Friday’s Prayers for Prisoners (2/28/2014)


“Get the stuff you don’t need here and give it to someone you don’t like,” said a street beggar, selling trinkets to American tourists in Los Algodones, Mexico. The city of 5,500 people is known for its inexpensive medical care and prescription medicines, which draws senior citizens to the city.

But not only are there hundreds of dentists, opticians, and pharmacies, there are thousands of street beggars peddling trinkets, with most of them being women. Many held babies in one arm and their wares in the other one.

How brutal it must be to awaken each morning, realizing they must beg on the streets all day long, dependent on other people’s charity. Their faces reflect the pain they feel at their stations in life. Few offered smiles, especially the older women who have been on the streets for decades.

Okay, they live painful lives and then what? They die and go to Hell.

Yes, that’s right!

You see, only 5% of Mexicans are born again Christians.

Today, I prayed for the prisoners held hostage by the kingdom of darkness in Mexico:

“Lord, help us Americans to love our Mexican neighbors as we love ourselves and to loose the oppressed prisoners in Mexico with our fasts.” (Based on Mark 12:31 and Isaiah 58:6)

Join with me on Fridays to fast and pray for prisoners, according to Hebrews 13:3

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