Islamic Terrorists Versus Radical Christians: New Game. New Rules. (Part 10)


How to be a Radical Christian (v).

And it was so, when the Philistine (Goliath) arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hastened and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. (2 Samuel 17:48)

The Philistine army was on one mountain. Israel was cowering on a mountain opposite the Philistines. A small valley ran between them. The ten-foot tall giant, Goliath, was dressed in bronze armor and was standing in front of the Philistine army, challenging Israel to a duel. He was armed with a sword, spear, and javelin. His shield bearer was standing off to his left and slightly in front of him, protecting him from arrows.

Now, standing out in front of the Israeli army was a fifteen year-old kid with a sling and five stones.  No armor. No sword. No spear. No javelin. No shield or shield bearer.  He was all alone and he could expect no assistance from the nervous Nellies standing behind him wearing Israeli uniforms.

Goliath mocked and cursed David. Then David boasted about the Lord.

The Philistine giant and his shield bearer trudged forward, but what did David do? He didn’t walk. He raced toward his foe. And while he was running, he swung his sling around and around.

What do you think was going through the heads of the the Israeli soldiers as they watched the fifteen year-old kid racing toward the Terminator of that day? Probably something like this: “He’s a nut! He doesn’t have a chance. We are doomed.”

And yet none of the Israeli soldiers, including King Saul and David’s older brothers, had the courage to take David’s place. So, they stood and watched from a distance as David won the battle for them.

David’s running toward Goliath is a perfect illustration of how Radical Christians must help fight Islamic Terrorists.

“What?” you say.

Not too many years ago, a well-known prophet prophesied what he saw was going to happen in California – death and destruction. He advised all Christians to move to safer states. Maybe, Montana, Utah, or Idaho.

Sadly, I agree with his visions about death and destruction in California and on the West Coast, but I disagree with his advice that we Christians should abandon ship and run for safety.

When the bombs begin exploding (and they soon will), Radical Christians must be set in place to be the Body of Christ, willing to reach out and help the hurting people, and to be leaders. This could be the church’s finest hour.

(Continued in Part 11)


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6 responses to “Islamic Terrorists Versus Radical Christians: New Game. New Rules. (Part 10)

  1. Jamie Carter

    A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess? – Joshua

  2. Jamie Carter,

    Good idea, but it won’t work. We’re already past the stage of not playing.

    Just so you know: this series is written from a Christian point of view, not a military one.

  3. “Then David boasted about the Lord.”

    David was so close to God he could almost hear Him breath; not so, the nervous Nellies!

    That’s the difference – it’s always the difference!

  4. Roger,

    As usual, you are right on the mark with your comments. Thanks.

  5. Thank you, Mr. Larry, for showing us what radical Christians do . . . They run forward with God and face the situation. God bless you! This is a really good series!

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks. You said it better than I did. God bless you.

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