My Journey Out (Part 13)

An Updated Rerun Series

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A bunch of nice losers!

Would the Holy Spirit really make this statement about His church?

After all, look at the forefathers of our traditional church system:  Martin Luther. John Wesley. George Whitefield. Jonathan Edwards. Charles Finney. Dwight Moody. William Booth. Maria Woodworth-EtterSmith Wigglesworth. Katherine Kulhman.

Plus, what about the leaders of today’s traditional churches? Billy Graham. Oral Roberts. Bill Hybels. Mike Bickel. Rick Warren. Joel Osteen. T.D. Jakes. Joyce Meyers. Charles Stanley. And many, many others.

All of these great men and women of God have been proponents of the traditional church system. If the “old time religion” was (and is) good enough for them, shouldn’t it be good enough for you and me?

NO! Absolutely not!

When Jesus arrived on the scene in 30 A.D., the Judaic Temple system had its forefathers and heroes, too. Moses. Joshua. Samuel. King David. Elijah. Elisha. King Hezekiah. King Josiah. Ezra. Nehemiah. Jeremiah. Etc.

And yet, Jesus became the Head of a new wineskin: the ekklesia or the assembly or the called-out ones or the church.

Jesus is the Head of the Church. Period.

Yes, it is important to learn truths from our church forefathers, but we are to follow Jesus. If He turns right, we must go right. If left, go left. If He stands still, do the same. He knows where we are going and why. Our duty is to follow and trust in Him…even if He walks out the doors of our traditional churches.


When the Holy Spirit called the church “a bunch of nice losers,” He wasn’t talking about our personal beliefs in Jesus as the Savior or Lord. No, not at all. He was referring to who we are as sons of God, walking in the kingdom of God.

Do you realize each believer is:

an heir of God,

a joint heir with Christ,

more than a conqueror,

a chosen generation,

and a royal priest?

When we do not walk in our royal benefits as sons of the Kingdom of God, we are losers; and always will be. Every wave, every wind of doctrine, the trickery of men and their craftiness will toss us here and there like cork bobbers in the midst of a hurricane.

And guess what?

(Continued in Part 14)


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7 responses to “My Journey Out (Part 13)

  1. What, Larry, what??? I love how you do this, keeping me on the edge of my pew . . .I mean seat! 😉

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks. It’s probably the hundreds of mysteries that I’ve read.

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