Swimming Upstream: “What’s With Men?”

Matt and Mike

Unless you have your head buried in the sand, the church has a big problem. One which books have been written about, conferences and seminars held and marketing surveys conducted.

The problem: men are not attending churches.

Those men who do attend church have been surveyed and the results were rather alarming. Most said they went to church because of a wife, a girl friend or family. And if this had not been the case, they would have sooner stayed home.

So, what’s your views on this problem? Why are men staying away from churches? What will it take to get them back inside churches? Another calamity like 911?

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19 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “What’s With Men?”

  1. This is a topic for men to discuss. And for us women to keep quiet and pray about.

  2. The men issue is not a new one for the American church. A notable instance happened in the late 1850’s, just before the Civil War broke out.

  3. seriouswhimsey,

    One of the biggest excuses given for the men issues of the church is that the church has become so feminized that men don’t want to be a part of it anymore. This has been proposed by many experts. Now, what do you think of that?

  4. The church I go to has a remarkable amount of young men… I watched and studied a while and relaized that the Bible is being taught realisticly. Jesus isn’t just a lover, he’s a fighter, he was probably funny sometimes, he was real. The characters come alive there in worship, and are remarkably a lot like you and me. Abraham, Joseph, Moses… they are a part of the congregation. As they should be.

    In previous congregations I had attended, the Bible is read and taught about like a dusty old sacred scroll. I discovered that when scripture is taught as a part of our story, our own family story with our ancestors as being real people and identifying ourselves as a part of that story… Men that come because of women, get very interested… and invite their friends.

    just a few things I noticed….

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  6. In 1857, American men had turned their faces away from God. The economy was great; so who needed God, right?

    Then overnight, banks crashed, railroads went bankrupt and men were unemployed. In this dismal gloom, the Businessman’s Prayer Revival was ushered onto the national scene.

    After only a few months, prayer meetings began all over America. Dwight Moody, Fannie Crosby and an estimated 6% of America was converted during the wake of this revival.

    Charles Finney said about the Prayer Revival, “We’ve had enough preaching and teaching; now, it’s time to pray.”

    I personally believe we are about to see a powerful move of God amongst men here in America. Unlike, the Businessman’s Prayer Revival where men returned to their traditional churches, I believe this move will be an apostolic pioneering one, with new churches being formed throughout the nation.

  7. “This is a topic for men to discuss. And for us women to keep quiet and pray about.”

    This made me giggle.

    I for sure don’t have any valuable insight to add to this…..but am intrigued by the replies so far and also for the ones to come.
    I do like this statement, Larry

    “I personally believe we are about to see a powerful move of God amongst men here in America. ”

    I pray you are right!

    have a beautiful weekend~

  8. I always thought it was a cycle. Not enough men created a void which women filled by default such as teaching the children and youth and leading the young marrieds. Therefore the presence of “too many women” feminized the church and created a lack of men which caused needs to be filled by women which created a lack of men and on and on.

    It became a male ego situation. Men felt they couldn’t be men in charge when women were already in charge so they left the women in charge by staying home.

    If a man went because he loved God and wanted to serve him, other men saw him as being pulled by a ring in their nose, working in a woman controlled organization.

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did men fall away first? Or did women take too many positions away from men leaving them little to do?

    How about we forget analysis, get over our sweet little selves and our egos, and as a team seek out those who need us in the name of Jesus? Maybe the male ego needs to be traded for service to God, wife, children, and the lost.

  9. Another factor could have been that men were busy making a living in a world where women were not working outside the home. How many men were/are available to organize camp, vacation bible school, lead children’s choir, etc?

    Please don’t file these under programs and write them off as nothing more than putting on a show and keeping members and kids busy, busy. Lessons are incorporated and frankly, keeping kids busy in church keeps them out of at least some trouble in the community. It used to be that the church WAS the community.

    My, my how times have changed. We need strong women and men of faith more concerned with reaching out and leading for the sake of that than stroking their power feathers.

  10. Before I let go of this, don’t I read in Paul’s writings that there were women serving as deacons shoulder to shoulder with men? I think through the centuries men had women way down the ladder with “women keeping silence in the church” in order to maintain their higher rung. And when they started running out of numbers for whatever reason(s), women had to take over teaching and serving positions but by that time, the concept of women as deacons was intolerable to men who had had power positions for so long.

    Sorry. Done.

  11. *~Michelle~*

    Thanks for stopping by.

    “This is a topic for men to discuss. And for us women to keep quiet and pray about” made me giggle too.

    The “men issue” is a Body of Christ problem, not just a problem that needs to be settled man to man.

    I, too, pray that I am correct about a move of God with men. After all, I am one.

  12. jane,

    Well thought out as usual, and I agree.

    I have been a part of churches with women pastors and was a part of an inner city ministry with a woman at the head. The women were just as anointed as any men could ever have been.

    The early church even recognized Priscilla (Aquila’s wife) as an apostle. She had many works and was noted as a fiery preacher. So, they had no problem with women leaders.

    It’s my guess that the church’s pendulum had swung too far one direction, so the Lord adjusted it toward the women. Now, I believe the Lord will adjust it again.

    This time it will look like the pendulum is swinging heavily toward the men, but it won’t be. The men will be a part of the apostolic move…and the apostle’s main hope is for the Church to be the Bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle. Men and women will finally be the chosen generation, the royal priesthood. Each man or woman will be encouraged to be all they can be for Jesus.

    The apostles are to be the foundation that others can build on. They are to be the lowly, humble ones, not lifted up Grand Poobas.

    So, Jane go get ’em.

  13. You’re generous to say my words are well thought out. In reality, I think as I type then go back to correct the grammar and spelling, seldom deleting much although occasionally I do edit. Most of my commentary is truly and purely off the cuff, something my mother tried in vain to modify.

  14. Larry, The reason I feel this is a topic for men to deal with and women to keep quiet and pray about is because if women tell men how to be men, doesn’t that, by default, mean the situation remains unchanged? I am a huge advocate and cheerleader for men, and I don’t believe men will rise to their God-ordained place by us women telling them what to do.

  15. Men need to get their answers from God.

  16. And I don’t believe this issue has anything to do with how God uses women in leadership.

  17. seriouswhimsey,

    Actually, now that I see what you meant, I’d say that you are absolutely right, especially with hard-headed guys like me.

    And to be honest, I have no doubts that if every husband and man would get fired up for Jesus, wives and women would link arms with them and walk with the men. Women, by their very nature, are servant-oriented and willing to lay their lives down for others. We men struggle with stuff like this.

    Also, thank God for the women who have stepped into the positions vacated by us men.

  18. women do too!!! -struggle with servant hood… how many women take the role out of obligation and guilt?

  19. cindy,

    Good point…everyone struggles with being a servant. It’s not a lot of fun.

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