Need Encouragement?

I stumbled over this last night and it is awesome. The email letter is from Tyler Perry. Now, don’t just look at it and decide it’s too long because it is worth reading!


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3 responses to “Need Encouragement?

  1. ransom33


    You have no idea how timely this is in my and my husband’s life. Fantastic encouragement, spot on for what we are going through, and a new leash of life and courage for the times ahead.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I will pass the link to this onto my husband too so that he can get the full benefit himself too.

    God bless you and God bless Tyler Perry for his obedience and faithfulness.

    ransom33 @

  2. Larry Who


    Thanks. Your comment made my day.

  3. Regarding direction and guidance from God, one of the most frequent sayings I have heard in thirty-odd years of Christianity is,
    “if its God, the door will be open”.

    I have heard it from pastors, teachers and almost every believer I know at some time or another.

    As a doctrine it is pure evil, it is bulls***t and nothing more than churchianity. It is also very highly destructive to peoples’ lives. It causes many Christians to be led into destruction in their faith and in family and in finance.
    It is about time that this mantra was fully repented of at the highest levels of church.

    Mat 7:13 Go in through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who go in through it.
    Mat 7:14 Because narrow is the gate and constricted is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    Every journey that Israel travelled was littered with obstacles, which faith and obedience had to overcome. What did God say to Moses, when he gave him instructions to deliver Israel out of Egypt?
    “You will clearly know this is the will of God because you will find the exodus straight forward. Pharoah will be delighted to assist. There is a clearly marked route through the wilderness, with a regular food supply on the way. There is a good ferry service over the Red Sea. It is very friendly territory, and the inhabitants will render every assistance to your resettlement.”
    ie. “Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to life”. NOT

    For Moses the reality was very different.

    Christians seem to be like pinballs rolling along, bouncing from side to side as they hit the various obstacles and pins, each time declaring that it must be the will of God because he is in charge.

    When will we learn to listen to God. Faith comes from hearing God speak to us, and it is faithfulness to that word which enables us to defeat the Pharoahs and the Red Seas in our own lives, even if we do seem to go through endless refining along the way. The process of refining makes us fit to inhabit the Land we are each given.


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