Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (Part 1)

What national leader do you trust? President Obama? Vice President Biden? Senate Majority Leader McConnell? Senate Minority Leader Reid? Speaker of the House Ryan? House Majority Leader McCarthy? House Minority Leader Pelosi? Any senator? Any congressional representative? Or even the Republican Party or Democratic Party? Can you believe much of anything these leaders ever say?

If you have the common sense of an amoeba, your answer has to be “NO.”

But maybe you think your favorite politicians and favorite political parties are better than the opposition because your favorites lie less than the other political side. Okay, maybe you are correct with your assumptions, but a liar who prevaricates fewer times than another politician is still what? That’s right! That politician is still a liar.

Good golly Miss Molly!

How did America end up with shameless liars for leaders who have not an ounce of remorse in them, even when they are caught in their lies?

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” (Pogo Comic Strip poster, Walt Kelly, Earth Day, 1970)

Most of us Christians are quick to point our fingers at politicians, judges, attorneys, the media, talk show hosts, or whomever and blame them for America’s downfall. But that is foolish because we believers are the ones who should be wearing sackcloth and ashes, bowing down before everyone in our shame for allowing America to undergo such a horrendous transformation on our watch. We are the blame! Repeat: we are the blame!

It won’t be long before both political parties will be labeling the 2016 Presidential Elections as “the most important election” in the history of America. So to be ahead of the curve, let’s look at what I consider are some bad choices we believers have made over the last sixty years, which need to be handled now.

(Continued in Part 2…if you are interested, the full series, which was written in 2014, may be seen on Scribd here.)


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8 responses to “Lord, Help Me Love Democrats (Part 1)

  1. Johan Pettersen

    Well Larry, leave it to me to nit pick a bit. In your piece you have the Senate majority and minority leaders reversed and the House majority leader is Kevin McCarthy. To go on from there, if any individual has ever told a lie, what is he but a liar. So if guilty of one sin, guilty of all, thus a sinner. But to get to the point, we must look at the prevalence of lying or other misdeeds. Some in the critique of the present slate of candidates would call both liars but to state a fact that may be in dispute depending upon where you find the authoritative truth, one can state what they believe to be truth to the best of their knowledge and yet be in error, but that error is not a lie but merely an error in what the facts really are. All this to say, in my own view looking at what evidence I’ve seen, I see one candidate that is clearly a liar by the fact that what has been stated to one person or group of people is clearly opposite what is stated to another group seeking answers to the same question, thus one story or the other must be an intentional “LIE.” Now from time to time views and positions change for a person/candidate and those changes are not in and of themselves lies unless they are done so as to make one group think your intentions are one way and another group another way while trying to win support of both groups. Case in point, Hillary Clinton’s public policies vs what she says in private or before closed door sessions with Wall Street executives. Given that we all make misstatements unwittingly from time to time and don’t always get our thoughts out clearly to one another, I see a choice before me on Nov 8, to vote for a diabolical liar who is a smooth, practiced politician that will destroy this country and continue the murder of babies at a rate of over one million a year or I can choose a very rough, arrogant, outspoken and brash nonpolitician who may well make a lot of mistakes but who is beholding to no political force and who quite likely will do more good for this country than bad. Back to my choice, it will have to be a vote for “less evil.” May God direct each of us in our choice and have mercy on our souls.

  2. I don’t trust them either, Larry. And in my book, the only thing worse than a Democrat is a Republican – and I am one!

    I join you in your prayer. Lord, help me love them too.

    I tend to take a long view from ancient history. I suppose life under Augustus was way better than Tiberius and better still than Caligula (and I sympathy with Caligula, but only to a point, because he gave new meaning to madness – makes Hitler seem tame) and of course Nero too. Probably life under Claudius was better, but then on that same token, he is seen as mostly a weak emperor. So… go figure.

    But here is what I know. Paul makes no mention about the size of government as a problem. And since I hold to the Kingdom of God, I figure bigger is better as far as that goes really. So the matter is not so much the size as whose. Jesus did not go around talking about Caesar’s corruption – public persona vs private etc… conspiracies abounded in the empire, but the New Testament seems not to care or notice. The Bible makes no pitch for Julius, Mark Antony, or Octavius. I assume one of them was more business minded, growth oriented etc than the others. One was surely more honest and trustworthy than the others. etc etc etc… and the Bible seems not to care.

    In the truly BIG picture, these people are quite small. And God can use them whether they are for or against him. We see that all through Israels history too. No doubt Paul suffered some stinky stuff amid taxes or corruption, but he had bigger fish to fry than to worry about little things like Caesar.

    Not saying Paul had warm and fuzzy feelins for them at all… Hopefully he loved them with a godly love. But mostly he ignored them at that head on level. He was more beholding to that crucified Jew being his Lord than Caesar, and in the end, that got him just as killed as it did Jesus.

    May God make us bold for him! May God express himself through us! May his Kingdom Come and come quickly, because this American experiment, though it be the worst form of government on earth except all the others is still a far cry from God’s Kingly Rule!

    I care.


  3. Johan,

    This was originally written in early 2014. I rewrote, but still brought up the wrong file. Thanks for your corrections. I needed them.

    As always, I value your input, but do I think most politicians are liars? With a few exceptions, yes.

  4. Very timely, Mr. Larry. Time to get out my sackcloth and ashes. God bless you big, as someone we know used to say!

  5. Agent X,

    Great points. I really enjoy reading your comments. It’s interesting to note that Paul was a Roman by birth, which means he could have voted in Roman senate elections (however that worked). Yet, he only makes his status known when it could advance the kingdom.

    Also, Israel at its lowest ebb was still more godly than all of the other nations. Yet because the Law was given to them, they had no excuse for their sins. Thus, God held them more accountable and considered then an abomination in His sight. Who knows? Maybe the Lord holds the Republican Party more accountable in His sight than the Democratic Party. Hypocrisy is a greater sin than ignorance.


  6. Debbie,

    Yeah, I had better my sackcloth outfit, too. God bless you.

  7. I am not as conceded with present sins, meaning the last couple hundred yrs as I am with what attracted the nations to this land in the first place. We know next to nothing about ancient sins such as those that predate recoded history on the American Continent.
    Since the royal have always had occult ties the question is what ancient spirits did they through the Jesuits, Freemasons and others, seek to align themselves with? Also, what control did they steal from native peoples over those spirits?
    Those influences were put in place for the enemy to one day fulfill the destiny, if one can cal it that, to take over the world for himself.
    Discerning and then dealing with those ancient spirits would bring down any systems designed to use those influences. We can fight all the stuff we see but only Yehovah can show us what the unseen ones are and how to eradicate their influence.
    One method is to look at place names. One ancient history scholar recently published the fact that similar place names and language roots can be seen all over the world. These, I suspect, go back to the tower of Babel. What gods, (demononic powers )did the people very with them to different parts of the world.
    In other words, to take your Rome illustration a bit farther, what if it all goes back to Nimrod and whatever they were trying to bring into the earth. We have some evidence that the current wars in the middle east were, in part about archeological excavation of Babylon and the tower of Babel.
    Why were a number of generals seen on satellite on those sites within days of Saddam’s fall? What is it they were looking for with the fresh digging that was reportedly going on at that time as well in those same locations.
    My sense is the ancient wells that are supposed to be redug may be about us spiritually redigging this stuff up and cleansing the earth of whatever WS spiritually buried there in the first place.
    This would include those in the Americas.
    My opinion butni think it may be Daddy.

  8. As usual, some interesting points.

    My belief is that at the fall of Adam, Satan took over the angelic government over the earth. But I don’t believe Satan had prophetic insight to be able to foresee America as it is today. That’s a part of God’s unique character. Yet, I also don’t believe man’s heart has changed one iota from Adam’s time until now. So, what schemes worked for Satan a thousand years ago still works today…and maybe even better today.

    So, I believe the spiritual realm must be discerned by the Spirit of God rather than trying to figure it out. That does not mean there isn’t truth in looking at old historical sites and so forth, but I believe it’s easy to be led off the path of seeking God by digging too deep into the past.

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