Hey, Listen Up!

The wife of a missionary couple from the Philippines visited our church. Like most good evangelical groups, we held a potluck supper in her honor.

After the meal, I was in the kitchen scrapping and washing dishes. The lady visited the kitchen, saw what I was doing and wept. Her heart was broken by the huge amounts of food we threw away.

Just that morning, she had talked to her husband on the phone. He and the twenty orphans they housed and supported had eaten the last of their food. They were hungry.

And we were throwing food away. We called it waste; she saw it as life-giving.

What a paradox, right?

Mark and Christine Pedder, a couple of Aussies with a heart for God, have an awesome ministry in one of the worst slums of the world, BASECO. If you want your heart broken, check out the pictures on their blog site. Pictures don’t lie, they tell the story.

At this moment, they have posted this post asking for sponsorships for BASECO school children.

So, if you can, help them out.


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3 responses to “Hey, Listen Up!

  1. It’s criminal how much food we waste. We talk about his at home with our 5YO all the time and try to strike the balance between making him aware that not everyone has enough to eat and not making it an “issue”. Part of meal time prayers is remember those who are hungry.

  2. Antique Mommy,

    Thanks for comment.

    This particular event happened almost twenty years ago, and it still is imprinted on my heart.

  3. Good afternoon. Matthew 25:31-46 and Luke 6:25 come to mind as I read this account. We are an incredibly wasteful people and we co it unconsciously. Thanks for a needed wake up call.

    Blessings in Jesus name.


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