Christmas in Nashville With Red Hot Chili

dolly tree

Christmas in Nashville. Don’t the words evoke thoughts of Hank,  Dolly, and country in the grandest sense for the best season of the year?

Now, imagine spending Christmas in Nashville with no money, no jobs, no friends, no relatives, little gas in car, rent due, and no prospects in sight?

That’s exactly the dilemma, Honey and I found ourselves on Christmas Day, 1998. How did we end up in such a mess?

It all began a few weeks earlier in Louisville, Kentucky, the city we had just moved to in September. We had jobs and were settling into the city. But then, we felt the Lord said, “Go to Charlotte and be a part of a prayer community.”

We packed up and headed east.

The prayer group had its exciting moments, but then we felt the Lord said, “Go to Nashville.”

Thus, five days before Christmas, we arrived in Nashville with enough money to rent a studio apartment at the Residence Inn and buy a few groceries.

On Christmas Day, Honey cooked her famous chili for our feast. As far as presents, we had none  and couldn’t even afford to phone family.

To say the least, it was a long-faced holiday for us.

On December 26th, we had to move out, but where? We had no clues.

At 9 AM, I went down to the office for clean towels. The desk manager had just received a Christmas card for us with a check inside it.

Honey and I were so excited, but still we did not have enough money to continue staying at the Residence Inn. We prayed and felt the Lord wanted us to head back to Louisville, Kentucky.

On the way to Louisville, Honey phoned her former boss, asking if he needed a sales person at his furniture store. He said, “Yes and we also have a check waiting for you from the November sales period. You forgot to give a forwarding address.”

Both checks were surprises and allowed us to rent a place in Louisville.

So, why would the Lord supposedly make us jump through all of these hoops?

If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19)

Willingness and obedience needs to be our life styles, not an every so often event. And God knows just how to uniquely develop these life styles in us.


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11 responses to “Christmas in Nashville With Red Hot Chili

  1. God made those hoops specifically for us to jump through.

  2. I’ve learned from experience that it is far better to be obedient to God’s leading–even after the result turned out to be not what we expected.

  3. Your faith and obedience always inspires me, Larry.

  4. Naphtali,

    Amen! Most of the hoops fit perfectly for us to squeeze through.

  5. Derrick,

    I agree 100% and in my case, it always turns out different than I thought it would, far different.

  6. That was a lot of moving around, in faith and trust, Mr. Larry. Thanks for showing us about obedience and willingness as a life style! God bless you and Honey Who and each hoop you go through, just for Him.

  7. Judy,

    Thanks. Our Nashville experience is certainly more fun to look back at than it was to go through, but isn’t that the way it is for all trials of faith?

  8. Debbie,

    Thanks. Now, when I think God wants to move us, I ask God to give Honey a vision or a dream. In that way, she comes up with the idea. She’s a little more skittish about moving nowadays. Just part of learning how to live with a mate.

  9. Amazing! Praise God for giving you Spirit sensitivity, Larry.

  10. Roger,

    Thanks. I appreciate that.

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