Waiting On The Lord, You Know, Just Waiting On Him! (Part 1)


“Larry, you told me the Lord was going to give me my own business,” she said, her eyes locking on mine. “So, where is it?”

This is the situation we prophetic voices absolutely hate.

On the one hand, we need to boldly speak by faith what we feel is a prophetic word to a person. But then, on the other hand, we have to recognize we can make mistakes.

“Well,” I replied, “what do you think? Was my prophetic word about the Lord giving you a business a true word or not?”

Her eyes blinked. “At the time, I really believed it was from the Lord,” she said. “But now, after all this time, I’m not so sure.”

“Okay, what have you done to bring this particular prophetic word to pass in your life?” I asked.

She sighed. “Well, I’ve been waiting on the Lord, you know, just waiting on Him.” Her eyes narrowed a bit, daring me to say something.

In my twenty-plus years of speaking prophetic words to people about their callings or their ministries or their businesses or prospective marriages or having babies or whatever, I have heard this answer countless numbers of times. In fact, I’ve heard it so much that I have to quell a scream from spewing out of my mouth whenever I hear it uttered.

What most Christians think waiting on the Lord means, compared to what Scripture actually reveals it to be, is about like the difference between night and day. Or in the case of New Testament prophetic words, it’s the difference between having a prophetic word coming to pass or one that fails.

A young Roberts Liardon said, “I knew that I was called to preach so I went out to meet my calling.”

Liardon’s words may sound brash to many believers, but they are scriptural.

So what can a New Testament believer do to help bring a personal prophetic word to pass in his (or her) life?

(Continued in Part 2.)


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11 responses to “Waiting On The Lord, You Know, Just Waiting On Him! (Part 1)

  1. Liardon’s call to preach was an example of his calling meeting his annointing so he went out to preach. It was all in place. With Abraham and Sarah, the Lord promised them a child. Since it was impossible to happen in the natural, they decided they had to help God and let Abraham have a child with the servant. God wanted them to just trust for him to make it happen in his timing.

    I believe that waiting on God not only means that you trust that he will do what he has promised, it means also that you are trusting in his timing.

  2. Marianne,

    Thanks for your comments.

    There is no doubt that prophetic words come true in God’s timing, and not in ours. But waiting on the Lord means more than just timing…much more.

  3. When Abraham was a hundred years old God visited with the same word again about him having a son through Sarah.

    Did they have a praise party for this, or perhaps maybe they got between the sheets (or furs) some of that time?

    Sometimes a prophetic word requires specific action on our part before it comes to pass, not just waiting for God.

    We need to grow in discernment and wisdom to recognise when we should move and when we should wait for God to move.

    Most saints I interact with take the passive way out . They spend the whole of their lives waiting on God, whilst all the time He is actually waiting on them.

  4. I think Frank is correct in saying we need discernment to know when we should move and when we should wait for God to move. The moving and the waiting are both actions of faith!
    There are times when you must wait! However, you need to understand that the wait is part of God’s answer. There are the times when you need to just be still and know that he is God. During that time, you still need to walk in your faith and keep your eyes up. Waiting on God is more than just timing, Larry, it is always an excercise in faith!!!!

  5. i agree larry – sometimes our waiting is just sitting on our hands…
    there is so much we can do in preparation for the right timing and fulfillment of the word
    1. pray. pray and more pray.
    2. prepare – read about “it”, learn, study, read about others doing it, do a course etc etc, find a mentor etc

    waiting doesnt mean do nothing. it means to me prepare!

    i like the laidorn quote…

    for myself, i knew on day 1 as a christian, back in 1993 that i was called to preach. to communicate to others about Jesus. this year that is being fulfilled dramatically and i am preaching twice a month at least to our young adults, youth outreaches etc. its amazing.

    but i have also done preaching courses and read books about preaching, about preachers, and prayed that God would ready me. i have written messages and filed them away. i have studied the Word of God. i have dreamed in my sleep of preaching. i have preached to my imagination. i have prepared.

    if called into business we can read about business, do a business course, get a mentor, etc.

    if called into a worship role, we can take music lessons, singing lessons, pray, read, sing, worship…

    waiting doesnt mean just wait and do nothing. we should stir our heart and spirit towards the call of the Lord and be active in serving in any way in our church (including doing dishes and cleaning and giving out newsletters at the entrance and servant type roles!)

    be active in seeking God!

  6. fireball3316,

    I totally agree. And that’s why I have always read biographies about great men of God, to learn how they handled tough circumstances in their own lives.

  7. me too larry! one of my most fav books is a really old book all about preachers – up to about billy graham and including martin luther, charles spurgeon, wesley etc… talked about their lives, their style, their prayer life, their faith etc… was so inspiring and challenging!

    i collect old books on revival – the cambridge 7, praying hyde, Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf – the Moravion revival, Finney etc

    they are fabulous to read!

    good provoking post larry – and i agree also with the abraham and hagar thing – they tried to MAKE the fulfillment iwth their own ideas and strength and flesh instead of waiting on the Lord and his ways… and that birthed Ishmael… we need to be patient for the Isaac in our lives, not rush ahead of God, but in waiting be not wasting our lives away…

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