3 Books and a New Website

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If you would have told me twenty-six years ago that I would have three books published, but not one of them would be printed on paper, I would have said, “Yeah, right! That’ll happen when pigs fly.”

Well, times have changed and technology has marched us writers and readers forward into a new age. Some, like me, have been tugged and yanked, screaming and crying, into the new publishing age, but still and all, we eventually arrived there.

And to be honest, I would have never changed my thinking about publishing, except for three things happening to me.

First, I bought a Kindle last year. My reasoning for doing so was that I thought it offered a good aftermarket for printed books. I never once considered it as a primary source of publishing at the time.

Second, I purchased a daily blog for my Kindle. This blog announces the free books from Amazon for that day and it wasn’t long before I was hooked on reading the blog and receiving free goodies. One of the free books I received was from Smashwords.

Third, Bill, an Iowa friend, phoned and encouraged me to think about publishing my writings as e-books. He mentioned that I should consider Smashwords.

These three happenings tipped the scales for me in favor of digital e-books.

So, for the last forty-five days, I have been formatting three books for Smashwords and Amazon. Plus, I have been working with a web designer on larrywho.com.

If you like, you can check out my new site at larrywho.com. Then, by clicking on the books, you can read the blurbs and also an excerpt from each book.



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13 responses to “3 Books and a New Website

  1. Congratulations, Larry. Yes, the publishing field has certainly changed, and it is thrilling to see how a book can reach readers faster and cheaper than the printed work. For information on writing and selling e-books on Kindle, your readers should check out the following links -http://bit.ly/k9U7QY and http://www.thecreativepenn.com/publishing/ .

  2. Derrick,

    Thanks for your input.

  3. Thanks for letting us know, Larry! You’ve been busy! I’m real excited for you finally being able to get these books out to people. And I like this e-book option, Larry. I haven’t moved onto kindle yet, but my day is coming and I’ll be back! 🙂 God bless you and your writing for Him!

  4. Congratulations Larry! Knowing how much work goes into getting a book to a publishable state, I know you’ve been busy. I’ve been struggling with how to handle mine. I’ve got two more that are ready to be published but I can’t justify the expense.

    Quite a few moons ago I had the hope of my writing actually selling; not so much anymore. I think now, I do it as much to hammer things out (partly for myself but mainly for my jail guys) as anything. I give them copies of my first book and wish I had the other two published – or at least in a more presentable state – so that I could have more to give them.

    I have this overriding feeling that if what I write truly helps people, I won’t have to try to sell it. So until then, I plug away – honing my skills and trying to focus on how to make it more relevant and helpful. The jails have been great proving grounds. It has been and is pretty cool.

    Good luck with yours. I’ll let you know what I end up doing if anything.


  5. Debbie,

    Thanks. At http://www.smashwords.com, you can purchase my books and others to be downloaded onto your personal computer. It will be in a PDF file which can be printed off or read on your computer. So, you don’t need to buy an e-reader.

  6. Mike,

    Thanks. Writing is tough enough for me, but working with the required formatting software at Smashwords and Amazon kept me in constant prayer for about three weeks. The advantage is that it’s free and can be on the market in a quick fashion.

    As I said to Debbie, Smashwords allows PDF file downloads to computers for people who do not have e-readers.

  7. Thanks Larry for the info! I think a Kindle is on the horizon, so might wait just a bit, though I want to encourage you and support you NOW. The times that I downloaded PDF files to the desktop computer we have . . .I just don’t read them. 😦 I think I would get to more from a Kindle. God bless you!

  8. I’m like the “old Larry” who said, when pigs fly! I haven’t looked at any ebooks and I look forward to seeing what this is all about.

    Somewhere along the way I lost my Kindle. Do you know if I can view these from my computer? Also, why did it take so long to “format” it? Did you have to retype the entire thing at Smashwords?

    Congratulations to you on a great achievement. I know God will be glorified by your words. ; )

  9. Linda,


    Actually, you can read e-books on your own computer via two ways. The first one is to download e-books from http://www.smashwords.com in a Pdf file. This will end up being a 8-1/2 X 11 page which can be printed off.

    Or the second way is to download to your computer a free e-reader from Adobe: http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/

    The format on Adobe’s e-reader will be just like a Nook and you would download the Epub version from http://www.smashwords. This is an easier reading style than the Pdf version.

    The formatting for the books was tough for me because I had to take out carriage returns, tabs, text boxes and countless other items that are in Microsoft Word which I didn’t even know about. The learning curve for the first book took me about five days. The other two books had footnotes in the originals and digital e-books do not have footnotes in them. I had to redo the two books and put notes at the end of chapters.

    All in all, the three books took me about three weeks.

  10. Larry, congratulations! E-books are truly the way to go. I boarded a plane two weeks ago and the percentage was about 2/3 of the people reading paperbacks and maybe 1/3 reading kindle/E-format books. There’s an advantage to authors and to readers here. The author doesn’t have to pay exorbitant printing fees and therefore the reader gets a book for less cost. The disadvantage is some authors skip over the publishing process such as finding a good copyeditor and then a good proofreader to ensure the book’s grammar/punctuation/spelling is clean. I have a question. Does SmashWords also help you find a book cover?

  11. Hope,

    Thanks. I hired an editor to proof my book. She and I had our battles, but the book ended up being better because of her.

    SmashWords will recommend some graphic designers who will help design book covers for a reasonable price ($75 – 100).

    I, myself, designed my own covers by using Coral Draw 12. For Jonah, I used a picture which Rich Legg allowed me to use for the cover. The other two book covers I designed from scratch.

  12. anewcreation

    Hi Larry,

    These are such exciting times for you. I am so glad God’s promises have and continue to come to fruition in your personal life and that he has opened up a new outlet for your wonderful gift of encouragement and prophetic wisdom.

    Your new website looks so professional and it is so easy to navigate. I also love all the pictures of your beautiful family.

    As you know, I am somewhat busy right now with our new puppy but I look forward to having some time to catch up with my reading, starting with your new e-publications.

    I may come to you in the future for a bit of guidance with regards to putting some photos on my blogsite, etc, though I have always been a bit weary of publishing personal images on the blog.

    Congratulations and God bless your heart!



  13. anewcreation,

    Thanks. One of your past articles on your blog helped me to write, “What’s In It For Me?” So for that, I am grateful to you.

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