Need New Screensavers? Here’s Some From BASECO

Mark Pedder has just posted some pictures which would be perfect screensavers for us western Christians. Maybe, if we saw them over and over again, our hearts would be softened a little bit.

Mark is not good about asking for financial aid, but he and Christine certainly would welcome more money from us believers. Actually, why not a lot more?


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2 responses to “Need New Screensavers? Here’s Some From BASECO

  1. AllThingsToNoOne

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am most definitely to blame for my place in the spiritual desert. I really need to get back into fostering that relationship, just like any other. It’s good to have grounded people to help you out, though.

  2. Everyone, including me, struggles with our journeys. Stick close to the One who never struggles and loves us on our good days …and our worst ones.

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