No Shortcuts…Maybe or Maybe Not?


Dreams can be really weird, right? Well, a few days ago, I had a bizarre one.

In it, I was driving a sporty car, possibly a SAAB. It had a five speed manual transmission and plenty of horsepower.

I was driving the auto on a paved highway through what looked like a large parking lot. It seemed to be at a large airport, but not like any we have here in California (or probably anywhere else for that matter.) There were no ramps or fences or tollgates. Just lots of parked cars right off the highway, and rows of them as far as I could see on both sides of the highway.

Plus, there was lots of snow and ice everywhere. On the road. On the parked cars. On the parking lot.

As I drove down the highway, I stepped on the gas which caused me to spin out of control on some ice. I was going sideways, backward, forward and spinning around. I downshifted and did my best to dodge oncoming traffic and avoid the parked cars on the sides of the road.

Because everything was happening so fast, I had no time to panic or worry. I just reacted and was caught up in the action, weaving through possible mishaps.

Then, the auto straightened itself out and I resumed driving on the highway. Up ahead, I saw a stop sign and knew that I was going to take a right turn on a road which angled through some more parked cars off to the right.

As I approached the stop sign, I saw a snow-covered opening between some parked cars. It looked like a perfect shortcut which would save me a few seconds of time getting onto the next road.

I turned into the opening. Then, plop! The car fell into a snow pit. The top of my car’s roof was level with the pavement. I wasn’t hurt, but I realized this was going to take lots of time before I was back on the road again. In fact, I felt like I needed a heavy-duty crane to lift me out of the pit.

End of dream. I woke up.

Sadly, I did not pay a lot of attention to this dream. I just wrote a note to myself: don’t take shortcuts. But now, I have doubts about my conclusion on the dream and its interpretation.

So, help me out. What do you think the dream means and what’s the interpretation of it?

P.S. Don’t be bashful. Jump in and write something. This is a good way to exercise your gifts…and help me at the same time.


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12 responses to “No Shortcuts…Maybe or Maybe Not?

  1. If you need to, you can ask questions. I can’t promise that I will know the answers as I have pretty well written what I remember about the dream. But who knows?

  2. wow awesome dream. to me, just me i say, it looks like a picture of life, how we can try and navigate it at our own speed and take shortcuts but how this leads to snow pits and spinning and potential dangers and distractions and detours and delays…. in life we want to be on the road and aware of God showing us the right road (and speed!)… there are no shortcuts with God because he is building something grand and beautifuland wonderful and transformed in our lives – a new heart and character, but it takes time… and if we try to take a shortcut we walk off his road and leading….

    that would be how i would interpret it if i had the dream… to be listening to God and his signs and to not take matters into my own hand and take shortcuts!

    keep listening larry!

  3. opusfan

    I do not claim to have any gifts in the area of dream interpretation…but here goes anyway.

    The obvious interpretation is to not take shortcuts, or to not take the easy way. But, I think this interpretation misses the importance of the slipping and sliding journey before taking the shortcut.

    I’m not sure that the shortcut should be the focus of the dream. I think the overall message is that you need to wait. Wait for what you might ask. I have no idea.

    Perhaps, you need to wait so that you can go through a time of preparation. You may need to wait so that you can fully address some issues before you can move forward. Or simply, you need to wait for God’s timing so that he can put some things in place. If forced to guess, I would say there are issues you need to face before moving forward.

    To keep with the dream interpretation, you need to think about the obstacles you have avoided, gone around, gone through, slid by, ignored, barely escaped, etc., and you should consider if these were warnings that you need to wait. Your recap of the dream stated that you didn’t even have time to be panic because everything happened to quickly to really grasp what was going on. The pit gives you time to consider these obstacles that you blew by without thinking about them…just trying to keep going down the road to reach your goal/destination. Now that you’re in the snow pit, you realize it’s going to take much longer to reach the goal. Wouldn’t it have been nice to make this realization sooner?

    Take the time to slow down and address the other obstacles first before you try to reach the goal. The other obstacles may give you victories which bring encouragement to move forward. The other obstacles may prepare you for future issues you face. Facing the other obstacles may gain you allies. Addressing the other obstacles may keep you from waiting in the pit wondering why you are there.

    Knowing you as I do, I can say that persevering and plugging along is rarely an issue for you. So instead, maybe you need to wait and address some things before plugging along the path toward your goal.

    Of course, the dream could be due to the chili dog you ate before going to bed.

  4. Scenario is what the Church is supposed to travel through. Maybe this is the current period of time in the Church Age. Parked cars have drivers who are believers. Ice, snow, etc is coldness of believers, stagnation, disinterest, and apathy of the Body in general. Cold believers are parked, scared or not interested in navigating through the difficulties. You’re braving through, but being human, accelerate too fast too often, spin, aren’t making progress, then you do make progress, then you don’t, then you do, then you make a poor decision even though you’re keeping the goal in your sights. At least you’re moving. The stop sign is a Stop N Think N Pray N Seek sign even though you know you turn right but you think you know more than the stop sign so you make the short cut and get nailed in a pit of going nowhere until you can ask for help to get out of it.

    The dream ended because that’s all you need to know — He’ll get you out of your mistake, that you’re to follow the trail laid out for you and don’t override the Spirit even if you can see His point.

  5. How’d I do as a chronic screwup on the outside looking in?

  6. Opusfan, you’re on it.

  7. fireball3316, opusfan and jane,

    Wow! This is awesome.

    Like many prophetic people, I can usually interpret dreams for almost everyone with uncanny accuracy. Everyone that is, except myself.

    Most of the time, Honey has the interpretation, but if she doesn’t. Then, sometimes, I just write them down and wait … or struggle on.

    Well, now I feel like the Lord wants me to be more open on my blog. So that’s why I wrote about the dream.

    The dream lasted just seconds, but like weird dreams from the Lord, I knew all of these details and watched it unfold while I was sleeping. (It was an early morning dream.)

    I especially gave no details about my personal life or what I am going through or struggling with right now. I wanted to read what others saw in the dream.

    So, I will take these words spoken by you and pray about it.

  8. surrender.

    you are too busy staying on the road in a time you should surrender. saving parked cars will never bring you to your shortcut. hit what you have to on your way out, through destruction comes construction, death comes life. we are the church and in this together, you can’t save anyone, Larry,
    only Christ can.

    surrender to the crash as it is part of your journey.

  9. cindy,

    “…through destruction comes construction…”

    I like that.

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  11. it’s what Christ for!! : )

  12. I think there’s also a power theme. You knew what kind of car you were driving, that it was powerful and speedy. That’s an important detail.

    Other than that, I don’t have much to add.

    Hmmm, except that maybe it could be a dream about aging? Our bodies (cars) are destined to stop, no matter how powerful they may be. But our spirits remain unharmed.

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