Remember The Prisoners (Part 7)

Sometimes in the midst of the clamor and clutter of the 24/7 news cycle, we miss what God is doing and then wonder, “Where are You, God?”

Chen Guangcheng, a blind civil rights activist and self-taught lawyer, recently became a top story in the world’s media by seeking asylum in the US Embassy in Beijing, China.  Chen had served more than four years in prison because he brought a class action suit against the city of Linyi for its one-child policy and other abuses, resulting in sterilizations of women, forced abortions, and the murdering of newborn female babies. Chen had escaped house arrest when he arrived at the embassy.

All this happened on April 22nd, just days before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Beijing for high level economic talks with the Chinese.

Both China and America attempted to diffuse the Chen situation with behind-the-scene diplomatic manuevers, hoping the economic summit could be salvaged.  And after some awkward posturings, it looked like the two nations had succeeded when Secretary of State Clinton finally announced, “I am pleased that we were able to facilitate Chen Guangcheng’s stay and departure from the U.S. Embassy in a way that reflected his choices and our values.”

Chen later announced that he left the U.S. Embassy and went to the hospital because his wife and family were threatened by Chinese officials.  Then, to add even more fire to the situation, he said, “My fervent hope is that it would be possible for me and my family to leave for the U.S. on Hillary Clinton’s plane.”

Chen’s words proved to be a sharp needle which deflated the egos of America and China, revealing to the world the true reasons behind both nations’ motives: money.

Now, this is the hand of God working on the world’s stage.

You see, who else but God could help a blind man climb over a wall, move past guards, walk alone through unfamiliar territory for almost twenty hours while falling over 200 times, arrive at a prearranged pick-up point, and then show up at the U.S. Embassy.

Impossible … yes. That is, except for our God who loves little Chinese baby girls.

“Lord, we thank You for using Chen Guancheng to trumpet to the world the horrendous murdering of newborn baby girls and forced abortions in China. We ask You to protect Chen and his family by whatever means possible. And Lord, we know that You are the Protector of these girl babies, not America or any other nation, so we ask You to move on their behalves.”



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9 responses to “Remember The Prisoners (Part 7)

  1. When I lived in Hong Kong during the mid to late 50s, the territory was under British rule, and millions of refugees from mainland China fled to Hong Kong and took refuge there to escape living under Communism. In 1997, Britain’s 99-year lease of Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories from China ended, and the region went back under the sovereignty of China, thus closing the door to many of the benefits of freedom that British rule brought. Thankfully, Hong Kong is presently exempt from the one-child rule as part of the agreement between Great Britain and China.

    The one-child policy was first introduced in 1978 as a way to curb China’s overpopulation and bring about economic reforms, and in a society in which boys are highly favored over girls because of the earning power of men, baby girls were quite often aborted, killed after birth, or abandoned. One results is that China is facing an imbalance of genders–with 32 million males than females under the age of 20. It’s estimated that by 2020, 24 million Chinese men will not be able to find brides within their own country, and with most Chinese being barred from traveling out of China, this is already leading to a whole new crop of problems–importing of foreign brides from other South Asia countries, female trafficking, kidnapping of young girls, black marketing, and the fastest aging population.

    China is planning to end the one-child rule in about ten years, but there will undoubtedly be other consequences to this policy that we haven’t heard of yet.

  2. Derrick,

    Thanks for the info. It is so eyeopening.

  3. Naphtali and Solveig,


  4. I so appreciate how you showed what to look for , how to see what God IS doing. Praying with you , for Chen, his family and all the little baby girls in China, that are His. Thank you and God bless you, Larry. We need to hear this and know these things.

  5. Debbie,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. Well, Larry, you usually make smile and even laugh. But, today you have me crying. Tears of joy in one regard. For, I hadn’t thought of Chen’s situation in the light you revealed. And that deserves a “hallelujah” to our Sovereign God. Praise the Lord for someone like Chen willing to expose the darkness in his country. But, I also cry for the babies. The little girls. The ones being killed to fulfill a law. And the ones who will suffer secondhand because of the law (being kidnapped for sex trafficking, etc).

  7. Cristal,

    Although I enjoy a good laugh, my heart breaks for babies whose only mistake is that they are girls. To even think that someone could toss a defenseless baby girl into a river or slit her throat grieves me to no end. Then I have to remind myself our battle is not against the parents or even the communist politicians, but against Satan who has blinded these people. This is a battle we Christians need to be involved in.

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