco-Polo. (“Jesus…” “Jesus…” ) It got to the point where I was TOO willing to up and move again. Becoming planted, and unable to move when told, is a problem for many, but so is getting too accustomed to blowing around on a breeze.

    Not that I’m saying this applies to you. I don’t agree with the pastor in your case because it depends on that individual’s gifting (What if your gifts were along the lines of church planting? Hello?!) I can see the same for prophecy. What I am saying (and of which I’m sure you know) is to always ask and seek in each instance, since it is easy to become settled into a state of existence, whether that existence involves cemented to one spot or drifting along on the breeze.

    With that said, I can hardly call it a move – you could put the boxes on a hand cart and walk them to your new place. 😉

  9. Roger,

    Thanks. I certainly do not understand my calling either. So, that makes two of us.

  10. Don,

    Thanks for your insight. By nature and background, my wife and I are not the types who like to move around. In fact, we are the exact opposite: staunch Midwest farm folks who believe in planting roots and staying put.

  11. This was one of the most timely pieces of encouragement ever for me and my family! Thank you!! We are moving AGAIN as well. We sense God leading us into a new territory for His Name’s Sake. We are never 100% certain we are right on track. But we know for sure that our motives are sincere. We want to be used by the Lord as pilgrims passing through. This earth is not our home. We are comfortable not settling down in any one place long enough to make it our home. And we figure, as long as motives are pure and we are truly seeking HIS plans, God will stop us if we turn our feet to begin heading the wrong way. Isn’t it possible God gives us different graces to walk through different callings? And there will be those of us who look like weirdos or flakes (even to the church sometimes) when our hearts are desperately longing simply to follow the One True King? So thankful God put your encouraging words in my path today. You made me feel less weird and flakey! 🙂

  12. Cristal,

    I read an article many years ago about spiritual pioneers. In it, the writer explained how these pioneers had to be grounded in grace so that when they ended up in box canyons and had to retrace their steps, they would not be discouraged and keep moving forward.

    As far as being numb to feeling weird and flaky, it takes more than a few moves. You know, relatives linger on with hopes you eventually be the person THEY always thought you’d be, especially parents.

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