SLAP! Thanks, I needed that.


An excerpt from The Road To Reality by K. P. Yohannan:

Jesus said in Mark 16:15 that we are to go to the “whole world” with the Gospel. It would appear some people think this means just to people of their race who live on the right side of town. Others with a really “big vision” seem to think it means the country they live in. But Jesus gave a clear command. We must have a world vision that reaches to our own “Jerusalem” as well as our “Judea, Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth.”

The benchmark of your love of God is your burden and committed action for the whole world—not just for your small corner of it.

What clever, spiritual-sounding excuses I’ve heard in my travels.

One of the most interesting excuses blames God for our problems. It usually begins with, “But, Brother K.P., you don’t know my . . .” and ends with a sob story about some old defeat, hurt, sin or temptation. I call this the “wounded soldier” excuse.

With love in my heart, the only thing I can say to this excuse-maker is, “I understand. But no matter how badly you’ve been hurt, you’re in a million times better shape than any lost sinner walking down the road to hell. If you think you’ve got problems, how would you like to worship a demon god that demanded you sacrifice your newborn baby by cutting her throat before their deity? How would you like to worship a god that demanded you throw yourself alive into the flames of your husband’s funeral pyre? Or how would you like to be enslaved to a religion that forced you to bow down and worship the rats that were eating your grain and causing your children to starve to death?”

All of this is happening in Asia today and around the world— wherever people are enslaved to heathen religions.

(The above excerpt is taken from The Road To Reality by K. P. Yohaannan which can be downloaded as an e-Book free here or purchased for $10 here. It’s a life-changing book…if that’s what you want.


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6 responses to “SLAP! Thanks, I needed that.

  1. Oh – yes – i needed that slap too – thanks!

  2. PS – think you are missing a “:” in your free link

  3. Ben,

    Thanks. As you have probably figured by now, sometimes I don’t check my links. But it is now working and the book is a life-changing one…or at least, it was for me.

  4. We all need that slap now and then!

  5. Loved this Mr. Larry, and will get the book when I can. Thank you and God bless you for not making excuses!

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks. You are such an encouragement to all of us.

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