Lord, Why Not Call Bill Instead of Me? (Part 5)

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You put up with it when they make you their slaves, take everything you have, take advantage of you, put on airs, and slap you in the face. (2 Corinthians 11:20 NLT)

It’s one thing for pastors to misuse their authority, and thereby, try to control believers. But it can become devastating when a person with an apostolic or prophetic anointing misuses his authority – knowingly or unknowingly – to control Christians.

One of the most  extreme examples of a person misusing a prophetic anointing is Jim Jones. His name is forever linked to the words: Jonestown Massacre.

In my case, the prophetic bondage I suffered was certainly not on the scale of a Jim Jones, but still, it was devastating enough for me.

As I wrote in Part 4, I attended a little church for four years. A husband and wife were the pastors. One had a prophetic anointing and the other an apostolic one; both had strong gifts.

But the problem was that they had control issues, especially over people with callings. They saw us as gems for their personal ministry which they envisioned as being national in scope.

For me, they believed I would be their Silas, a prophet who would minister in the churches they hoped to plant. (Later, I discovered this important point: they were even praying and prophesying this vision over my life in their personal prayer times. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!)

When they would talk about their vision for me, I’d say, “I don’t think that’s what the Lord has in mind for me. But of course, if it is, I’d certainly be open to it.”

All of this came to a head one day when I had a disagreement with them. We agreed on a meeting for that evening.  To prepare myself,  I spent the afternoon praying and fasting, and had a strong prophetic word for them, especially the husband.

They asked me to speak first. As I finished reading a verse of scripture and was ready to give the prophetic word, one of them interrupted me by speaking in tongues. And then, the other interpreted it.

The tongues and interpretation felt like machine-gun bullets, ripping through my guts. Whatever anointing I had for the meeting with them was blown apart. I was destroyed.

As I limped home that evening, I cried out to the Lord. “Lord, You have to help me. I want to obey the rulers You have placed over me, but right now,  I’m confused. And I don’t understand what’s going on.”

So, how was I set free from this prison with a steeple on its roof?

(Continued in Part 6.)


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6 responses to “Lord, Why Not Call Bill Instead of Me? (Part 5)

  1. One question which is always asked, “Why does the Lord allow a person to go through such tough situations?”

    If you have a calling of teacher on your life, you can expect to go through some unpleasant situations so that you will not only have some wisdom, but also a personal experience to relate to the Body of Christ.

    Hey, the Teacher is a good teacher.

  2. This is so painful to read, but I appreciate your willingness to lay it out.

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