Swimming Upstream: “What’s On The Back Of Your Vehicle?”

bumperDelivering pizzas allows me to spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at the bumpers and rear-ends of vehicles. I’m amused, and often amazed, at what I see and read.

A few vehicles still sport Bush-Cheney 04 bumper stickers. Then,  of course, since this is California, there are myriads of Obama 08 bumper stickers.

Camp Pendleton Marine Base is only thirty miles away, so there are lots of My Son Is A Marine and Not As Lean, Still As Mean, Always A Marine bumper stickers.

Not to be outdone, Christians have all sort of bumper stickers and signs on the backs of their vehicles. The most popular ones in my area seem to be: Not Of This World, Got Jesus?, JOHN 3:16 and Forgiven.

There are various bumper stickers supporting athletic teams, honor roll students, hobbies, dog breeds, political beliefs, energy drinks, musicians and so forth. Everyday there is something new for me to look at and enjoy.

So, what bumper stickers or signs do you have on the back of your vehicle?

Swimming Upstream appears at this blog site on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s  a little of this and a little of that, all written  to encourage and exhort believers in their Christian journeys.


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9 responses to “Swimming Upstream: “What’s On The Back Of Your Vehicle?”

  1. Just so you know, the above picture of the vehicle with all the signs on the back of it is not my vehicle.

  2. okay i have no bumper stickers on my car but i have read something that made me look this up…

    Come The Rapture Can I Have Your Car?

  3. I gave up putting stickers on my car when I realised that my driving doesn’t always glorify God.

    I would rather that people saw the character traits of Jesus in me than a label claiming that I had them. They are then free to ask me why I am like I am, (if indeed I am).

    I find it is a far more effective to gain the right to speak into someone else’s life when they can see that we really are a peculiar people, not just embarrassing to know.

  4. fireball3316 and Frank,

    You can see the back of my truck on the following post:


    I agree with Frank. But…at some point in the future, I may add some stuff.

  5. I love this… We did a game at Confirmation to come up with a bumper sticker about creation…

    I have a group of all boys and theirs was:

    image: a hand with the ‘I love you’ sign with the earth between the first finger and pinky….

    and the quote “This is God’s Rock…. Rock on!”
    I’m considering making them later in the year, for a fun project….

  6. Cindy,

    I like that. It doesn’t beat you over the head.

  7. Back in the day when bumper stickers really stuck, the No Bumper Sticker law was passed down from the husband shortly after the wedding day mainly because he didn’t want to scrape them off when our opinion expressed by the sticky changed.

    Now that we have magnetic ones I’m tempted to buy Don’t blame me I voted for Palin but am too cheap to buy one and don’t want my car keyed for politics. If making a statement or taking a stand attracts harm to me or my possessions, I would prefer it to be a Jesus zinger.

    Then again, a turnoff isn’t always a best first impression when you want to win souls.

  8. jane,

    I agree with you.

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