Sometimes I Can’t Write Piffly Pooh!


Working with frustration is a key factor in turning our potential into something actual. I like frustrated people. They are one of the hopes of the Church. Most people are frustrated because they care about something. However, they have a distinct responsibility to the Holy Spirit to use their frustration for the correct purpose. It is sent to provoke them into intercession. They must allow the Holy Spirit to direct their frustration into meaningful prayer and waiting on God. In this way, by the Spirit, frustration is turned into passion, which releases the prophetic to empower people before God.

If people abuse their relationship with the Holy Spirit, their frustration is used by the flesh to sow discord, strife and division. They become a dissenting voice rather than a positive prophetic utterance. Frustration will reveal our true heart and release an impartation that is either negative and destructive, or positive and empowering.

…Frustration is sent to change us, to make us into the image of Jesus; that is cause and effect, stage one. Stage two occurs when we allow frustration to cause us to stand in the gap and intercede for others, the effect of which is a release of impartation that empowers and inspires. Stage three occurs only through the success of the first two stages. That is, we arrive at a place of trustworthy servanthood after having passed the test of unselfishness.

…Part of our frustration too is that we cannot see where our lives fit into the current circumstances unless they change…Be assured that the significant test in frustration is to determine whether we will sacrifice what is close to our own heart in order to serve God. Can we lay our desire and our hope for significance on the altar of God and trust in Him alone to fulfill it? (Permission Granted by Graham Cooke and Gary Goodell, Destiny Image Publishers, 2006, pp. 160-161)

I have been so frustrated the last two days and no matter what I have tried  through prayer or study has helped me one bit in writing.

But what’s really frustrating is that I know there is a prophetic stirring within me to write. Yet, I can’t write.

So, tonight, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Graham Cooke’s words about frustration. They help a little…but I’m still frustrated.


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17 responses to “Sometimes I Can’t Write Piffly Pooh!

  1. Hey Larry!

    Praying for you.

    In recent weeks it’s taken me twice as long to draught each post. All sorts of thoughts have gone through my head. Sometimes I wonder if God is closing this door. It’s ok if He does but when I ask, no answer, so I press on. It’s a different experience though. The eyes of my understanding will be enlightened … yours too. Ephesians 1:18

  2. Roger,

    Thanks. I appreciate your prayers.

  3. Praying also for you, Larry. Sorry that I thought this was just a joke when I saw it on facebook. 😦 Not so funny now. Asking God to strengthen your hand in Him, like when Jonathan went to David in the Wilderness of Ziph.

  4. Mark Pedder

    I read your post, sit back and smile, thinking to myself, God must be about to do something…it will be great hear about it in one of your posts.

  5. Debbie,

    Thanks. I appreciate your prayers.

    Just so you know: Even in frustration, I have a sense of humor. As my wife would say, “If Larry was waiting for the guillotine, he’d see something humorous in his predicament.”

  6. Mark,

    I also look forward to seeing what God is going to do. Thanks.

  7. Mark Pedder

    I am actually very serious, it’s not just a glib Christian comment. I saw last night that God is about to open up an incredible window of revelation over you, He is going to show you amazing things, things impossible to understand, glorious things, things pertaining to the Kingdom of Heaven…things, that without the Spirit’s help you could never understand. I saw the Lord taking you so far, so deep into that realm that your writing is going to have an amazing prophetic edge to it.

    When I saw this I was not actually praying for you, just praying, being with Jesus. What I saw was so clearly for you.

    Great things are about to come your way, be ready, God is about to move.

  8. Mark,

    Thanks. I actually believed your first comment was prophetic, but I enjoyed this one far more. I have goose bumps all over me.

  9. sorry about your frustrations… however, it caused you to share this piece which really encouraged me. I agree wholeheartedly and saw it in action this week.” Allowing the Holy Spirit to direct their frustration into meaningful prayer and waiting on God” It is sooo true!
    … God is so good and so mighty!

  10. thefisherlady,

    Thanks. Sometimes, it’s good to share our present struggles so that others understand they aren’t the only ones struggling.

  11. I guess I get this kind of frustration. I, at least right now, don’t give a diddly about being insignificant. I’m kind of mad when I read someone like Graham or Gary who I know have had struggles but…
    I just want the pain to end. I have had fibromyalgia for over 10 years and have had everyone including Graham pray for me for healing. I am in constant and I do mean constant pain and am always exhausted. I could care less whether I ever get into my calling or even feel the Holy Spirit again if the pain would just go away and I could feel like I’d actually slept one day. Just One stinking day.
    Sorry. I still get prophetic words for everybody else. I just was used powerfully at a conference a couple weeks ago I got some words for Iowa and have paid for it with a intestinal attack ever since-literally since that night. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. But what do I quit to? 🙂 I have to obey, even if reluctantly at times
    Sorry I am not much encouragement to you my old friend. Try to hang in there. I know you’ll get the breakthrough you need. I believe in you brother, always will!

  12. Tony,

    I believe in you, too.

    Many years I read an article where Paul Cain was discussing his problems and a lot of Christians complained that he wasn’t walking in faith. His answer: “Scripture states to call those things that are not as though they are, not those things that are as though they are not.”

    Just keep on walking brother. There is no other alternative.

  13. SR

    Hey Larry,

    Wish I would have read this one before “blog surfing” last night. Be sure to keep this one up so I can come and re-read when the need is there:>) Good post. God Bless, SR

  14. SR,
    There is no magic formula with God where we can just follow the same path and always expect the same results. And to be honest, that is what makes seeking God so exciting.

  15. SR

    I know Larry. You are right. Sometimes I just get tired of it. All of us do, and there is really no need for it. Tomorrow is another day and a busy one at that for me. I am in Texas and we are having beautiful weather. TU beat A&M Thanksgiving, and that is always a good deal for me. OU beat A&M and that is always better. Tomorrow I go to the beauty shop and collect my winnings from my hairdresser:>) God Bless, SR

  16. Frustration = passion. That is so encouraging!

    While by now you’re creative spark and writing stream have been restored, isn’t it wonderful to see how many friends are on your side and prayed…

    Love that. : )

  17. Linda,

    Thanks for encouragement and yes, I’m thankful for the prayers.

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