Poverty Stinks in BASECO

povertyFeeling down because of the economy?

Maybe your home value has dropped 50-60%. Or your IRA’s, 401’s or stock portfolio has slipped into the toilet. Or even worse yet, you’ve lost your job. Tough times, right?

Well, check out this picture. Then, click here to read the less than 100 word article by Mark Pedder. He and his wife, Christine, are missionaries to one of the worst slums in Asia, BASECO.

After reading the article, ask the Lord if you can help Mark and Christine. They are not good at asking for help, but I have no problem in doing it for them.


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2 responses to “Poverty Stinks in BASECO

  1. Larry, thanks for the support and encouragement…but we are actually very good at asking for help, we just don’t ask man.

    I have another incredible photo that I will post over the next few days on children “walking the rubbish sea”…amazing photo…

    Bless you – Mark

  2. Mark,

    Forgive me, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for the gentle rebuke.

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