My e-Book is Free Today and Tomorrow on Amazon. Get Your Copy Now!

Marriage is a Mystery 3017

If you have a Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, or any computer with Kindle apps on it, my e-book, Marriage is a Mystery, is free on March 5 and March 6 through Amazon.

Amazon Book Description:

Carol and I met on a Friday night and were engaged 36 hours later. Four weeks after our fist meeting, we were married. A match made in heaven? Most certainly. Yet, the details were worked out here on earth in God’s furnace of affliction with the heat turned up on high.

One time, Carol looked at me and asked, “Did the Lord speak to you while you were washing clothes?”

“No,” I said, “but the devil did.”


“Yes! And to be honest, not everything he says about you is an untruth.”

Who likes to dig in dumpsters for aluminum cans so you can eat? Who likes to sleep in cars because of no rent money? Who likes to be evicted and almost foreclosed on? Who likes to continually be a dollar short and a day late? Not us, but these are things we went through and yet, our marriage survived and grew stronger.

Marriage is a Mystery reveals the lessons I learned about marriage and a deeper revelation of Jesus and His bride.

Print Length:  43 pages    File Size:  177 KB    Regular Price: $  .99

Free March 5 and March 6, 2013. So, check it out here and while you’re there check out my eight other e-books here.


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11 responses to “My e-Book is Free Today and Tomorrow on Amazon. Get Your Copy Now!

  1. Thanks Larry, I have been loving your books!

  2. It certainly IS a mystery….a very frustrating one at times….so I look forward to reading. Thanks, Larry!

  3. anewcreation

    Got it on my kindle now. Yet another book? You really are on a roll.
    I look forward to reading it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks, Larry, I got it. Blessings to you, Carol, and the family.

  5. Started reading it and I have to say….getting a little annoyed with you, Larry! HAHA….very convicting, darn you….and I must confess, the timing for this was in God’s hands. I was quite upset with my husband last night about something…no, MAD at him. I wanted to “smack him in the face.” And now, guess God’s teaching me something…..oh why did I download your book? 🙂

  6. Ben,

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Chrystal,

    Ha ha! Like I say, our marriage made in heave, but the messy stuff was worked out here on earth.

  8. Derrick,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  9. anewcreation,

    Thanks. You will notice that we aren’t such a perfect couple after all.

  10. This sounds so good, Mr. Larry! I love all the comments and encouragements! Been giggling about that little clip you included today too! God bless you!

  11. Debbie,

    Thanks. That particular scene ranks near the top with me, but of course, at the time, it wasn’t near as much fun as it sounds now.

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