Swimming Upstream: “Obamacare Versus Miracle Healings”

Smith Wigglesworth was born in northern England in 1859. Though Wigglesworth was uneducated and normally spoke with a thick cockney accent, his healing and miracle ministry has been unequaled in modern times. At least, fourteen people were raised from the dead and thousands were healed in his meetings.

Just before Wigglesworth died in 1947, he said, “There are now so many healing options for sick people nowadays, that in the future it will be hard for people to be healed by faith.”

With the exception of the 1950’s Healing Revival in America, Wigglesworth’s statement has been accurate. For the most part, today’s believers generally seek the Lord for healing as a last resort after all medical options have first been tried.

But now, along comes the possibility of Obamacare. This massive legislation could allow federal employees  to determine whether any treatment is “comparatively effective” for any individual based on the cost, likely success and probably of the years left in the person’s life.

So, what do you think? Could Obamacare frustrate people enough so that they will seek the Lord for their healings in the months or years ahead? Or will we just fall in line with the other lemmings and suffer the consequences?

Swimming Upstream appears at this blog site on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s  a little of this and a little of that, all written  to encourage and exhort believers in their Christian journeys.


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2 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “Obamacare Versus Miracle Healings”

  1. Both. Factor in all levels of personal faith, the wide range of anger toward the destruction of all the inherited benefits of the 20th century, its freedoms, comforts and the real or imagined rights, the entrenched prosperity teaching of the 80s and 90s, the lack of dependency fellowship – a whole ‘nother blog, the disdain and dismissal of anything supernatural within the Body, the foot stomping against negative change (I want, I want, I want), the absence of study of church and/or world history, and the result is that the great body of the church will grow cold — pull away.

    Conversely, many will turn to the church if they are mature enough individuals and can get past the emotion of lost rights, benefits, etc. They will demand miracles and those miracles will have to happen to keep them.

    This will be the chaotic process of the polishing and cleansing of the Bride in the last days. She will put down her cocktail, wash off her makeup of false appearance, get her lazy hiney off the cushions, drop a few pounds of fat, build up some holy muscle and be the Bride she was intended to be. She (we) will survive.

    I want to be there and see that!

    But it’s going to take some leadership pruning and tuning.

    Currently, our elders gather around the ill person, annoint with oil, lay on hands, and pray “be with the doctors and nurses, use their hands to perform Your work” and so on. After people are denied stents, tests, knee and hip replacements, pacemakers, chemo, and every other age related treatment we take for granted now and are given Obama’s pain pill instead, there will be many crawling to God’s people and if they find nothing but puzzled Christians whining in their beer, we will experience failure on a large scale.

    Consider also all those sick and their families seeking miracles, finding none, and getting angry enough that persecution grows like choking vines.

    God will move if we seek Him. Those who weren’t listening to the watchmen will look like deer in the headlights will be standing on sand dunes in a tsunami.

    Y’know what, Lar? I’m gonna post this.

  2. Jane,

    What an awesome prophetic comment, one which all should read and reread.

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