No Ice Cream Cone For Jagruti

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Can you imagine being six years old and never having tasted an ice cream cone? Never once having drops of chocolate dribble down your chin and splatter onto your shirt, causing your mom’s eyes to almost shout aloud. Never once taking a bite out of the bottom of the cone and making a bigger mess on your shirt, causing even more problems.

How can this be?

Jagruti is a beautiful six-year old girl who lives in rural Maharashtra, India’s wealthiest state which borders on the Arabian Sea. The financial capital of India, Mumbai, and other large cities in Maharashtra swirl with activity from IBM, Microsoft, Honeywell, Volkswagen, Audi, GM, Fiat, Mercedes, Skoda, and other large international corporations.

Yet, Jagruti has never tasted an ice cream cone.

You see, Jagruti had the misfortune of being born to parents who are Dalits. And as a Dalit child, Jagruti is considered a subhuman, impure from birth, and worthy of nothing but contempt. She is one of the 300 million “Untouchables,” which means just that – no upper-caste person can touch her and she can not touch them. She is denied access to public wells and may be fined for drinking from a water fountain.

But still, it’s only an ice cream cone, can’t she have one?

Jagruti’s papa is a hard working laborer, but being a Dalit, only  certain jobs are open to him. These include harvesting crops by hand or cleaning open-air toilets, latrines, and sewers with his bare hands. This backbreaking work will earn him a few rupees per day, barely enough to support his wife, a baby daughter, two sons, and Jagruti.

So, no money left over for luxuries like ice cream cones.

Jagruti is special child, especially to my wife and me, because we help support her through Gospel For Asia’s Bridge of Hope. The picture above is one she colored and sent to us from her village, nine thousand miles away. A work by Monet or Renoir could never hold a candle to a Jagruti original.

Just so you know: my wife and I have struggled financially. Yet, we support Jagruti, three other children, and plan on supporting more. How? We’ve learned God honors His word.

He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given. (Proverbs 19:17)

And pay backs from God are always more than enough.


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12 responses to “No Ice Cream Cone For Jagruti

  1. Good Word Larry – thank you for keeping this in front of His body!

  2. Ben,

    Thanks because as long as I have a voice, I will continue doing it often.

  3. Larry have you ever been able to meet these precious children that you sponsor? Are you able to be involved with them? Are their little lives made better? Can extra monies be sent so they can have ice cream?? This is heart wrenching!!

  4. God bless you, Mr. Larry, for your compassion and love for His little ones. Praying to keep giving . . .to just keep giving. Hug Mrs. Who for me!

  5. Prodigal Chick,

    I’m sure if I flew to India, I might be able to meet them by attending a Bridge of Hope school. Yet, you are not allowed to send extra money to children for ice cream or anything, but that is wisdom on Gospel For Asia’s part. You see, there are 11 million abandoned children in India, of which 90% are little girls, ages 4 to 14 years old, and they would be happy to have crumbs to eat.

    Jagruti receives an eduction, has one hot meal per day, receives clothing, and almost all get saved because of their Bible studies and prayer. They then become evangelists to their families who then have the opportunity to meet Jesus.

    A Dalit young girl who knows Jesus and has an education is no long restrained by the caste system. She has a big brother, Jesus, who will open doors for her.

    I probably need a band box to stand on, right?

  6. Debbie,

    Thanks for your prayers, especially the one from Ephesians 6:19-20. That was a home run. A hug for Mrs. Who? Okay, she deserves it.

  7. No Larry, what you need is legions upon legions of us spoiled and oblivious very blessed and loved by God people to follow your lead and help these children!!! It just breaks my heart. We whine about how hard we have it, how down on our luck we have it, how high gas is and how bad the economy is……on and on and on!! Yet, there are starving children that even with loving caring hearts such as yours are thankful for one hot meal a day, an education and the best of all, Jesus. There are children in the United States of America and misplaced families with nowhere to go depending on homeless shelters and food pantries and food lines. What we have are more and more tela-mega ministries that are bringing in billions upon billions teaching messages of prosperity and blessings while the empty bellies of these beautiful babies are still running on empty. The richest ministries, the richest companies, the richest super stars, the richest men and women ever to have walked the planet are “saying” they are contributing richly to these causes, but yet hunger and starvation has not been wiped out!! If all of these “Richest” pooled their resources they could wipe out starvation tomorrow, could provide more than enough education and introduce every soul to Jesus and still have billions left over and still be able to retain and maintain their billion dollar castles without missing a beat or giving up the lavish life styles!! So no Larry it is “I,” that needs a band box to stand on!!

    Mean while I am getting with the program here at hand and am going to help as many of these babies that I can and anyone that has a heart at all will do the same!! And maybe with enough help along the way Jaruti will someday get to have an ice cream!!!

    Bless you Larry for all you do and your beautiful heart for Jesus!!

  8. Prodigal Chick,

    You go gal!

  9. “And pay backs from God are always more than enough.” AMEN!!

    As we support Guatemalan orphans, we also rely on the Lord’s resources. What we have, even if very little, is not our own. It all belongs to God. And we should be using it for Him.

    By the way, giving ice cream to the impoverished children can be a messy situation. I recently bought ice cream for children who do not eat every day in Guatemala. I thought it would be a wonderful idea! However these children quickly grew very ill. They do not eat often enough for their little stomachs to handle such a rich delicacy. I am sure it didn’t help that I bought them double scoop cones dipped in chocolate. So, it is possible those who know what they are doing, actually know more than me!

  10. Cristal,

    Good points. I never thought of eating ice cream as being a problem, but what you wrote makes sense. Yet, it also proves that what we take for granted as an acceptable treat is thousands of miles different from what is needed in India or Guatemala.

  11. Thank you for giving to these children. We go to Nicaragua (Carrib. side). Compared to India, I’m sure they have it pretty good. It breaks one’s heart to know that they have so little.


  12. lessonsbyheart,

    Thanks. Whether in Nicaragua or India, children are the most vulnerable to poverty and hunger.

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