A Slave’s Awesome Answered Prayer

This story was told by Kenneth Hagin in one of his books. It still makes me tear up when I think about it:

In the 1850’s, a slave woman watched in agony as her husband was led to the auction block. She knew her husband would be sold to another plantation and they would never see each other again. Life without him would be horrible, she thought.

As she stood there, she prayed, “Lord, if I could help You right now as easily as You can help me, I would.”

As the slave husband slowly trudged up to the auctioneer, a young boy in the audience turned to his father. “Dad, could I have ten dollars to buy a slave?” he asked.

“Sure, son,” said his father,  knowing that each slave would sell for hundreds of dollars. He handed his son the money.

“Let’s begin the bidding on this young, strong slave,” said the auctioneer. “Who’ll start it off?”

The young boy raised his hand. “I’ll bid ten dollars,” he said in a loud voice.

The crowd turned to look at the young boy and laughed in unison at the ridiculousness of the boy’s bid. Each shook his head.

And yet, there were no other bids. The boy’s bid bought the slave husband.

The young boy walked to the cashier, paid his money, signed the papers and took possession of his slave.

Then, he took the slave husband over to the wife and said, “Here, you can have him. He’s yours.”

So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.” (Mark 11:22)

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  1. oh i like that! going to pinch it one day! thanks larry!

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