What is Your Option “A” for Healing? (Part 3)

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By modern preaching standards, William Branham (1909 – 1965) would be considered a backwoods hick. His poor command of the English language and cheap, ill-fitting suits would not endear him to today’s glamor-seeking YouTube audiences.

But yet, this humble son of poverty stricken parents  recorded 35,000 miracles for his ministry in 1947.

And if you are wondering whether Branham’s miracles were real or not, read Gordan Lindsay‘s book, A Man Sent From God. This same Gordan Lindsay eventually went on to found one of the finest Bible schools in America, Christ for the Nations.

Another man who was profoundly changed by Branham’s ministry was T.L Osborn. He and his wife, Daisy, had returned from a missionary trip to India in 1947. They were defeated and ready to quit when the two attended a Branham meeting in Portland, OR.

As Osborn sat in the audience, he saw William Branham turn a severely cross-eyed girl around to face the audience. Next, Branham prayed for the little girl. Her eyes were miraculously straightened out as everyone watched on.

Then, Osborn heard heavenly voices say to him, “You can do that! You can do that!”

T. L. Osborn and his wife returned to the mission fields renewed and refreshed, and then preached to millions of unreached people in over 90 countries. They preached daily to crowds of 20,000 to 300,000 people and had astounding miracles, even more than Branham ever had.

Before continuing, there are those who look at William Branham’s ministry and only see his latter years when his doctrines slipped into deep  error. They label him a false prophet and a heretic and ignore the nine years when his ministry was at the forefront of the Healing Revival.

I do not endorse Branham’s teachings on Oneness (“Jesus Only”), Seed of the Serpent, No Eternal Hell and countless other off-the-wall doctrines. But I think what Frank Viola wrote in his book, From Eternity to Here,  is apropos to Branham’s healing ministry:

I would like to ask you to pause and think of the most horrible day you ever lived. The day when you did something you deeply regret. You can take great comfort in this one fact: Your heavenly Father saw that day when He chose you in His Son before time….And it did not keep Him from choosing us in Christ to be His own. (From Eternity to Here, Frank Viola, pp. 71)

We Christians can all throw rocks at Branham’s teaching errors, but there is one thing no one has been able to do since him. And that is, match his miraculous works of healing. He was the real deal!

Even today, William Branham is still considered the father of the Healing Revival.

So, what was it about William Branham and his ministry that made it so unique as compared to Smith Wigglesworth, John Lake or Kathryn Kuhlman?

(Continued in Part 4)


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21 responses to “What is Your Option “A” for Healing? (Part 3)

  1. Larry, like I said…I am learning a lot through your teaching posts.

    Keep at it… I am one of your avid readers. Thank you.

    Blessings, Gladwell

  2. i’m learning so much too!

  3. Larry,
    Your experiences are teaching all of us brother. I read your blog daily also, and have learned and gained from you. Keep writing!
    God Bless

  4. gladwell, fireball3316, blesseddad,

    Thanks gang. I appreciate your interest.

  5. seminoledale

    Good article Larry. Maybe with this monstrosity of goverment takeover of the healthcare system and future rationing people will quit quenching the Spirit and there will be more room for the Lord to move in healing.

  6. seminoledale,

    Thanks for the insight. I guarantee this will eventually happen as America continues to slide down the bank into whatever the nation is heading toward.

  7. R.J. MacArthur

    By their fruit you will know them. You betcha!

  8. R. J. MacArthur,

    Good points.

  9. When I was a school teacher, the man who was the head of the woodwork department in the next room had a big poster on the wall.


    I instantly knew this was the word of the Lord for me, and I wondered why I hadn’t seen it in the book of Proverbs. Solomon must have run out of space on the scroll.

    I have found that simple quote such an inspiration for the last 30 years in a hugely adventurous walk with God. I have certainly made some mistakes, but what I find about making those mistakes is that I pick myself up dust myself down and get on with God again. I am sure God laughs at me, and with me, like any Dad would!

    I also find that I get further in my walk with God than those who never make those mistakes because they are far too fearful to ever, ever, ever get anything wrong, OR RIGHT.

    I wonder how God will view it at the end?
    How will He judge Branham’s failings.
    How will He judge the failings of those who have never ever put their proclaimed faith to the test.

    Thankfully God is also merciful, and full of love.

  10. Frank,

    What a great revelation for our walks in the spirit. Hopefully, everyone will grasp the depth of it and go out and do exploits for the Lord.

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