Where’s Honest Abe Now When We Need him?

Every once and while, it’s good to look at a politician who framed his decisions based on his character and personal values rather than on public opinion polls or self-enhancing agendas. Thus, the following article about President Abraham Lincoln.

In passing upon a case of a lad condemned to death for falling asleep upon his post, Lincoln said: “I could not think of going into eternity with the blood af that poor young boy on my skirts. It is not to be wondered at that a boy raised on a farm, probably in the habit of going to bed at dark, should when required to watch, fall asleep; and I cannot consent to shoot him for such an act.”

The impressive sequel of this act of mercy was brought to light when the dead body of this soldier boy was found on the field of Fredericksburg, and next to his heart a photograph of the President, across which he had written, “God bless Abraham Lincoln.”

This article was taken from “The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln”, edited by Anthony Gross, published by Barnes & Noble, inc., 1994.

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