Charles Finney’s Words Still Ring True Today

Charles Finney (1792 – 1895) was the most well-known preacher of the Second Great Awakening.  His use of extemporaneous preaching and the “anxious seat” were innovative evangelistic tools for his day.

When the revival fires died down, he became a professor, and later the president of Oberlin College. It was his abolitionist influence which caused the college to be among the first in America to co-educate blacks and women with white men.

In 1857, Charles Finney was asked what he thought of the Businessman’s Prayer Revival. His words still ring true today:

We have had preaching enough, now it is time to pray. (Charles Finney)


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4 responses to “Charles Finney’s Words Still Ring True Today

  1. Great line. I totally see that problem in myself…it’s a lot easier for me to pop on a sermon than it is for me to devote the same amount of time to praying.

  2. Steven,

    Thanks for your comment.

    In the Businessman’s Prayer Revival, there were no preachers and no preaching, just prayer. Almost 10% of the US was converted, including the great evangelist D.W. Moody.

  3. Charles Finney. Thanks for the topic. Please read “I Got Saved Today”

  4. I think I like Finney… despite never having heard of him until today

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