“Are We There Yet?” (Part 1)

My son Scott learned early on how to travel four hundred mile trips to his grandparents’ house. He took his favorite pillow and blanket along with him and slept for at least half the trip. The long trip then became a much shorter one for him.

On the other hand, my daughter Susan was the exact opposite. She was always so excited about seeing her grandparents that she would never fall asleep. It didn’t matter what time we started out, early morning or late at night, she was wide awake the whole trip.

Twenty-five miles into the journey, she would ask, “Are we there yet?” She would then repeat this question for the next three hundred and seventy-five miles until we finally arrived at the grandparents’ home.

This still makes me laugh because it’s sort of the way I’ve acted during my whole Christian walk.

When I began my Christian journey on May 20, 1985, I listened and read hundreds of messages from the Word of Faith movement. I devoured teachings by Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Charles Capps, Marilyn Hickey, and so forth.

“Lord, am I there yet?” 

Yet, just when I was ready to take a front row faith seat, I received a powerful revelation on grace, which forced me to prune back some of the faith teachings I had learned.

Then, I jumped on the Prophetic Movement and Spiritual Warfare movement bandwagon. Once again, I listened and read hundreds of teachings by Roberts Lardon, William Branham, Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, and so forth.

“Lord, am I there yet?” 

But when I went through the worst trial of my life in Ames, Iowa, I discovered some of their teachings did not work, which once again forced me to do some more pruning.

This has happened in every step of my journey so far.

Okay, guess what?

Carol and I are now joining the Hebraic Roots movement, but this time, I’m not looking to arrive at some endpoint where I will wear a prayer shawl with a talis bag, blow a shofar, and make aliyah.

You see, this time I’m looking for the revelation of Jesus in this movement and how it will help me fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith for the rest of my life.

So, I won’t be asking: “Lord, am I there yet?”

(Continued in Part 2)


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6 responses to ““Are We There Yet?” (Part 1)

  1. I am looking forward to whatever you can share during this next journey with Hebraic Roots! Thanks Mr. Larry and God bless!

  2. God bless you, Larry. Based on the link you shared and on the premise of the movement, according to whoever wrote the article, hold on to John 16:13, Acts 15:28-29; 2 Corinthians 3:17; Galatians and Hebrews in there.
    If it’s true that they teach, “the understanding of the New Testament can only come from a Hebrew perspective” you and I know that’s not true.

  3. Debbie,

    Thanks. Today is Festival of Trumpets and I will probably write something about our experience. God bless you.

  4. Roger,

    Smith Wigglesworth said, “Some people read the Bible in the Greek. Some read in the Hebrew. But I prefer to read it in the Holy Ghost.”

    Yet, I believe there are valuable lessons to be learned from the Hebraic roots movement. So, I dive into the water, hoping to learn how to swim in this stream.

  5. it’s a wonderful journey and each leg brings new arrivals and new departure points. Every time i think i’ve arrived, i find it’s just a waypoint. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Ben,

    A waypoint: that’s a great way of explaining it. Thanks.

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