So, What Is The Lord Saying Or Doing? (12/6/2008)

It is my belief that we Christians depend too much on what an individual pastor or an individual prophet or another anointed person thinks that he (or she) is hearing from the Lord, rather than trying to hear for ourselves or listening to many different voices from all over the Body of Christ. Dependence on just an anointed few is a guaranteed recipe for failure.

So, each day, I invite you to write what you believe the Lord is telling you, showing you, or doing for you. Testimonies. Short teachings. Prophetic words. Scriptures. Prayers. Whatever you believe that the Body of Christ needs to know or will be blessed by hearing. Try to keep your words under 250 words. And if you need to, attach a link to your site for longer messages.


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2 responses to “So, What Is The Lord Saying Or Doing? (12/6/2008)

  1. Larry Who

    In my youth, I played football and injured both knees. Both were operated on. Then, over the years, construction work and other jobs caused even more problems for my knees – until finally, arthritis set in.

    Just getting out of bed in the mornings was a painful chore. Moving around was painful. Sitting still was painful. Whatever I did was painful. Plus, the arthritis moved into my shoulders, my elbows, my wrists, and my back.

    Two years ago, a woman prayed for me. Her prayer was, “Lord, whatever Larry needs, give it to him.” (Not very specific, right?)

    The arthritis instantly left. I was free. What a relief.

    Then, yesterday, when I came home from work, my left knee felt like it did before the woman prayed for me. Thoughts of having a knee replacement flooded my mind. It hurt so bad.

    What did I do?

    I spoke to my knee and said, “Knee, listen up. You are arthritis free. So, I command the demon that is trying to give me arthritis to leave me alone in Jesus’ name.”

    The pain left.

  2. christianranter

    This is what motivated a few to start the protestant movement. Jesus was all about giving the gospel to anyone who would hear it. Samaritans and Gentiles included. When things like the study of the Bible were repressed during the dark ages, people like Luther stood up and started a movement based on getting the word of God in as many peoples hands as possible; breaking the cycle of having to go to a religious leader to receive word from on high.

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