Tuesday’s Prayers for Prisoners (4/21/2015)


Each Tuesday, I pray and fast for the nations of Asia, where 4.4 billion people live. 

Why Asia?

1. 85.4% of world’s unevangelized people live in Asia. (Unevangelized means they may have heard the gospel but have no understanding on how to respond.)

2. The world’s three largest non-Christian religions – Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhists – are based in Asia.

3. Of the 37 countries of the world that are less than 10% Christian, 32 are in Asia. Of the 14 countries, that are less than 2% Christian, 12 are in Asia.

4. 85-90% of unreached people live in Asia. (Unreached means that they have never heard the name of Jesus.) (Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation)

I hate abortion, but it becomes even more abhorrent when you consider that 50,000 babies are aborted each month in South Asia (mainly India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan) just because they are females. If you add in the female gender abortions for China, the number quickly doubles or triples.

So severe are the gender abortions in India and China that the two nations are now missing 12 million females and 25 million females, respectively from their societies.

Today, I prayed:

Lord, I cry out to you for the female babies whose lives are at risk in mothers’ wombs in India, China, and all of Asia. I pray that You open the parents’ eyes so that they turn from the power of darkness to the Light and from the power of Satan to God, no longer believing the “father of lies” about females. (Based on Acts 26:18 and John 8:44)

Join with me on Tuesdays to fast and pray for prisoners, according to Hebrews 13:3.

Click on to see MyGFA site.

Click on to see MyGFA site.


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2 responses to “Tuesday’s Prayers for Prisoners (4/21/2015)

  1. Oh Mr. Larry . ..this is so horrific and heart breaking. Thank you for sharing what is on His heart with us. Praying with you! I prayed today from Exodus 18:8, from when Moses told his father-in-law about all the hardships that had come upon them on the way, and how the Lord had delivered them. Praying for Him to deliver those baby girls from abortions into His marvelous light.
    God bless you!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. Your prayer zeroes in on what s needed: deliverance. May the Lord answer your prayers now. God bless you.

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