Elijah, Come Out of the Cave! Now! (Part 1)

Quite a few years ago, I attended a meeting at a small country church where two traveling prophets were ministering. I specifically went there in hopes that I would hear a prophetic word for myself.

Both of the prophets were veterans and had been in ministry for twenty years or more. Their usual practice was for one to preach a message one night, while the other preached the following night. During the ministry phase of the service, both prayed for people.

I sat on a back pew during the man’s message and because of the time lapse, I don’t recall what he spoke about. But I do remember, what I felt.

My spiritual radar was turned on and I could feel the hurts and wounds of the people sitting in the pews throughout the sanctuary. Almost all needed deliverance from some type of demonic oppression or another. And at the time, I felt that if the people did not receive their deliverance, any other ministry would mostly be a waste of time.

When the man finished his message, the other prophet joined him for the ministry phase of the service. Both stood at the front of the church, ready to pray for people.

“Does anyone in the sanctuary need prayer? If you do, just come forward and we’ll pray for you,” one prophet said.

I wanted prayer, but at the same time, this was not the church I regularly attended. So, I waited for the church’s members to go first. No one did.

“Well,” said one prophet, “since nobody wants prayer. We’ll close the service and meet here again tomorrow night, okay?”

My politeness went out the window when I heard his words and I stood up. I believe that if you come to get something, no use in leaving without it, right?

“Hey, I need prayer!” I shouted as I walked down the aisle toward the front.

The two prophets laughed along with the rest of the church. Then, the two prophets prayed for me and I heard the prophetic answers I needed for my life. I left the meeting as a blessed man.

But what about the other people who sat in the pews?

In the days following the meeting, I bugged the Lord on why the two prophets did not discern the needs of the people sitting in the pews. (If you are wondering, the Lord likes to be pestered and bugged by us believers. So, bug Him!)

Eventually, the Lord spoke to me and His answers changed my life.

(Continued in Part 2)


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9 responses to “Elijah, Come Out of the Cave! Now! (Part 1)

  1. Larry,
    I can’t wait to hear. I missed your last series so I am glad to be jumping on board in episode one. God bless

  2. I always wanted to go forward at each and every call to. Couldn’t always, physically, with the kids, but wanted to! Thanks for these looks inside what goes on!

  3. blesseddad and Debbie,

    Thanks for your comments.

    So, often we look at a calling from just one angel rather than understanding that each calling is like a diamond with many points to it.

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