Just to Let You Know, Okay?

The door burst open. Lei stood in the doorway, his face red with rage. “Next time, you better have a baby boy or I’ll send you back to North Korea. They’ll put you back in prison and this time, you’ll die,” he screamed with his fists clenched, ready to strike.

Twenty year old Soo Jin lifted her arms up, protecting her face from the expected blows by her much older Chinese husband. She said nothing, knowing her excuses would only provoke him to greater wrath.

“And don’t think about your baby,” Lei said, “she’s dead.”

“How? Can I see her?” said Soo Jin, looking up at his pockmarked face, but not revealing any emotion in her dark eyes.

“I told you if you had a baby girl I’d throw her in the river and I did,” he said as he partially closed the door. Then he added, “Tomorrow, you’ll clean out the barn. You’re such a loser.”

This story in its entirety appears on my other blog here: Remember the Prisoners.

If you’re interested stop by, it will take about two minutes to read the whole article.



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6 responses to “Just to Let You Know, Okay?

  1. SR

    Hey Larry,

    I am sure this is a great post that should be read, but one that I do not think I can read. Does it get worse than this? God Bless, SR

  2. SR,

    Yes, it does get worse, but the story is based on what 90% of North Korea women suffer when they cross the Tumen or Yalu Rivers into China. Everything I wrote has happened to tens of thousands of women.

  3. I have to agree with SR, Larry. I have read enough! God help us all that we live in a world where this goes on and is agreed upon in this culture.

    Are you devastated when you see a dead racoon or a dear hit by a car on the side of the road? I weep and thank God that he made creatures great and small for us to enjoy. Imagine a child?

    God is a God of justice. And I trust his word.

  4. Linda,

    You and I see Christianity through an American viewpoint. A nice Sunday meeting, sitting on comfortable pews, singing along with a worship group who sings the latest songs, a sermon by a seminary trained pastor and then a roast beef dinner for lunch.

    It’s not that way in North Korea where Christianity is illegal. Christians are executed or sent to prison. Only 1.67% of the 24 million people are Christians. If women escape, the walk across the Yalu or Tumen Rivers to China. 9 out of 10 are captured by traffickers who sell them to bidders, mostly the sex trade.

    I made up my mind long ago that if I wrote Christian fiction I wouldn’t gloss over the ugly and paint it nice, I’d show it the way it is.

  5. Your data makes a heavy impact. All the more reason to hate what is going on.

  6. Linda,

    I agree. I hate it.

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