Swimming Upstream: “Eternally Secure…Or Not?”


A twenty-year old girl stood in front of me at Starbucks wearing the above slogans on a tee-shirt. “That’s funny,” I said to her.

Out of nowhere, a young man appeared in my face. “So, what are you?” he said. His chin readying for a battle.

“I’m probably more Calvinist than Arminian, especially on the grace and eternal security issues,” I said as an off the cuff answer.

“What about in Hebrew 6 where it states that if they fall away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance?” he asked, his face still inches away from my chin.

Honestly, I just wanted a small coffee and then head to work. You know, mind my own business and have a small caffeine high before chopping cotton in the back forty acres. Was that too much to ask?

I shrugged. “Okay, I can lay twenty or thirty scriptures on you for every one that you put up against eternal security,” I replied, “but think about this: in 2 Corinthians 5:17,  it states that we are a new creation when we are saved, right?”

He nodded, but his eyes betrayed his lack of trust in me.

“There’s a little more to losing your salvation than just saying,’Adios Jesus’,” I said. “You would have to destroy the new creation in you, reverse all the processes of the cross in your life and kill the treasure which lives in your earthen vessel. How do you do that?”

The young man backed away, shaking his head. “I don’t know.” Then, he walked away and joined his group.

Now, I was worked up. I wanted to continue, but  the discussion was over. So, I headed out the door with my coffee.

Too bad, I thought to myself, my next question was going to be: How do you purchase yourself back from God? Do you offer Him gold or silver? How do you negotiate the deal? After all, in 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20, it states that we believers are not our own, we have been bought and paid for by Jesus. He owns us!

So, why is this important, right?

Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble. (2 Peter 1:10)

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5 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “Eternally Secure…Or Not?”

  1. larry you so hit the nail on the head for me with HEAPS of your posts! i like this one! i like it in so many ways! i like it cos it was a real conversation. i love your answer (and so will be pinching it!!!)

    blessings, claire

  2. fireball3316,


    I cannot stress how big a deal it is to know that the Father gave us a one-sided eternally-secure salvation package. Why? Because when a believer is in spiritual warfare, the enemy will attack you in this area over and over again.

    If you have any doubts, you will back off in the battle. Your boldness will evaporate like an early morning fog, and you will step off the battlefield.

  3. Pam Calaway

    Good points, Larry! Our salvation is eternal and not based on our works…for instance, is someone saved on Monday, but sins on Tuesday and becomes unsaved, then repents on Wednesday and regains salvation, etc.? No! The Holy Spirit enters into us and makes us a new creation. How does one become un-born again? I believe the verse in Hebrews speaks of the fact that if it were possible to forfeit our salvation, then Jesus would have to die again for us to be saved again, which, of course, is impossible.

    Thanks for your insight!


  4. I think this opens up a very interesting discussion. But for me, the real core of the matter lies in having the discernment to recognise whether one is truly saved and at what point in one’s life salvation takes place. In many churches today, signing a card accepting Jesus into one’s life, or saying a short prayer at the end of a service is viewed and accepted as the moment of salvation.

    “By their fruit, they shall know them”.

    There are many Christians out there who by their own admission have been saved, have become a new creation, but when you look deeper, it becomes apparent the old person is still there with the old attitudes, shortcomings and fears.



  5. ransom33,

    I understand what you are saying. It looks like God has made a unwise, one-sided deal with man-kind. The benefits are on our side of the table, not on God’s.

    But if you think about it, the best of us believers – like say a Mother Teresa or the Apostle Paul – are not worthy of being saved. We stinketh! If you peel away all of our so-called God-hungering song-singing, angelic-like talking and writing, you will discover our selfish motives. Everyone suffers from this. No one is immune.

    So, whether we are the most godly or the least godly believer, we are not worthy of being saved.

    And yet, we are… because He lives in us. When the Father looks at a believer, He sees Jesus, who lives in a believer.

    Grace is unbelievable and unfair. And I’m thankful that it is.

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